First Cut On My Homemade DIY CNC Router From Start To Finish

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Jorge Galan: Roger have the plans? very tanks.

Benedito Costa: Nice CNC, i will try to build one.

Extraordinary easy Japanese lessons for free: Hi.Can you help me find software what I can use in my CnC router ? Best regards

Danar Namely: Nema 17 or Nema 23?

GeekPR-1977: NEMA 17 strong enough?

Void Spirit: Hello. please tell me what material is made your machine?

สุธิวัต นอมธรรม: .....

Legotronics: Looks great!

ThePele95: Could you share plans (pdf pictures, part, g-code) for this CNC Design, I'd like to make one myself. I realllyyyyy like this design :)

Kaden McDonald: How is your controller holding up? I've heard of people having troubles with the tb6560

C. H.: schönes Ergebnis, das die kleinen Motoren schon so viel Kraft haben ist unglaublich !! Wirklich Toll !!!

Nice result,, thats so little engines have so many Power is unbelievable, realy great !!!

edgar rodriguez: Hi I have problems with the configuration of the mach3 my problem is when I try move position X the motor vibrate. do you know how to fix this problem?
I was modifying the motor running but I haven't especifications can you help me?

Mohamed Chikhaoui: hi nice project project man i want to ask you about the music what is it's name ?

Kawaii Desu: Good Morning. I liked your work. The ability to send the project so I try to do?

John Ware: You must be having far better luck than me with those cheap Chinese Harbor fright trim routers. I fried 2 of them in one week so I got a REAL trim router, a Ridiged r2400. On the third set of brushes in it and so far absolutely no problems. My scratch built from my own plans uses half inch 10 pitch acme threaded rods, V-rollers running on the edge of some 3/4 angle iron using 475 in/oz steppers. All mdf and rock solid with repeat ability and accuracy right at .0005 in. I use a separate stepper driver for each axis capable of 3 amps a winding and a breakout board. Runs on a 15 year old desktop using XP and Mach 3.. I use several programs such as inventor, inkscape, blender and a couple graphics programs to generate the drawings that get converted to g code using V-carve. V-carve has a fairly decent 2d cad built in but you have to create the 3d stuff with another program. The rapids (G0 ) on mine is right at 300 IPM X and Y and 40 Z. Running 1/4 bits that slow with the 20 to 30 thou revs of that router will wear them out FAR faster than normal. Understanding what feeds and speeds are all about will prolong the bit life for you.

capoman1: That is freaking beautiful man.

wo od: witam pana jaki koszt wyszedł panu tej maszyny

ZONA 7: amigo con esa fuente atx si funcionan bien los motores con fuerza y velociad, o esta arreglada la atx mas potente gracias

Michael Boyd: Wat. schooling. did. you. get. cam. your. teacher. use. more. to BE. ado. itself. people. too. fix. any. thing. a. round. the. home. or. shops

Mohammad Nazir: nice work.

First cut on my homemade DIY CNC Router from start to finish 5 out of 5

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First cut on my homemade CNC router
First cut on my homemade CNC router
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