HK P30, Small Hands, V1 Trigger Group, Issues And Lubrication

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Glutton4Punishment: I no longer have my SIG P226 or P228. I have a P30 myself, now. The SIGs were nicer guns, but the HK is the BETTER gun. Lighter, better handle, ambidextrous, and MORE RELIABLE. Go to the YouTube search bar and type in "SIG problems". You'll get a couple of pages of videos of MAJOR problems from SIGs. Then try "HK Problems". Not a single video. HK pistols are just more reliable. SIG has gone downhill, they haven't been good competition for HK for over a decade. They have cut far too many corners and let their customers down.

urukang: The models with a deroosterer piece has a button/lever next to the rooster to the left. You can reach and handle it with your thumb with both hands.

faksen13: @Briggs1700 I've tried some mags true Sig P226 Blackwater Tactical (with SRT trigger) - it's a bether gun than HK P30.

f0xmuld3r: Military shooting and maybe later some action shooting as they call it here. I'm going to buy a laser for it though, just for fun...

AlexTEK2: Mi friend you are wrong. Check their page Frequently asked Questions What is the proper way to pronounce Koch? The English pronunciation is pronounced, “coke."

rippspeed1: Hey Faksen13: I have a P30L and I usually oil it and grease it with Lubriplate SFL-0 grease... It makes my USP and my P30L runs smoother. Can you show a video of the actual spring of the for the V1 for me to compare springs... Thanx

letterpool: did you mark ALL of your bullets red and white???

TheMeisterd84: Heckler und Koch not Kock

faksen13: @radioqrp And so did i after a while. S&W M&P9 want oil on the rails, not grease (grease glogs up).

Eric EDF Knives: I would not oil the locking surface as the american instruktion say's. Its a german weapon, If the germans want it to be oilt they would surley mentiont it I gues.

datzitteezy: I own a p30L. Only have 2 mags though. I can't find magazines anywhere. All websties are soldout.

faksen13: I bought mine tru the dealer who gets his true Midway. I have 6. They are of wery high quality, the same you can say about mag-springs. My mags have been loaded since february, and the springs are still very good. Base pad is some sort of soft plastik or rubber and works well droped on concret. Disassembly/assembly is foolprof, when i say so you can trust it. They are easy to clean with a Arredondo mag brush when droped in sand.

cskillem13: have had my P30L since last christmas, excellent weapon. great performance. the only thing i dont like is the price, around $900. and it has no safety unless you count the double trigger.

chazeyboy: its Heckler and Koch, not Heckler and KOCK.

faksen13: @nwoecb I tried to reply earlyer but it did't work. This gun have LEM V1 trigger group = no decoker. It's Only the V3 trigger group who have deroosterer.

clap5: If by the "Locking surface" you mean the "barrel hood" then the awnser is yes. There is metal on metal contact when the slide moves rearward. I lub any contact points.

ProudGunOwnerUS: No, it is pronounced like Koch.

Michael Cahoon: I appreciate anyone taking time to attempt to educate folks. I am trying to decide between the HK P30 and Springfield XD-M 9mm. I have small hands and the P30 felt perfect when I held it. The XD had larger grip but the angle of the butt was not right and felt same as Glock. Thank you for your effort and honesty.

radioqrp: nice video.. i realize you sold the P30, but for others reading this,: for me, Euro vs US instructions, I oil the top of the barrel lightly since it has friction here against the inside of the slide, under the top of the slide. For the rails i use a gun grease since these areas really need lube and the oil often evaporates and runs out of the gun.

vdub5818: @themeister technically it is pronounced coke not kotch or kock

faksen13: Je bent NL's. ik heft ein NL vriendin, en 2 kindere. We bent 2 - 4 keer pr jjaar in NL, Geldermalsen. What vil you use the HK P30L fore. It is hard to shoot wery good with beacuse the weight is only 740 gram with mag. I wil probably buy a CZ SP-01 Shadow for IPSC shooting, it weight about 1187 gram. I tryed it and shoot a lot beter with heavy guns (i also tryed Tanfoglio and Spinx). But fore Police work its very good.

Hugo Bauknight: Actually, It is pronounced "coke".

faksen13: I have startet to use grease in the rail and on the 4 studs on frame. Oil dries out in about 100 rounds = the gun runs dry. It dont compromise realiability but it ads wear. A "dry" gun is good for service weapon. But for a competition gun it's only ads wear. I have startet to put 1 drop of oil on locking surface, wear on finish told me it neded oil. The gun have in 6 months run 4000+ rounds. No problems without, marking of ammo and pushing slide stop (twice) into battery with a 2 hand grip.

f0xmuld3r: Hey, isn't this actually a P30"L" ?

faksen13: @impalor1979 I dont know, it's a slow proses and hard to say when it happend. Gun have now close to 9000 round true it. It helps if you dry fire the gun, this help you learn the trigger feel without the "disturbaense" of the disscharge.

faksen13: @JonPurdue7 :)

urukang: Actually... It is pronounced as Koh. And when you pronounce "h", it should feel like as if you were starting to let out a "k" as in "key". BUT, you don't pronounce "k" fully, you just tighten your throat as if you were about sound that. Easy, isn't it? You're looking for a hissing sound , kind of.

HecklerKoch45c: you are supposed to drop the mag with your middle finger not your shooting finger. that way you dont have to change your grip

sharpraiderbrown: it is pronounced like "rooster"......rooster

Briggs1700: Still happy with the P30? considering the SIG P226/SP2022 and the FNP9

piffpete420: And its alot more than the HK

Briggs1700: @faksen13: You have the SIG P226 Blackwater i norge? I've been looking around to get it it's impossible in BE. Any online available i norge?

urukang: Actually I'm right, because if you want to say in the German way, it's said as I proposed above. Since it's a German company and German gun, I propagate using the German pronunciation to call it "proper". Just like New York shouldn't be pronounced as Navh York even if that's how it sounds in other languages based on its written form. Check out any German videos about HK guns, and you'll hear. Here's a youtube link.: watch?v=FD2MwlQ0n_I

pmsbassplayer: You mention that you sold the gun. Did you not like it? Please give me your opinion on this gun.

nwoecb: How do you derooster the hammer?

bigtwo1952: Good H&K video...I would follow the European directions for oiling the pistol...

faksen13: I liked the gun but not the sights for ipsc competition shooting. I bought a S&W M&P9 pro. Nowdays at least dawson presitin have sights for this gun.when i owned a P30 it was only tritium sights.

vdub5818: Fwiw tapping shouldnt be necessary to remove the sear pin. If you are getting resistance then not everything is lined up right. Also be careful with removing the slide stop. One leg of the trigger return spring rests on the slide stop. Thats what actually stops the slide stop from being removed. Just lift up the leg of the TRS a bit when removing to avoid daging the TRS

gonga05: Good video

faksen13: Norwegian police have bought Insight Tec MX3 (light) and MX6 (light and laser).

faksen13: No, the White is defenently not in use anymore on reloads (it's the culprit for gluing the firing pin). I alter the marking on my ammo so it's easy to find mine emtys and keep track of nr of reloads.

faksen13: By the way, Glock 17 is still in use in Norwegian Police - Delta (crack Anti terror force) stil use it and have no plans to shift to HK P30 (L).

f0xmuld3r: Ok, thanks. I ordered a P30L myself. will get it maybe next week. Can you maybe make a video on how to change the grips & back? I understand that there is some locking mechanism to lock the gun?

faksen13: You can now get this gun with a safety lever, the product name is than P30S or P30LS

faksen13: Yes i do. And i have startet to use 1 drop of oil, the finish show me it needed oil.

faksen13: @rippspeed1 Sorry, i've sold the gun = no spring fotos from me.

faksen13: I Have allredy made some rawfilm for a more torough presentation of my HK P30. But i have no time to edit it. Changing grip is a 5 min work. You need a 3 mm punch (or similar) to push the pin out from de heel of the grip, slide the backstrap off and the side panels off. The pistol comes with the medium grip innstalled and the small and large grip in the box.

faksen13: @HecklerKoch45c Havendt tryed it, but it sounds like an idea. I have now receved the S&W M&P9 Pro, i imidiatly shoot bether with it. Mainly beacuse bether sights and sight length (warren tactical have stil not released their sights for P30 :( ). M&P is still new so it might improve, but i call it a draw when it come to trigger (M&P have mutch shorter reseth). M&P mags are flimsy compaired to HK mags. Overall feel is that HK P30 is "premium" gun, M&P is god quality (like MB and Toyota)

Pistolero Jesse: I like how you said the correct position for the mag release. I lol'd.

Alkatraz415: Can't wait to get a P30l 9mm. Thanks for the video.

HK P30, small hands, V1 trigger group, issues and lubrication 4.5 out of 5

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