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Corey MacQueen: Stick to dirt. You evidently don't have enough sense to work with snow. You can see in the first view, in two seconds that the plow isn't installed correctly. My girlfriend even noticed it without me saying anything, and she's never run a plow in her life. Absolutely ridiculous... if you can't figure out that controller, you have zero credibility in reviewing anything besides ice cream.

And that might be a stretch!

richie rae: get yourself v boss plow

I P S: Trucks are not identical. One is a regular cab and one is an extended. Your balist is off

BLAZING STAR ENTERPRISE: I've had nothing but issue after issue after issue with Western play don't back there products they don't care about the contractor I will never buy another Western snow plow again. !!

I went with Fisher and they have helped me every step of the way

Frank J. Denig: OH WHAA!
Seriously. If you're that unsatisfied. Return it and get a different plow. Damn crybaby.

Mark: Sounds like they didn't weld on the wear strips..I plowed snow most of my life and if you can't fix your own plow you shouldn't be driving a plow truck...go to a welding shop and add some wear plates just like on the backhoe bucket and the skid steer. ..

Bobby Locke: Pretty much the dumbest review of any snow equipment. The controller is simple to use if you have a damn brain.

vhdtim: I will stay with my 4 over 20 year old Uni Mounts .

Brad Anderson: I have the same controller. I got used to it pretty quickly. Agree with the cutting edge issue.

Dylon: Fishers are the best plows by far. Easiest to mount on the truck good cutting edges I have 3 seasons on mine and do big commercial lots and my other truck does state roads. You should give them a try

Adam Brulz: Trucks are different and when installed they never adjusted correctly. Shame on installed. I have 7 and can run 3 to 5 yrs on a scrapper blade with little to no issues. I inspect all plows and frames before each season and before each storm. That is your job as an operator it is described as a responsibility truck driver or owner in the manual. Step up if you are wanting to be professional

greg king: I am sorry I cant help but laugh at you always harping on western. We have 6 of the western wide outs at work, 3 have had for 6-8 year and have never had a problem with cutting bars and controller. I was an hour the first time in the truck and had the controls down pat and could run it with my eyes closed. I will admit never ran a V-blade and have heared from many people they are junk and not just wertern. the whole V-blade design need work apparently. but i couldn't say never ran one. western still makes a dame good plow. As for having to go back to the installer that seamed weird. I have installed all our plows. not trained or certified by western and have never had a problem. have even removed from one vehicle and reinstalled on another

SAS QUATCH: Had a 8'6" Hiniker V-plow on a Ram 2500 absolutely loved the controller, I didn't like the mount. That is one main area for improvement.
Had a Boss 9'2" V- XT on a F-250 love the mount, didn't care for the construction of the blade or the controller.
Also the Hiniker plow was heavier which worked better for back dragging.
I sold my plows and may get a new one next season. I was considering a Western but now will most likely buy another Hiniker, especially if they change their mounting system.

Marvin Eicher: You just suck at plowing...you will never touch my property

Robert Millier: If you could do a new video of 2018 western plows, it would be greatly appreciated 👍

Mark Stewart: I bought the MVP3 plow 2 seasons ago and hate it.. Been nothing but problems... Mostly electrical problems..Two modules later.

Scott C: bullcrap review.. by non operators... first off if you cant use this hand held...after 40 hrs.. you are just not an operator. only problem is once in a while you power it off while going to retract as power button is adjacent... second.. unless same guy is running both units same lots or not you will get different wear on edges based on how they are being used.. let me explain ..just because these plows have all these functions does not mean you can just run them however you like.. tip*** put plow in all positions one at a time and put plow on ground each time.. hop out and check how the cutting edge is making contact to the ground .. not all functions will give full contact nor are they meant too.. when you run plow in awkward positions edge wears uneven and will even itself back out when plow is straightened causing extreme edge wear!!! my guess is this guy that cant get the hang of the controls is the boss and whoever he has running the other has even less experience.. I'm surprised western rep didn't fill him in about that.. Bottom line these plows are excellent .. I own 3.

Eddie Greene: I would weld my own plates on it screw the makers of it

brian mason: That controller Is the best on the market. Fly me out and I will give u a lesson... NP

Potskie: I run fisher(westerns twin) they have the same controller and I can't use any other controller near as efficiently except in tractor. The cutting edge and dealer support problems are crapty tho. My dealer is phenomenal and goes the extra when ever he can to take care of his customers.

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Western Snow Plow Review 5 out of 5

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