Jimenez .380 Review

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Kevin Howard-Tripp: what about filing that ridge away will that work

Scottie_ R_Jr: I have a jimenez ja 9 an i tell u this I don't hate it that much now i don't use it over my ruger p345 or glock but i do take it with me to shoot at the range an it never fails me

Koch 40: I would rather have a Louisville slugger.

ficklefingeroffate: "Hollow points don't feed well in this gun". Why would a conceal carry gun not be able to shoot hollow point? That's a MASSIVE problem.

texascoaster 92: can you shoot these hornady critical defense in the jimemez 380?

Filmaker25: Nice ! Next time I'm in Traffic and some nut has his hands in his pockets and just staring at me I won't feel so vulnerable.

Scarred Face Taz: I used one I don't see anything wrong with it

DTVFD: This 380 is a peice of crud i have it in just plain shiny medal it JAMS SO MUCH

John Kinnard: good review

lol omg: i will give you money to KEEP it. i will give you more money to go on a cruise and throw it out in the middle of the ocean. Not paying for the cruise. lol

Womb Raider: i had one work fine but sold it and now have much better guns but i will say mine worked flawlessly for 500 + rounds never tried hollow points though

Tim Rice: I keep watching this video and I just don't understand why this safety is such a problem ? I guess i'm just not understanding why anyone would try and rack the slide with the safety on ? If there's no bullet in the chamber why would you need the safety on ? A safety is to prevent you from pulling the trigger and firing. Now if you have one in the chamber and the safety is on and you can still pull the trigger and fire . Yes that's a problem.

truckerwife spot: so if one is in the chamber can the gun be placed on safety?

Laura Kelly: I bought one of these pieces of crap.We shot approximately 26 rounds out of a Jeminez .380 brand new out of the box.After my sister had already shot 1 round ,the next one when she tried to shoot it the slide came half way off the gun .Further inspection a round jammed at an angle inside the gun.Just before this my 11yr.old nephew had shot this gun.It was loaded properly by an adult afterwards using a excellent brand of ammo.This is very scary k owi g he could have been seriously injured.This is a dangerous gun & should not be sold anywhere & they are still being sold in stores today.I will never fire this gun again.It is a piece of crap & dangerous for anyone to be shooting.Do your research before you buy!Your life depends on it !

0.996 0.108: wats the process to get one of these does it need to be shiped to gun store

Lorenzo Guice: would hornady ammo feed u think

DonkeyTeeth: I got 1 new online for $93.00....and its a good gun so far

Matthew Caughey: All I can say is carrying a small gun and trying to Mossad draw it will get you very dead. You have to figure in a fight 50 pct of your dexterity is out the window now add the adrenaline dump factor and fear and you've got a situation where most likely your attacker will either wrestle the gun from you or knock it away. The whole point of the heavy DAO trigger pocket .380s is to carry with a hot chamber now for a desk drawer gun or one you leave in the nightstand empty chamber is fine since you can chamber one and will have the time to do so but to carry? No bad idea

Wrath of Vaughn: Polish the feed ramp to get rid of the machining mark. The gun will still be a piece of crap but at least it will feed.

Jack Glastra: Gun yuppies...

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Jimenez .380 review 5 out of 5

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