Krebs Custom Peep Sight AK

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Omnignosis: I think I like the TWS dogleg rail better.

totljag1: where can I buy this ?

makukidd12: Will the krebs ghost ring sights work on my CAI VZ-2008? BTW how do you zero this sight meter and elevation/windage

NEoutdoors: Do you think it helped with speed too?

Uniform Tango 74: Looks good dude.

Dr. MJOLNIR: Where can I get one of those ribbed dust covers?

VN Dustoff: isn,t the rear site in a peep supposed to be right at your face for quick simple sighting. i,ve never tried a peep a foot from my face...doesn,t it take nearly as long to find/align as a guide site. stay safe Dustoff761

Mahmood Ali: we were trained to fire 4-shot groups at 400 meters away at around 10-15 seconds using the old noch sights during military service. i can tell you, i might score them at around half that time with this sight.

Sir Dave: .Even higher now considering everything. Stupidly high price for a stamped piece of aluminium .

jetfuel545: $80 bucks now! Wow, that is robbery. I paid $60 some years back and thought that was steep.

spaxspore: @jetfuel545 Got this one my SGL 31.. only way to roll. I always recommend users who ask me about it to view this video. Well done sir.

rsscarr: I recognized the upwards facing charging handle. I've got the CUR2 which is identical Romanian 74

Andrew: Yea thats sweet, and rather rare speaking of AK74's

jetfuel545: I picked it up thru gunsamerica. The model was Intrac Mk II. I just added the vertical, wire folder, and muzzle brake to make it look authentic. Pretty sweet handling and very unique look.

Andrew: Dude i know ive asked you this before, but where the hell did you get that AIMS from? ive never seen one before

jetfuel545: It shoots the 7n6 milsurp best and this is where I had to move the sight to get good center impact. With wolf and Silver bear the sight was almost centered. My Norinco 56s sight with Golden Tiger ammo is dead center. With the wolf it is right about half way. It does not bother me like some guys. As long as I can get them centered. A lot of guys dont even adjust their sights. They will just Kentucky windage it. That is not for me, lol

2ndslaustas: I had to move my site far right too, You're right, Good enough for me

jetfuel545: Good enough to hit Oreo's standing at 100yd, and cinder blocks at 300yd. Ill take it.

2ndslaustas: Canted, suck don't it

Logan Payne: and have it fall off when ur shooting zombies lol

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Krebs Custom Peep Sight AK 5 out of 5

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