Review Beretta Nano Versus Kahr CM9

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Doug Est: How can he get 62 likes when he knows nothing about the Kahr? He is blowing smoke and people are sucking it in.

Glen Pirro: Duh! How can you review something you know so little about??? Deroosterer?? gimme a break!!

Allen Forehand: Deroosterer? Lol!

Richard Zambrano: Very good review I guess people are very bored they don't have anything better to do than insult people good job

dennis1979gm: Deroosterer? Lol

tony jones: deroosterer of somesort ????

Joseph Brown: You exposed your bias when you said that's probably some type of take down button on the side of the Kahr. It's the other end of the slide release. Had you actually disassembled and cleaned both guns after shooting them, as you implied, you would have known that.

Mateo Bang: IMa in VA Beach. They are opening a huge 34 lane range on Va Beach blvd. colonial shooting academy.

Supermike: Nano does feel much more "solid" but I went with the Karh for the fact I wanted pocket carry and the Nano was just too big for me for my pocket. The Karh was about as big as I'm willing to go in my pocket. I have the shield as well and that's the best 9mm carry gun IWB in my opinion.

Bill L: No deroosterer on the Kahr.  That's the other side of the slide release you are seeing.

Mateo Bang: The button is to disassemble the slide sir. SMH

cobalt2010lt: Shot both but think the kahr has a de-roosterer? Ugh

ducatiist: I like both guns, but Beretta is perhaps only second to Glock in perceived reliability (perhaps first?). However, i have heard conflicting reports on many of these ccw pocketable 9mm guns; regardless of manufacturer. Even the Beretta Nano has some failure to feed/eject issues for some owners. The Kahr isn't without it's issues either if you do your research. What isn't debatable is the fit, finish, and feel of the Beretta is hands down superior. Go hold one, you'll concede.

Space City Armory: At 2:36 I decided on a beretta. Thanks!

cjkatbruno: Are those someone elses pistols your playin with boy? lol Does the person who actually owns these guns know your fooling with them ? LOL

AJ Shick: I have never heard anyone speak for 4:13 seconds and say nothing of value. Not a single fact that would in anyway improve my knowledge of these two pistols. So much so that for the first time in years I actually moved to log on and comment to what was really little more that a cry for help. I hope you get that help you need before they find your "cold grip" on your Nano and a rambling note no one can decipher in your other paw. Cheers.

levi vue: De-roosterer

joerigg14: Have you pocket carried either? I am looking at the nano but. Know it is one of the heavier pocket 9mm.

ROUTE 63: WTF, Deroosterer! Lol. You can't review if you don't know.

badolan: Howdy, I have owned both pistols. I have also had problems with both. However, I have had many more issues with the Kahr. Eventually, Kahr refunded my money after it had been back to the factory 5 times. The Nano is definitely more solid. OF the two, I shot the Nano better. The second Nano I got has functioned very well. I'd buy the Nano again.

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Review Beretta Nano versus Kahr CM9 5 out of 5

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