Micromax A110 Canvas 2 On CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru 29 November, 2012

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Anurag Patil: One year completed ... yet no problem.... superb worth phone

Ganesh Kohinkar: you might be able to dual boot tonnes of crap.... but that is not necessary to mention here!!! since no one here is some top shot to do such stuff!!! when speaking at a place where everyone's not ur level, next time just remember to stick around to plain normal stuff and not bragging about ur smart-assness...... and about the phone then just keep it to the best smart phones in cheap price rather than critisizing it, and this is not just to you but all others here who keep speaking like dumbasses

Apoorv Saxena: pakka china made .........jst sumwt better thn the previus china phones tht v used to get !!

Sharan Shetty: took in april .no compliants ..best service care that they upgraded my canvas 2 in 5 mins .its a pick

Vijay Chansoria: gud phone i m using it since 4 months.. no complain about it.. thanx tech guru for helping me bying such a gud n nice phone.. i luv my superphone canvas... A-110c... Micromax Rockzz .. D Best Phone Ever In This Prize Segment... !..

Mohd Nawaz: bcz it manufacture in china factory's like samsung sony the design is made in goregaon

JackyVivid: lae le fir 25,000 ka samsung..waha nai likha made in china!

Abhishek Wilson: Micromax par 'MADE IN CHINA' is liye likha hota hai kyuki China mein phone manufacture karna sasta padta hai (because of low rate of excise duty and taxes on it's components).But they all are 'MADE IN INDIA' and 'MADE FOR INDIA' phones.Even the huge manufacturers like Samsung manufacture some of their product in China. :)

ashima sharma: yes i agreee this comment agar ye india ka product hai to is ke box per made in china kyo likha hai

Sandip Singh: Micromax Canvas HD is china's beidou chi... hahahha.... pure chinise...

yash gupta: yes bro ...agree with you ..ye dono sale pagal ke bache hain

yash gupta: agree with u aditya .... they two are the most idiot tech gurus in this world .... totally stupid show..... thumbs up if u agree

Aditya Bhatt: You guys make the worst reviews.

poj123: there are 4 different processors all clocked to the same freq. So my 1.2 gz may be much zippier than ur 1.2 gz. & this is just about the processor. GPUs are no different. I dual boot my galaxy s2 to android or a complete desktop linux straight to my hdtv and with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, do not need the PC anymore. bet micromax & the Karbonns will come to a complete stall with something like that. Moral-people who make/buy Rs 30000 fones are not fools & u are certainly not geeks.

poj123: i bot a galaxy s2 in april'11.Running jellybean on it. Absolutely flawless performance. Fantastic camera quality. Still not finding any phone even close to it in terms of the performance. I have about 100 games of which 12 are 300 mb hd games. still buttery smooth experience. I tried the A110. Its okay in comparison. Loaded Vice city and virtua tennis. Start times are longer. After some hd wallpapers u start feeling the lag. These fones are just ok fones - donno wats so geeky about these guys.

Abhishek Shrivastav: Even samsung,nokia and apple brand gets assembled in china dat doesnt mean that they are china mobiles all the phones gets assembled in china so its your choice sirf china likha hai yeh dekh ke agar aap question puchte ho toh aap sabse bade chutye ho ! thumbs up if agree

SuperCooled: Skip to 10:40

Satish Mehar: iphone bi china m manufacture hote h to kya apple chinese company h...mmx or karbonn inke mostly offices gurgaon..or baki indian states m hote..h..lekin inka product manufacture china m hota h. jaise baki samsung,lg,sony ka hota h..

cool shavik: best review i have ever seen :D best part was "dont go for ip5 " loll :DD

Aakash Kale: get pantech burst , 1.5 ghz dual core , 1 gb ram, adreno 220 GPU, 16 gb built in, 4" super amoled display , 4G LTE , what else you guys want from a phone around RS. 8800 /- freak all these toys i own mine burst and its awesome ! just compare these toys and u'll figure out !

Micromax A110 Canvas 2 on CNBC Awaaz Tech Guru 29 November, 2012 5 out of 5

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