LG 840G - How To Remove Virtual Java Keypad

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Trent: HOLY CRAP! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! i was SO angry when it would show that unremovable keypad! you deserve a like!

jane 71: Is there any way to do this WITHOUT hooking it up to the computer? I misplaced my USB and the Opera Mini keypad is so annoying! I know that on most touchscreen phones, there's a way to do it on the phone settings. Why not on the LG 840G?

Catzilla: The thing that drives me nuts is when an App *claims* to be touchscreen, then when you start it up, it asks you to use soft keys to enable/disable sound or access the menu items. Hey, is this a touchscreen app or not? Tracfone just came out with two new Android phones. I just got the ZTE Valet. 1 Ghz CPU, Android 4.1, it's pretty cool.

ChipsAhoy: Ever notice how the demo games don't have the keypad...

Spidy Cookie: Hey! I could use some help. So at first, I would plug in my phone and the file wouldn't show up. I then put my two Java apps (Simcity Deluxe and Opera Mini) onto the SD card, and then I think they were in the folder. In the folder, there was 025.jar and 027.jar. (I'm just assuming those were the games because they weren't there before and they were in the G&A folder). I can't open it though! I have an iMac. NOTHING WORKS. Please help!

ChipsAhoy: Thanks, this really helps alot!

ChipsAhoy: Is there a way to remove it without the USB?

BattletoDeath: hey, i just got my 840g and i wanted to put games on it so i found your channel. But why would you want to remove the virtual keypad? does it make it go faster?

justaguy: Awesome! Thanks so much, worked with no problems! This will really help me in some more videos of this great phone and my gaming experience (Prison Tycoon looks great).

CovertBrony: can you adjust the screen size from an oversized game down enough to make it playable?

slimline441: Thanks for your response! I was able to figure out what confused me: I did not realize that an edited *.jar file can be copied from a PC to any directory on the SD card on the phone, THEN opened using the phone's file manager (by tapping on the file), which installs the midlet. I was trying to mess with the *.jar files of midlets that had been already installed using the phone's browser and those seem to be encrypted or altered so that they can no longer be opened by WinRar or other programs.

jbasketballgirl16: I will make a new video showing my entire process on my new channel: Janina Tutorials To try and answer your question, I plug the phone into my laptop using a data cable (some cables are just charging cables and cannot transfer data) and the SD card is inside the phone. Then something pops up on my phone asking to use it as a mass storage device and i click yes. what you see in the video is what is shown in my computer afterwards. You can also connect the sd card to the laptop using an adapter.

slimline441: Just to complete my comment: your solution does not work for me, because the *jar files on my phone (SD card) are unopenable and if I try it from the other end (edit a *.jar file downloaded to my PC, then replace it for the one the phone installed on the SD card), the phone doesn't recognize the file. You also seem to be able to use your phone when it's connected to your PC. Mine goes into "mass storage mode", showing the contents of the SD card, but cannot be used. Do I miss a step?

slimline441: If I install an app using the phone's browser, then move the app to the SD card using the phone's options for apps (to see it on my PC), the *.jar files cannot be opened by WinRar or anything else from my PC. If I download the *.jar to my PC (using IE), I can edit it as you show, but, when I copy the modified file to the phone's SD card and try to run the app, the phone says "file missing". This seems to mean that the phone modifies (encrypts?) the jar files in some way when it installs them.

Sazyla18: when i try to open the file (manifest.MF) on my phone it says "unsupported file type." help?

Val Clear: Click Upload and Click Analytics to see your INBOX on the left

Val Clear: Manifest corrupted is due to unicode character text. How I fixed this is to export the manifest file from the jar (zip) then add the patch, and then import it again.

Val Clear: So far, I've got Solitaire Deluxe 240x320 Landscape, AngryBirds, AngryBirdsMontyPython, FruitNinja, Asphalt3D, PicoSMS, Gcal, Gmaps, GuitarTuner, UCBrowser. ANYONE GOT SPOTIFY OR GOOGLE HANGOUTS?

Val Clear: which game are you using? Make sure you didn't paste the top line title. send me a link to the download and I'll fix it & send you a link to the fixed if you like.

david lum: After two hours on the web, you're the first person to explain this stuff for a novice. Following your simple instructions gave me a rich Opera mini. Thank-you!

LG 840G - How To Remove Virtual Java Keypad 5 out of 5

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