Casino, Voice, Glow, Etc. (AR#94)

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Axes81: @99metanight You use your fingernails dumbcrap, thats what there made for.

pct87: @Bal0rCIM try papya, i know they have a bunch of online games with cards, im assuming they have hold'em

boxmanfan08: @TheiPodKid me next mext wat happened 2 ur app list awhile back

Bal0rCIM: Please Please reply to my comment and say if you know app for texas hold em online

Reano_IV: unsubbed

tzouzi: nice review bill ! :)

Louis Browne: where's the chick with the bunny ears :p

Nima Saghafi: @BomberJp69 Try getting one on lockerz. i can invite you to lockerz. just pm me ur email

Jopa Cstlo: itouch got stolen like FCK ! aha i need one :(

CevenKills: @gomilev smart ass :P:

TheiPodKid: @gomilev haha @sim725 I got it from the switcheasy website

walllster: can any of you guys over the world help me, hust that my ipods app store is in american dollars is their anyway i can change it to POUNDS? ££ also my ipod wont recognise my account and wont let me get any apps and it says your account has been disabled from itunes ive put all the right username and password in! everyone if youve had a problem like i have or a possibillity that can help me by getting rid of this PLEASE can you inbox me PLEASE! AND THE IPOD KID IS THEIR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME

gomilev: it's called a store

Edwin: Where'd you get your external mic

Ben Earles: yes it is fun to screw around a litle bit X) !!!!

Samston: You should do a PvZ review, I want to know if its worth getting.

Alfredo Rodriguez: @drummerb0y4life Thumbtacks

Anza1027: Wat is ur fav app the iPod kid

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Casino, Voice, Glow, etc. (AR#94) 5 out of 5

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Casino. Voice. Glow. etc. (AR#94)
Casino. Voice. Glow. etc. (AR#94)
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