Walther P99 Ram .43 Caliber Paintball Pistol Review

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Robertyang94: i don't understand people these days. They do reviews of the gun but they don't show us any type of shooting on how it sounds and it's accuracy? Annoyed to death.

danandjusforeman: Hi mate thinking about getting one of these would like to see a video of you using it

PR4L_100X35: Nice review but ur video quality sucks

iskatetheplaza: apx 60-70 shots with one cartridge. so nearly 7-8 magazines

iskatetheplaza: hey these are available with orange tips. just ask the supplier or the dealer you buy from

Headshothorror4488: shoot the freaker

ChairSofter JEVA: Hey!! I bought one of this from use, but... i have a problem when I finish the mag the blowback doesn't stuck like have to be, i don't have problem when i shoot, the blowback seems normal, but i have the problem when the mags its over, i was trying shooting a lot but nothing happen, do you know what's happening there???Greetings!

Jake Risher: Good pistol? I've never gotten one, is this a good first one?

svydash: Show it in use!
Walther P99 Ram .43 Caliber Paintball Pistol Review 5 out of 5

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Walther P99RAM Review
Walther P99RAM Review

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