Rockwell BladeRunner- Review

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Spiritual Warfare: I just found one of these in a garbage bin. It's like brand new, works great, can't wait to use.

MRMkodi: I got the blade runner 2 badass.

maxime lamothe: I am the only one to tought it was a gun replica from blade runner on the thumbnail then look quick parts of the video to realise its totally not about the movie ?

MrToolhunter: Not sure if you've noticed but there have been two new models of the BladeRunner since your video. The first one came from Rockwell where they replaced the metal table with a plastic one and removed the variable speed. The latest is that it is now being made and sold under the Worx brand. Not sure if you are up to it, but a review of the new version might attract some new viewers as Worx tends to promote their products well. Scot

Wild American: What happens when you want to cut wood that is wider than 2 feet? Won't that arm get in the way?

satish jha: The biggest 4" circle I've ever seen.

Gerald Lipchik: Do you need the sled accessory that amazon offers?

Gerald Lipchik: Does it cut a 2x4 ok? Do magnets stick to the table?

breathe and squeeze: that wasnt no 4 inch circle, more like 8 inch.

breathe and squeeze: this was a great review. unlike the world of youtube reviews these days, where they just unbox something and read the features right off the box.

Eliane Vaccavo: That's not wood.

CMG: your site it wierd

Red Gemini Arts: I can't find that item for sale ANYWHERE

Red Gemini Arts: WoW never heard of the attachment. Thanks for sharing

BrenticusMaximus1: All the portability of a table saw and none of the convenience of the jigsaw.

Willy Kunkerfunk: What kind of gloves are you wearing?

Rockwell Tools: +Tools In Action Thank you, this is a great demonstration and review for the Rockwell BladeRunner! Glad you're enjoying it. Here's the link to the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 product page:

Colin Robson: I still prefer my old hand tools. Quieter, cheaper, quicker, less space, more reliable, and more fun

Adam Pierce: Shame on Rockwell!

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Rockwell BladeRunner- Review 5 out of 5

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Rockwell BladeRunner Review
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