Samsung Galaxy S3 Incognito Mode In And Out

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Russ Rains: What I just got done doing was open my internet, press the little box with the 1 in it for browsers open. It will minimize the screen. Hit the red - and the screen will disappear. The go to the top of the page and hit the + and it will get rid of the incognito page. Worked for me without all the other steps. Thanks for the help though. Without this info I would have never tried what I did

alex adam: Thank you :)

baboneya: Yeah hooo!! thanks

ALBERT WOODS: dude thank you help me out just got mine today. and it work just like you said

Sam Gray: Continued from with a number on it click it. It should bring up a + and a Burglar looking icon. Clicking on the + icon adds a new window or clicking on the Burglar Icon put you in the incognito mode. I hope this helps if not rephrase where you are and I will try to get you out...Sorry if it is not useful...

jeninawilliams1: When you get to the page and click the button in the upper right corner as instructed, instead of opening a new window and setting it as your homepage close them all by hitting the minus sign and it will bring you back to your normal page. :-)

Jerri Robertson: Ok this didn't help

darksscorpion: thanks man this vid helped me alot :D

Alvin H: I did not understand how to get out of incognito. Did I miss something?

Braybaroque: You are very kind, but you are sending me the things in pieces, and Istill do not have the sequence. I click on aps (the button full of little squares), Ifind Settings, click there, then there are no internet settings there! What should I do next? Thanks.

lalaloppy: I don't think that actually takes you out of incognito...just changes your home page. If I log into a laptop under my gmail e-mail all of those searches will be saved both on my computer and on my phone however, searches on my phone--even those made from Google--do not show in history

Carla Lanzon: Worked for me - ta muchly

Jerri Robertson: I need help turning off on my galaxy 2.... Help please!

malachiupi10: Thank you thank you thank you

Sandra D: Thank you! I was going crazy trying to figure out where this "incognito" came from and how to get rid of it.

sigthor1945: Thanks for making this video. I'd say the two 'not likes' are from people who accidentally tapped the wrong button.

bzzzzann: hey - thanks, that was exactly the info I needed. I was stuck incognito and this was the solution. Do you know how to "save" pictures on this phone (like from FB to save as) Someone told me that all you had to do was touch and hold the picture you wanted to save and it would download - but NO . . . it doesn't any answers for that

rupret: I have never posted anything before. But this "incognito" with its warning tand that I could not accept or decline is so unacceptable. I also could not achieve desired results with settings depicted on your video because Inever got "home page" or the choices in your video for settings. Anyone have any answers?

Sam Gray: Hello, Yes it is very annoying I hope it helped you some I am no expert on this phone by all means. I just tried to show folks what I experienced.As I mentioned when I contacted customer service he said t was no where in the manual.I got 2 thumbs down for this not sure why but I did try. It is kinda hard to video and work it at the same time. Thanks

Braybaroque: "Once you do that go to settings ...". How do I do that? THere is no button "setting" anywhere! Thanks.

Aliancey X: Thanks Sam, very helpful vid.

erika umstead: You are a lifesaver! I was about to throw my phone into the wall untill I found this video!

Tutu Steele: Thanks

Alex Marcus: Here's the deal...the page that you made incognito is the ONLY page that is incognito. Two-finger pinch to see all the pages you have open. You'll notice that it has the spy guy and says "Incognto page" only underneath one of the pages. You can add a non-incognito page by touching the + sign, and you can add another incognito page by touching the spy guy sign. Confused me too at first!

Mahmoud Bostaji: Oh I wanted to return my cell phone :) But now I got the answer why it is in my cell phone. Thanks a lot

Kerin Kay: Thank you soooo much!!! This really helped me!!!

Tanya O: I was going nuts trying to get the little hamburglar looking guy off my screen. Thank you for posting. I just got the Note 2.

Sam Gray: Hello lalaloppy, Are you saying when you are in incognito and did searches etc. you can view history on your laptop. In this case it may be just your phone history is not saved . I will try that and see what happens and let you know. Take Care

Mike McQuerter: I was screaming at my phone trying to fix this. Thanks for the video, it's all better now.

Sam Gray: Hello, If you click on the Burglar Guy Icon it will say You've gone incognito..Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history and they won't leave traces like cookies on your device after you close the incognito window. However they do have a disclaimer to be wary about how you still can be tracked Etc. it is just allowing you to go to sites and it will not save History etc...The video was to show how to get in and out. I was in it and could not get out.....

Jay Grill: its for watching porn

Rachel Wilber: all you have to do is close out of the incognito windows and it will take you back to regular browsing

Sam Gray: You are welcome I am sorry it is not the best video to view but I am glad it helped you. I have some dislikes but it is OK as long as it helps some I feel good. I was the same way I had no idea why it was doing it . Like you I thought something was wrong and was gonna return or go to their store. Take care.

Darren Page: Thanks!!! Big help to this day!

143Mad_Ster16: Do you know how it got on your phone? I just got my ph n I just noticed that creepy man w the hat. N I know the other day he wasnt

143Mad_Ster16: ......he wasnt there n today he is

Sam Gray: Are you still having the issues since you have posted? I If you still have not figured it out try taking your Battery out for about 20 seconds and re insert it. This will erase any changes that may have been inadvertently changed. When you turn it back on go to your Internet again and retry. If it still does not work and you are on Verizon call 611 send they will assist you further perhaps there is a defect. I hope this helps...

Mahmoud Bostaji: It helped a lot, not only a little bit

rupret: I agree with you. I have encountered unexpected call drops since the incognito appeared on my screen... incidentally without any choice to accept the feature or deny it. I followed the gentleman's advise on the video, but the fact that this is not listed on the manual, and the fact I have been locked out of my e-mail for 12 hrs since the "incognito" occurance, in addition to other hitches leaves me feel rather invaded for no reason

Braybaroque: Excellent thanks! I abridge for the benefit of others. Click "Menu", click rectangles with number, go to window that is incognito and close it (or else go to one that is NOT incognito and make it incognito by clicking the man-with-hat button).

alex petriina: watchin' porn on incognito mode

Sam Gray: OK to get to the settings simply click on Apps should be beside Internet Explorer Icon lower right. Once in the apps scroll across until you see Settings.. Hope this helps if you still can not locate let me know. Thanks

luke richard: wow man your amazing , thankyou so much !!!!!

Gihan Kanishka Sandaruwan: thanx...worked for I9100

Sam Gray: I apologize if it did not work for you. Are you able to get to the Internet thru the Icon (Beside the box with little Squares) ? If you can get on the Internet and YOU DO NOT See where I was on in the video here is what you do.Click bottom left of phone Beside the Middle raised button it will bring up options click on (Desktop View). It will change the way it looks at the top. You should be able to see the Address bar at the top and 2 small Sq. beside it one with a star in it and more

Vnebiggles: Hey Sam just watched your video for incognito this has been driving me mad nice 1 buddy thank you ( UK )

Rozey Cheeks: thank you!

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Incognito Mode in and out 4.2 out of 5

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