12 Gauge Booby Trap Trip Wire Alarm Review

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Bill M: Good video - Direct and to the point. Some people on youtube would have made a 15 minute video of the same thing, which would be a waste of time

Questioning Everything: What a moron you know it's illegal to face these trip mines upwards or sideways ??? And having your kids set it up or knock it down !!! Dude
Please slap yourself not to be a pickle but ur risking bs for views

Trapper John: These type devices are great for keeping feral hogs out of specific areas. I use them for this purpose all the time. It usually keeps the feral hogs away for about three days. Then they return. Bam! Gone again!

Luke Jones: Would that banger explode with a mousetrap?

Jo locsonlen: pretty good, black powder pipe bombs work good too......loud plus minimum on shrapnel.

Anil Löeb: "I have my insurgent here" LOL

Dona Pastian: couldn't you have used a stick rather than a child! awful!

RandomWorld !: i will be installing one of these in the front entrance of my apartment....some cholo came knocking on my door asking for " Joses girlfriend". When that Gas hits him he should remember that she don't live here

Mark Crothers: These don't "HIT" anything.  Blanks.  Pepper gas.  Even if you put a live buckshot shell in it you would just get a loud noise.  No barrel, no directional pressure.  Before you knee-jerk respond, know your science.

tubedude54: Every state has booby trap laws... you better make sure you know what they say or you could end up in prison!

benson420710: I could sure use one and take the bbs out of a regular shell, some asshole keeps trespassing and stealing tools or freaks with my motorcycle trying to burn out my clutch by taking ALL the slack out of the clutch cable or hoping I dont check my rear brake , since they've loosened that before aswell since it requires no tool >.< . up here sheriffs tell you shoot to kill if there's an intruder since it takes them 45mins to get out here.

deerkiller6666: a slug would be more fun....

dzrt goat: OK where can I but one and is it on Amazon ????????

zbudda: Perfect for Trump signs...bad news for the thief's underwear?

SuperElite27000000: OR you can put 00 buck...

Jim NORRIS: man I know a nother type of system like this BUT I WOULD NOT SHOW IT.FOR FEAR SOME DAM KID WOULD TRY IT.

WoodsMan: Tried to find gunbroker, and was unable to. Can you provide some more info?

Arrowof Light: Here's a rig that only uses a #209 PRIMER but that is loud enough to scare a critter out of the garden........ http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Snare-Trip-Wire-PERIMETER-ALARMS-Tripwire-booby-trap-uses-LOUD-209-PRIMER-/301954164625?hash=item464ddee791:g:clMAAOSw3mpXM03q

georgiaridgerunner 79: if someone becomes injured by this device the owner is on a one way trip to the federal penitentary...google booby trap laws to confirm....

Glock21: to everyone saying that it is dangerous and could kill someone, i just want to say your a dumdass. firearms work of of compression and with out a barrel there is not adequate compression in the shell its self to propel BBs, buck shot or slugs with lethal force.
also if anyone knows what the make/model of this devise is id like to know.

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
12 Gauge Booby Trap Trip Wire Alarm Review 5 out of 5

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