Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2 REVIEW & BREAKDOWN

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Anakin Skywalker: Quasant lol

Joanne Doctor: its not the beach its acarnival

BlockyRumble985: shes not mary jane

Martin Amarilla: I'm so happy that Spider-Man is going to be on Iron Man 4

Amour Tabb: I think it's weird they are still playing Caps video when he's on the run from the government.

Robert SixFive: Gonk/Ned......Lololololol Grace you are Hilarious!!! The movie looks promising. The way they created the Vulture wings are pretty awesome tho.

BushidoBrownSama: Genke is pronounced Gonk? I always thought it was Ghen-Key

spider Man: Who hated on Tony stark? Is it bad that in terms of argument I actually stand by captain america? I agree that superhero's should have the freedom they have and not be under the lawsuit of the United nations, but Tony wants to be controlled by the government so fair enough, the main reason I was team ironman wad mainly for black panther and vision, cause I knew vision could probaly end the fight in seconds.

Lucero Ducos: I LOVE RDJ AND IRONMAN!!!!

T3ee I.L.L.: Zendaya isnt Mary Jane

grimslayer Brittain: +Beyond The Trailer ,
gak, you made me choke on the Keaton-facials.

(2 phunnie)


carrastealth: If this was a DC trailer how many people would be talking about how this trailer showed the entire movie and never letting that go?

Titanshield: Never hurt the book, I always try to keep it clean and crisp :P I read a lot so I want to have them years down the line to reread.

Sandal_Thong: I was wondering why Iron Man was Spider-Man's mentor. Thanks for saying it was in a comic. It's too bad they didn't use that character and have Peter Parker be a middle-aged guy, similar to Henry Pym from Ant-Man.

Bud King: tony stark has sad many times the he is nothing without his sout .the sout is me . hees being vary hpacritical wan peter say the Sam thing and he respons by saying if you Riley belev that you don't deserve it

Jay Coyt Ransom: The Zendaya "intellectual" rant is stupid. They're in gym, that's why her hair's frazzled you dunce. And contrary to your hollywood stereotype, people actually do like taking care of their books.

Lunacy's Straightjacket: Ben Riley hoodie?

Zane Drake: Can't this stupid Zendaya is Mary Jane rumor just die? It's clearly obvious she isn't playing her.

Gabriel H9876: Team Ironman!

kit: Now you've broken it down it's looking like the whole plot might just hang off WEAPONS MANUFACTURING, which is typical of an Iron Man team up but.... still isn't a substitute for a good story....

I'm really hoping the whole
'you cant have a suit' - thing
means the film will actually focus on a 'what defines a superhero is on the inside' kinda cliché ...
rather than, the
'privatised war = world peace' - angle
that marvel has been not-so-subtly supporting, particularly via Iron Man, over the last few years.

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Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2 REVIEW & BREAKDOWN 5 out of 5

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