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amiruddin ariffin: 2018

Graziano Gaias: good review, what type of battery you are using

Martynas K: Hi mate.
I just got myself an ithaka and I have a problem.
I tired building it myself and then tried it just the way you do it in you video.
All seems fine, but as soon as I start vaping all the e-juice just goes straight through the tank and out the air holes and the battery connection.\
Is it because I'm doing something wrong or did I just get a faulty ithaka?

Justice Incarnate: Hey igetcha69, did you use the wire and wick that came in the box with the ithaka kit?

what gauges are they, and which is the non resistance wire?

Dan D: Great vid keep up.Very informative.Also nice rings/LOL

DonutsRYummy: Mine leaks, the whole 2.5ml that i fill... All over my mod and hand >:(
WTF!!!!! I only got it to work once and it was great. His freakin piece of crap is bout to go to the trash can ( 99,99€ ) i will buy a taifun GS

ku rt: hi mate new to vaping,may i know what is the config of your zapper? the input and output volt..i mean powered by how many volts and the output just to connect the HRW and NRW?tia

Daniel Choi: What kind of e juice is that?

Chris Sims: So is the resistance wire the thicker wire or the less thick wire? I ordered premade res non res wire and it came as a piece of wire with thicker wire on teh ends with thinner wire in the middle. I take it the thinner wire should be wrapped around the wick, with the thicker wire trailing down to the post?

mark anthony see: hello mate!
may I ask what is the material of the AFC ring of the Ithaka? I got 0197 here in the Philippines. and my AFC ring seems to be brass and it was chrome plated.
TIA for your reply :)

Steven Machado: I have issues with my coil assy loosening when I turn juice control due to it not being tight enough. This is going on because of the oring in the bottom of the bottom tank getting distorted when tightening. Ideas?

SCABHUNTER: The (CERAMIC SIDE) of the coil housing is the (POSITIVE LEAD) & the METAL SIDE of the coil housing is the NEGATIVE lead. Negative gets twisted to the nut under the coil housing and the positive gets twisted to the positive post at the rubber ring.

LightningGmr: Does this have a removable drip tip? I really like the ITHAKA Clone or hercules but I would really like to use my own drip tip. I am entirely brand new to RBA and I really like the clone but i want to use my own drip tip and can't really find something similar. I like the clone cause of the juice control, air flow control and the size of the tank. Thanks for your time

FroztiProductions: has anyone here built it with cotton? i have bad luck with silica

garty22: Thanks mate, just bought one of these and managed to build it to perfection while watching your video!

DJ Shadwell: great review as usual. thats a lot of funky parts, u'll need to be good at jigsaws or the rubic cube, nice looking tank, the clone seems to be quite cheap are they as good?

dkgreek: Thank you for this video.

Good work.


Bling: what an unpractical rba 

Dick Butt: Would buy this if it wasn't so damn ugly :(

igetcha69: nice one mate :)

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