Kleem Mantra Usage For Attracting Someone Specific

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Marlyn Jemima: Anyone tried the Mofedest Miracle (do a search on google)? I've heard numerous awesome things about this popular law of attraction course that designed by famous life coach.

Greg Nicolette: What is Mofedest Miracle and how does it work? I hear many individuals discover see some improvements in their life especially financially with this popular self-development program that created by popular motivator.

Blinny Elyssa: Has anyone tried Mofedest Miracle? (just google it) I've heard several amazing things about this popular personal development program that designed by well known motivator.

Rakhi J: How to use kleem for marriage commitment?? Kleem should be used in the beginning or end of affirmation statement

Ernesto Aparicio: why is it that when ever i do the kleem meditation i have terrible nightmares and get so much bad luck

jamunar rajendran: Is Mofedest Miracle helpful to learn how you can knowing the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success? We have read many good stuff about Mofedest Miracle (google search it).

Mitra kh: hi don .thank u for your viedos.dr pilai is saying kleen is just for attracting women .what about attacting men?

A Verbal Diary: u r cute 😊

Ernesto Aparicio: do i focus on the person while kleeming or how do i do it.

sunny dede: Can someone please help me what's da mantra to use for getting my ex boyfriend back to me ... m getting mad day by day pls pls help me

JoAnne Andrews: Kleem has just come into my life, and I have begun using it for increased self-love and self-acceptance. I haven't heard much about this from anywhere else, however it resonates with me to do so. Feels great already!

Dalamar Evans: The kleem mantra is complete nonsense. Someone suggested I try kleeming 2 hours everyday for 10 days. The result zero attraction, zero results. You might as well chant, "dog biscuits". You will end up with the same result

sherry buskirk: finally! someone keeping it real (grin) great explanation and words of wisdom. . thank you!

surendhar selvam: is kleem mantra chanting can get back my ex ' love towards me.... i was so depressed without her

Prophet SJ: Third time i see this video Don. You are spot on from 5.40 onward. Cheers. Thanks.

Naomi Nimoh: What if the guy I'm trying to attract is almost like a celebrity? I've liked him for a while now. Met him twice (meet and greet)

Prophet SJ: Beautiful !! Second time i saw this video. I love it. Thanks Don, you my Hero.

Prophet SJ: It is working for me Don. She is responding and moving towards me.

Rizwan: can I use this for same sex attraction!

mary111164: I wish I could say otherwise but I used this mantra in the past but unfortunately it brought nothing but conflicts in my relationships with friends, people of the opposite sex, etc. It does attract people but the "problems" start later. So be careful when using this mantra....

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