Kleem Mantra Usage For Attracting Someone Specific

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Dana Beth: been thinking of a person for 2 years now and I just know intuitively. When you think about something for long enough it tends to manifest. I know it may be longer or shorter but I'm content in the knowing. I am excited for it to happen and i feel a spiritual match with them. i am going to attract this person into my life and already have been for 2 years. They have not gotten to know me yet, but thats subconsciously changing :) 

MsBaby4u: Omg!.. You are so hot!.. I don't even put attention w you say.. Muah!.. Love your color!. 😘 

Annj Tran R'Z: Hands down you are blessed 

Dhirend Akhil: its great for a person to have pyscici powers to use in a civilised manner! 

Nalini Maraj: what do you know about these mantras ? Can you read sanskrit ? 

niariya: Does the Kleem mantra only work for men trying to attract a specific woman, Or can it work for women who want to attract a specific man?Ive been seeing a lot of mixed information in my research on this mantra so figured I would ask the best! lol have a great day

Don Bernard Jr.: Happy to hear it!

TheSilvyjspb: hello don bernard i speack spanish so i will do my bes to ask, i need to know what mantra or what i can do, to creat enough income for a style of life i want to, but without suffering or feel inprision, hard work, struggling, i dont even like my career and the things i like to do never helped me to be finatially independent, i searched for many other actitivites or bussness but never got enough money or if i got good money it was under a lot of suffering, thank you

peterglynnfilms: 3:43 Manifesting the Law

Don Bernard Jr.: Thank you so much :)

Don Bernard Jr.: @capucchan8 You got it :-)

Birth of a Goddess: Thank you so much for sharing this. I appreciate the caveat about it as well. I have used the bija mantras for over 20 years and I know they do work. I too have found the need to not put conditions, especially conditions based on fears and insecurities on their use. I love how you reminded people that you first have to be at a state of peace before you try to manifest . That is important! I always recommend Hreem first because it is a great emotional purifier and helps with inner peace.

Annie O: Hi, I was wondering if it can work to get my Fiance back? he moved out 3 weeks ago,we have been fighting a lot and he had enough. He moved all of his stuff out, i still have my ring, we love one another and I feel that! He needs time and space, it is not over, however my heart is broken! I have learned what I have done wrong and at the same time I am working on myself! I know he is the love of my life and I know we are going to be married

MrInfiniteabundance: Well said

Cassidy Mone: I'm an "Aber" haha I've listened to their tapes steadily for a couple years now. I understand what you say in your videos but I have a thing with relationships where I feel stuck. I'm dating someone now, someone I really like, but I want to feel more. I know it's not that other person, it's my deal to connect with myself. But the main thing I want some clarity on is releasing doubt and resistance, especially on this subject. I want to be so secure, but I don't know the best way to get there.

imsoflyyeah: how are you always looking so good

Carlos Eduardo Da Silva: Nice video. Thank you.

capucchan8: @DonBernard7 cool thanks

Don Bernard Jr.: Thank you!

Don Bernard Jr.: @morena0475 Videos coming they will keep :-) Thanks!

Don Bernard Jr.: @brijeshdevadatha I sense there is some fine-tuning within yourself that needs to be done in order to release the resistance you have around this subject of manifesting the relationship you desire. If you're interested in a consultation with me, email me.... Peace, Love, and Freedom!!

morena0475: Don you are so right on with this video and a lot of people need to hear this. I have used Kleem, actually your video of kleem, but in general not to attract anyone in particular and have been successful. You definitely need to be at peace with yourself. great video !!!

Lord Vader: Hello Don! I have practiced the mantra without success, what led me to research more about Dattatreya Siva Baba. I found many items they say he's a phony. What do you think about this? thanks

Don Bernard Jr.: @amourabunny Incredible it is!

Don Bernard Jr.: @auun5622 The specifics of your questions are reasonable to ask, but also can serve as the slowing down of seeing your desire in material form. Manifestation is more about a feeling place, than an exact number of times, during the right time of the day, with the right pen, and the right piece of paper...Doesn't matter if you chant it or write it, and it doesnt matter how many times. What matters is that you get into the bliss of feeling the having of the manifestation right NOW, as you kleem!

darylali: Do seed mantras have the same manifestation power as longer mantras?

kimberly john: what if i wat to attract you don

omkuberaynamaha: What if you don't really give a#### about that person should be easy to manifest? Maybe she the best there its to offer theatres al

erockula: i'm glad i manifested you buddy

Rafael R Quint: super powerful mantra, and not only for relashion ships helps, with money too. i used it and i atracted both. thank you donbernard thank you really. and would like to ask you, how often its necesary to claim it?

Don Bernard Jr.: In my experience, yes they do.

Don Bernard Jr.: Desire creates...not caring leaves little energy for the Universe to move with....

parker hellsin: really good video i started kleeming last year ALOT.and had amazing results and then they slowed i now know why now i needed to change my mindset peace and thanks...

Don Bernard Jr.: Exxxxxxxactly :-)

Hector Melchor: just subscribed

rituu parashar: Hi! Would like to know if the Kleem mantra could b used to attract a specific male in your life.? Can someone chant both Kleem and Aim mantra ? Which mantra is more powerful Kleem or Aim ? Please let me know. Thanks Rituu

luntana lun: @BastianKhaine did you get your ex back? i am trying for a month the same thing, saying kleem 1008 times a day. its been 40 days and we are not together..any suggestions

El Rasu: very good video man u explain it very well thanks.

omkuberaynamaha: "that its all"

seoreh: U r very wise. Lemme know when u have some in person workshops lined up. Ill be attending. Blessings Lisa

kousalya bala: hi, a guy cheated me i do not know what to do ,but i love him lot i want to marry him can you please suggest me a solution to my problem

Don Bernard Jr.: @morena0475 Glad to know you feel me on this subject...Peace and thanks!!

Rakib Hassan: Whats up gentlemen. A quick share. My cousin tried this product to get his current wife. Every guy should watch and learn this stuff before making a move on any woman for success. I just started using it too. Pay close attention to the free video. Blew my mind. Just type in your browser GetYourGirl then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually start doing what you learn asap.

Don Bernard Jr.: @dreamworkerkevin Gracias :-)

ScorpioGirl999: Can you use this to bring your ex back?

rashim arora: When ever i chant there always headache

Don Bernard Jr.: NICE :)

rashim arora: I really need to win a lottery

seoreh: So basically be detached from the outcome and also surrender the outcome to the spiritual highest good for all concerned. Many times our ego drives us to desires we wish for and the universe might have even better possibilities. When i do these mantras i visualize what i think i want and also say that i allow for the space for something even better than what i can conceive to have the love and light to come into my life. Blessings.

rituu parashar: Please can u tell me which is the best mantra for a female to use to attract a specific male.

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Kleem Mantra Usage for Attracting Someone Specific
Kleem Mantra Usage for Attracting Someone Specific
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How to use Kleem
om shreem om hreem shreem hreen kleem shreem kleem vitteswaraay namah
om shreem om hreem shreem hreen kleem shreem kleem vitteswaraay namah
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