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FĂ©lix Audet: probably an oxygen flow meter.. not the right calibration for HHO..

simon kendrick: What size cell would you suggest for a 1.6 engine 2lpm -3 i think is the recommended

joel53: V please?

adrian padure: it seems really great ,but if you really want to help us do a bottle test please,i'm sure you'll get a lot of likes ;)

goturtlepoop: where did you get the flow meter? whats the model etc?

lucky258i: Hey guys, I am selling 316L plates on Ebay.. If anyone's interested search for: 6x6 stainless steel plates. Thanks

Dwight Moreland: How do you make the electrolyte?

Adam43130: i like the way you designed the cell...could you gang a few together by putting them back to back with two long all threads, one going through all three on one side for the positive and another on the other side for the negative ? or would that not be wired right?

broandrew: For that size cell, with holes in the plates, surface area loss in the corners, 2 LPM with 12 amps. You must NOT be applying 12 volts but more like 30 volts!!! and your making water vapor and steam and not much HHO. Most HHO guys lie about the output, for some reason? Ionic water vapor does get MPG gains in dry climates. Google : Hydrogen Generator review to learn more.

ardy texn: another made in china......they function very well for a lawn mower

Danijel Pavetic: 0.6lpm is all what that cell can do...

melvin nizel alarca: Good day! what is the configuration of the polarities? Are the negatives on the sides and postitive in the middle? I have the same unit but 4x4 inch SS plate. Please do watch some of my videos. Thank you.

jawbraeka: @streetphase same her how much and what are they called?

Danijel Pavetic: that cell with 3 holes is garbage..this "cell" work on 250-280w for 1lpm half a hho,half a steam....crap...

streetphase: that thing you use to measure liters per minute, what is it called and how much do they tend to go for?

Paul Rogers: @jermy342 more neutrals can solve the heat problem.

Paul Rogers: @H2GenerationX Truthfully its for psi not just air because if you want to get technical than air has over 60% nitrogen and it has over 10% oxygen and another 30% other gasses. So when you say AIR you should no more about AIR.

Paul Rogers: @Me102288 Yes it is only 12 volts that is correct but they were wanting to know if at 23 amps its producing more voltage also because he has the battery charger connected to the battery so therefore it is most likely producing more voltage i understand where IQmaza is coming from but if a transformer was connected you wouldn't need to worry about the voltage only the amps.

Paul Rogers: @arthus1971 It still wouldn't matter if he did use the bottle method because the HH and O would still be mixing together so therefore the 66.6% of hydrogen and 33.3% of oxygen would still be going into the bottle. Now if the mixture was separated (Hydrogen and Oxygen) than that would work, but you cannot separate it using a dry cell. But if you did separate it than you would only have hydrogen gas but it would also take more to produce the same fire.

legogunguy001: This cell needs to be passivated. That water looks very bad

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HHO 3 LPM 23 AMPs 5 out of 5

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HHO Dry Cell - 31 Plate 5N - 5-6+ LPM Capable
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5 LPM Hydrogen Dry cell 21 plate setup
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What Does 1 Liter Per Minute of HHO Look Like?
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Hydrogen truck box 3LPM at 18 amps

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