Briggs And Stratton Governor Set Up And Adjustment

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Jeremy Bublitz: Thank you for the video. Helped out a ton to smooth out rpms.

linsdell84: Hey Zippo Is the hook bar suppose to be set to the carburetor

granitecarver: Hi, Do you have a video on how to ajust an 8hp b&S on a Bobcat snowblower? Thanks!

Cookiegrabber-1973: today I lost a spring on my 16 horse somehow. And I knew exactly where to go to see how it supposed to look! Thank you Zippo!

zman1969: Zippo, I can't say it enough, thank you, for the many times you have help me with my 73 Mwards hydro with 16hp briggs.

phuck ewe: Finally a video that explains stuff so even I can understand, and filmed so I can actually see whats happening.
No loud, annoying background music like some of these wannabe "cinematographers" insist on adding to their "senses offending" creations.
No.poorly filmed, "Get me some Dramamine before I hurl" camera work here.
No pointless, inarticulate, "like to listen to myself talk" BS either.
Just clear, concise information delivered in a calm, easy to listen to manner.
And great camera work as well, IMO.
Too bad it's not the engine I'm working on!
But it was so enjoyable, I watched it anyway.
I give it a 9 out of 10, but only because you may have made a video I haven't seen that's better, & then what would I give that? Ha ha. Ah, what the hell, make it 10 out of 10.

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Crestel Green: Hi Zippo. I think have the same engine you are adjusting the governor on (16hp B/S, I/C, Model 326437, Type 0721-01, Code 8403211.) My problem is that when I start it up at idle speed it will go to full open with out touching the throttle. I have replaced the springs,  cleaned the carburetor and nothing seems to help. Could it be something has happened to the governor inside the engine. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Chris

Derek Cowan: zippo I need some help my cast iron 12 Briggs and Stratton blow up on me last night and um trying to find the rebuild kit for it its on a 1967 simplicity sovereign 3012

Sr. Loki: i know this is a older video but it helps, i have set my briggs like in the video but when it fires up and starts running the governor sucks down killing the motor i have to reset the carb and after alittle bit it will fire up agien and then do the same thing dieing. i dont know what wrong if its the governor or carberator

warriorcycles: that carb is 150 dollars

Owentraxxastamiya: If my tractor idles too low or high I have to adjust the governor right ?

ZippoVarga: +cobee parrilla There is already a video uploaded showing this. Just search my videos for throttle and you should find it. Cheers!

cobee vevo: Can you please but a video on were to but the throttle cable on the govenor

jaghboy: Ok now I have it cranked and idling pretty smooth. An occasional rhythmic misfire, but the main problem is it will not idle up without dying. I have adjusted the carb many times starting at the 1 1/2 settings. The engine is very responsive to small movements of the two screws. And idles fine. But soon as you slightly open the throttle it begins to misfire more and die! I'm an aircooled VW man and these engines aren't much different! :)

ZippoVarga: No problem at all jag! Hope you get the engine purring like a kitten soon. Cheers!

jaghboy: Yes sir thank you. I cranked it for the first time yesterday and saw what you said. Now just to adjust the carb some more. Thanks for everything

ZippoVarga: Once you start the engine it will regulate the throttle more correctly. Check my other video on how to adjust the throttle rod to take tension off the throttle butterfly and allow the idle RPM set screw to do the job of keeping the engine speed (at idle) instead of the governor assembly doing that job. There's a bit of fine tuning that often needs done after first run, as no two engines will act exactly the same. Hope this helps! Cheers!

jaghboy: Ok I've done exactly this I believe, but when I put the springs on it has a tendency to pull the governor arm all the way up, and the throttle opens full. The governor arm actually appears to try to operate correctly before the springs are put on. if the spring closest to the front is put on only, the arm gradually works itself up. I just cannot get this! Will they do right when the motor is running? I have not yet cranked it. I should have taken a pic of it before tearing it down :) thanks!

ZippoVarga: After a fresh rebuild, I cover all openings into the engines to prevent insects, spiders and even mice from making a home inside the engine. This practice should be performed on any engine that you know is going to be stored for any length of time. The saying....An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of regret is a good way to go. Cheers Buddy!!

ZippoVarga: Hi Al...I would check to see that you reattached the throttle rod that goes from the carb to the governor arm.

Briggs and Stratton Governor set up and adjustment 5 out of 5

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