Browning 800 Mag .22 Caliber Pellet Pistol

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adam a: when you are talking about little pellets that are really light and not traveling that fast, it doesnt really make a big difference if its lead or steel, it sounds like you say suuuuper penetration because the pellets steel or how you where daying raspr sharp edges on another pellet which im sure it doesnt get rasor sharp because as soon as it hits something the pellet is getting rounded out, ive done miiiiiiilllions of ballistics test with many dif calliber pellets/volicitis and real firearm rounds, usuually if its not travelling more than 1200fps+ than it really doesnt make a big difference between lead or steel, lead even with bullets going 1400 fps the lead bullets will still hold its shape before flattening out completly to nothing depending on size of bullet, steel is only most advantageous when the lead bullet is going so fast that it will flatten out completly on impacts where as the steel wont and it will hold its shape and deliver more ebergy to the spot its trying to penetrate

Ratdog 305: Hate to say it, but a pretty sorry review. No talk about the roostering aid, how the trigger is, which pellets it really liked, accuracy. Next time do your homework first. I am not a hater, jus trying to give you some help

Pete Wiard: had my 800 for about a year. it will shoot accurate and kill small game.  don't shoot your foot with it!  oops.  I can free hand fire from 60 feet in a 2 inch pattern (with practice) it has made me a better shot with my 45 glock.

John Doe: We have skunks that dig up our grass. If you saw the damage they do you would want to get rid of them too. I do not really want to kill them, just send them running somewhere else I got a tin of 250 Crosman Destroyers. I get them at Walmart because they have them the cheapest at around $3.00. All other places that t sell pellets seem to think they are made of gold or something like that. I am not after any fancy pellets. I just want want some that can do damage if needed.

Andy Ricardo: i think the trigger is 7.5 pounds and the gun is 4 pounds

chev385: this thing wont put down a raccon at point blank range!

Eric Deplata: And here's something, that will help you out w ww.pyramydair(dot)com.

Eric Deplata: Actually, you can hunt with this. But it has to be a .22, and you have to be at close distances, because it's a pistol.

Kengkue Vue: Could u change it to a rifle??

jmc90213: how about doing an update on this weapon.

mrwandman: Cool vid but hey do u know wie there's two names for these case ones called the 800 Express and the other is 800 mag but are they made in Turkey still

GuanacoSIVAR: do you have a link on were you bought it looks really cool and you got my like :)

Ryan Berg: a pellet gun is not a firearm because firearms involve a chemical reaction to propel the projectile. they are considered (potentially) lethal, and this can be seen in the warnings required on retail airguns.

stomp919: This gun rocks!

Knifes619: Could it kill a zombie ?

Lewis Barry: do you need a firearms license for this gun in the uk ??

Çağkan Ceyran: Haha!! i'm getting this for an amazingly cheap price (like the half of the normal i'm not sure). i think it's because i'm living in turkey and this is made in turkey ^_^

Rob Stauffer: and discharge

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Browning 800 Mag .22 Caliber Pellet Pistol 5 out of 5

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