Walther SP-22 M4 (.22 Target Pistol)

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VergilGrimm000: that grip looks So odd to even Touch.

ofrd0188: Its a compatition gun for NRA matches and it a prity acurit 22

GunWebsites: they come with a more standard looking grip, this wooden one is an option on the M4 model

GunWebsites: @WhiteBoyDon i think yes, but not sure

SuperRip7: no way,man

Kev_m: I have the M2, great pistol but could damn sure use the trigger off the ugly NEOS and the fit and finish on the NEOS is better too. But the SP22 does shoot well even though it has a crap trigger on the non M3 and M4

curseofa5r5a: wow its a beautifull pistol!

ScottandAustinTV: @GunWebsites What is the grip made out of?

jonasldg: this reminds me of the first time i tasted haggis in edinburgh while i was in the restaurant (crombie's) enjoying a haggis, 2 guys came in with a pistol that looked like this one. the first one where wearing a white hoodie and the other one where wearing a black hoody and i was backing up cuz my daddy tough me good. suddenly i woke up realising i was just watching this video....

ubergammer00: it looks like a rock that ate a gun

mando vitsl: looks like those old guns from nintendo that you play duck hunt with

Travis Tudor: @RazedByWolvs This is a bullseye competition pistol. You are an idiot. This pistol is never holstered, rather it is kept in a shooting case. And the grooves are a huge help because even the slightest distraction in these competitions can cost you points. Do some research next time you want to open your mouth and spew your opinions, and maybe you wont need to.

parkee75: This is a terrible gun. My team has 5 and they are close to useless. They jam all the time, the sights are cheap and plastic, and they also break frequently. Everybody in bullseye knows that the Pardini SP22 or even the S&W M41 is a better gun. Save your money.

AngryBogart: That type of grip is pretty comfartable

Peidmonte89: this gun makes hi-point look sexy....

MrLocostSeven: Im starting to shoot very good with this gun I have the m1 base model.I must of put close to 3000 rounds through this gun with minor problems.1st problem is one of the roostering tab screws seem to keep coming loose after 2-4 clips , 2nd problem is it jams sometimes with crap HOLLOW point ammo?

cougar32v: i just picked up the m3 version of this today. cant wait to go shoot. Someone mentioned the thumbs up shooting style. Yes you can get your off hand thumb in the way, but there are plenty of places to put your thumb and maintain the same style grip. As for the jamming i was told to specifically use high velocity rounds to prevent that... as should any 22 semi auto pistol. No CCI in stock so i picked up some vipers.

beethz: would be hard to get ur hand to fit with gloves on

GWebEditor: @THE13EARJEW list price is over $600 on walther's site

JoeDurobot: Unless you are left handed then it sucks.

Fred Stoner: How much it cost?

THE13EARJEW: Bow much?

THE13EARJEW: How****

einhinder8809: while fully understanding the practicality of it's features, I declare that this is the ugliest pistol I have ever seen, second only to the hideous Hi-Point pistols.

darraghtank: stapler websites ?

OMie Ginah: Very weird looking gun but looks cool I would like the add on my X-mas list this need looking I wonder how much cost the one exact one here ? Thanks for the presentation

RuthlessCouchPotato: The Ugly Duckling

zanuha: @VergilGrimm000 I tell you, that's the best pistol grip style for competition shooting. It has perfect curves and grooves for your fingers.

JoeDurobot: @XxMetalMan9191xX Calling someone "retarded" when you dont understand a comment does not make you look smart. 10 people got the comment, go talk to them because im too busy to school you.

GunWebsites: it kinda does, just add some orange, LOL

GunWebsites: Thanks for the info. Always good to get an owners point of view for a real review

Marine052191: The only .22Lr handguns I consider Fugly would be Barretta's Neos... I CAN'T STAND THEM!!!! I sold my .22Lr S&W, I wish I didn't.

jonasldg: i saw this in a batman movie two-face used it in a circus but it had a smaller wood grib

Drone Bird: Is the grip made of polystyrene?!

xXCREEKSTARXx: at first i thought its a lasergun from star wars :O

SavageArms357: Looks like an awesome grip. And I like the charging handles.

Crim15: Looks like it belongs on a boat doesn't it?

Johannes R.: the more often I watch this video, the more I like the gun... I think this will be my next rimfire-gun!

xlincky: robocop

MrPennyworth007: couldent they make this gun a little more ambidexterus?

GunWebsites: So according to you all guns are holstered, and no gun are shot in direct sunlight?? I suggest you spend less time attempting witty comments and learn a bit about sport / competition shooting

Clinton Sharp: @JoeDurobot Are you retarded it's right handed!

chint50: Hmm interesting !

eddy poux: awesome video but ugly gun :D keep on the good work.

Andrew Martin: that guns ugly ay.

jettrooper3rd: God that's a sexy weapon!

andrellis14: what is a charging handle

teeroux: Not all competitions require holsters and groved topstraps have been put on target guns since well just about the beggining of target gus.

steelhelmetleast: ... It doesnt matter what it looks like. Those grips are best for competition shooting.

Frank Bernhardt: Does anybody know how it compares to the Walter GSP. I owned that one in Europe but it looks hard to find in the US.

Walther SP-22 M4 (.22 Target Pistol) 4.5 out of 5

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