Baja Warrior Mini Bike 54mph

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mrscbehrens: Man, is that a baja warrior 200? Can you email me at to let me know what you did to it to make it go fast. Im new to the baja bike world. I'd really appreciate it.

Ryan Blake: I know this is old, but how was the acceleration without the gear reduction? Would it still burn out or wheelie?

Forrest Reynolds: Would you mind telling me what you did to put that really nice muffler assembly on it?

Chase Deason: I have a Baja mini bike and It goes over 60

Matthew Graham: Boy I just got one last Sunday

Guy Stevenson: Where did you get the frame from? I'm starting a minibike build and I want a chopper style frame like you have more than the standard flat top old school minibike frame. Something that has room for a larger than average predator 212cc.

SonnyGTA: Very very cool!

Zoological Militia: Thats too fast for me Im assembling a Schwinn right now gonna half to get forks suspensions.

Debonaire Catalina65: my younger brother has two of runs, one needs an idle screw and a chain, mine...hehe i got it for ten bucks off a kid in my shop class who didn't want it, i'm making a rat chopper out of it...the engine is a 3.5 hp briggs. RUNS LIKE A CHAMP, but it has no clutch or chain on it at the moment.

Jonathan Chandan: Will you take $300

Jonathan Chandan: How much do you want for it $500

Ben Onisor: How is that predator motor holding up? I’m thinking about getting one but I’ve heard both good and bad reviews.

lilroach brito: is that the stock engine

TGunn: What kind of gps is that?

ScottRidesHonda: Well if u replace your 10 tooth sprocket the one in the middle behind the 20 tooth well replace it with a 20 tooth you accelerate slower but your top speed is like crazy the guy who did it got 52MPH

Charles Arthur: What size sprockets do you have on this?

1415: oh i do eat balls every night you really got me there im crying now how old are you 5

clayjenn: this was a hobby i had years ago, crap the video is 3 years old, i dont know anything about motovox bikes and cummins im not on youtube religiously you freaking tool. eat balls

1415: ok i most of the time dont reply to peoples comments on videos that anit mine but this guy is retarded and wont reply what you want to do is take that crapty 2.8hp off of it go down to harbor fright buy a 212cc predator then order a 40 dollar motor mont ill send you a link if you want you'll be going 40 to 45 with that stock i bet you can get it up to 50 or 60 with some mods to that motor

Juniortore1: sometimes I steer with none and just lean side to side to make it steer

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Baja Warrior Mini bike 54mph 5 out of 5

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