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zcsaba77: something solution for coded LPG system? decoding, cracking, or something for free access adjusting in LPG computer, because ALL READY BUILT IN LPG's in car is blocked by Landi Renzo, ideas welcome

Jackie Chan: vc tem o programa para o gerenciador lcs plus versão 3.2

savino iacovelli: ciao mica mi puoi mandare il programma tramite email per piacere. e quanto costa il cavo ? 

Roman Foster: Salve! Dove si puo comprare il cavo e quanto viene? grazia

serialinterface: Yes of course. Contact me djdanielb (at )

TheLakio77: Hi, its possible to buy from you a cable for Omegas ECU diagnostics? I have something like this, but it seems to be a fake thing:

serialinterface: Il cavo è compatibile con tutti i tipi di impianti. Il software disponibile consente però la disgnosi di impianti post vendita e di lc02 installate di fabbrica del gruppo volkswagen e renauld dacia. Per tutte le altre lc02 installate di fabbrica per ora il software non è disponibile.

ChristianSmileCh: Il cavo ed il software sono compatibili anche con centralina lc02 di primo impianto?

serialinterface: Acquistando il cavo ricevrà le istruzioni su dove reperirlo

MDXstudios: sai dove è possibile reperire il programma?

panban1900: Hello, i'm searching for a tartarini cable, plus software and i have a usb to canusb rs232 adapter.Can i work on that or if you produce these cables? Saluti dalla Grecia

TheVsynth: Hi, i have an igsystem running on my car.., i want to connect with the igs ecu to check problems. Which equipment i can use to do this (Computer,OS, Interface ect)? Nobody can check out the igs ecu, so i bought two interfaces with igs software 4.x and 5.6 but could not connect with the ecu..., please help. regards

opexo: I have no problem to connect to the IGS computer with IGS program and LiS program and change all settings there. I understand it and i have big improvement. All this with the cable i made, im an electrician from high school profession. But settings in this programs are few. I want to have access to the fuel map - the big blue matrix with the red dot mowing around when driving or revving the engine. Which program to use for that?

serialinterface: If you're student you don't need this cable. This is a company. If you believe you can follow the schematics that you find on internet but make attention becouse many people fired the ecu with internet schematics.

opexo: ok, but i was asking for IGS

opexo: Hi, no i'm student, no work, no money. sorry. Build it using schematic from here, page 7, fig.4 "ti (dot) com/lit/ds/symlink/max232.pdf" using pins 11,12,13 and 14 for communication. I've seen schemes using pins 7,8,9 and 10, but i think it's the same.

serialinterface: Did you buy the cable direct from me ?

serialinterface: Lnadi renzo omegas DON'T NEED any hardware KEY

opexo: and what is this "hardware key" which is connected to the LPT port so IGS program shows all functions?

opexo: Hi, i can't see what chip are you using for the cable. I have Landi-Renzo IGS system LPG in my car. I made a cable with MAX232 chip and i can connect with Landi IGS and Landi LiS programs to the ECU. But i can't connect to ecu with Omegas program or LSI/NSI. I want to connect with Omegas or similar programs so i can make more settings. IGS and LiS programs have very few options. I've seen people can connect program like Omegas to this ECU. Why i can't connect with this cable?

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OBD FastLink - La periferica diagnosi auto universale
OBD FastLink - La periferica diagnosi auto universale
Interfaccia PC USB per ECU Omegas. Omegas Plus ( GPL/CNG ).
Interfaccia PC USB per ECU Omegas. Omegas Plus ( GPL/CNG ).
Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro LPG Landi Renzo + Chip
Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro LPG Landi Renzo + Chip

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