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Jackie Chan: vc tem o programa para o gerenciador lcs plus versão 3.2

savino iacovelli: ciao mica mi puoi mandare il programma tramite email per piacere. e quanto costa il cavo ? 

Roman Foster: Salve! Dove si puo comprare il cavo e quanto viene? grazia

serialinterface: Yes of course. Contact me djdanielb (at )

TheLakio77: Hi, its possible to buy from you a cable for Omegas ECU diagnostics? I have something like this, but it seems to be a fake thing:

serialinterface: Il cavo è compatibile con tutti i tipi di impianti. Il software disponibile consente però la disgnosi di impianti post vendita e di lc02 installate di fabbrica del gruppo volkswagen e renauld dacia. Per tutte le altre lc02 installate di fabbrica per ora il software non è disponibile.

ChristianSmileCh: Il cavo ed il software sono compatibili anche con centralina lc02 di primo impianto?

serialinterface: Acquistando il cavo ricevrà le istruzioni su dove reperirlo

MDXstudios: sai dove è possibile reperire il programma?

panban1900: Hello, i'm searching for a tartarini cable, plus software and i have a usb to canusb rs232 adapter.Can i work on that or if you produce these cables? Saluti dalla Grecia

TheVsynth: Hi, i have an igsystem running on my car.., i want to connect with the igs ecu to check problems. Which equipment i can use to do this (Computer,OS, Interface ect)? Nobody can check out the igs ecu, so i bought two interfaces with igs software 4.x and 5.6 but could not connect with the ecu..., please help. regards

opexo: I have no problem to connect to the IGS computer with IGS program and LiS program and change all settings there. I understand it and i have big improvement. All this with the cable i made, im an electrician from high school profession. But settings in this programs are few. I want to have access to the fuel map - the big blue matrix with the red dot mowing around when driving or revving the engine. Which program to use for that?

serialinterface: If you're student you don't need this cable. This is a company. If you believe you can follow the schematics that you find on internet but make attention becouse many people fired the ecu with internet schematics.

opexo: ok, but i was asking for IGS

opexo: Hi, no i'm student, no work, no money. sorry. Build it using schematic from here, page 7, fig.4 "ti (dot) com/lit/ds/symlink/max232.pdf" using pins 11,12,13 and 14 for communication. I've seen schemes using pins 7,8,9 and 10, but i think it's the same.

serialinterface: Did you buy the cable direct from me ?

serialinterface: Lnadi renzo omegas DON'T NEED any hardware KEY

opexo: and what is this "hardware key" which is connected to the LPT port so IGS program shows all functions?

opexo: Hi, i can't see what chip are you using for the cable. I have Landi-Renzo IGS system LPG in my car. I made a cable with MAX232 chip and i can connect with Landi IGS and Landi LiS programs to the ECU. But i can't connect to ecu with Omegas program or LSI/NSI. I want to connect with Omegas or similar programs so i can make more settings. IGS and LiS programs have very few options. I've seen people can connect program like Omegas to this ECU. Why i can't connect with this cable?

DenisCalamia: Ciao,Io ho una centralina EMER,quale software/cavo compatibile posso usare? Grazie


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OBD FastLink - La periferica diagnosi auto universale
OBD FastLink - La periferica diagnosi auto universale
Interfaccia PC USB per ECU Omegas. Omegas Plus ( GPL/CNG ).
Interfaccia PC USB per ECU Omegas. Omegas Plus ( GPL/CNG ).
Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro LPG Landi Renzo + Chip
Audi A8 D3 4.2 Quattro LPG Landi Renzo + Chip

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