New England Firearms 10 Ga Shotgun Pardner Model Review (H&R)

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Abriel Onsurez: paid 325 for one recently in good condition.

George Narwhel: According to F&S. 10 gauge sales have gone up %60 in the last 6 years and prices for ammunition are going down:D

xzqzq: I looked for this shotgun on the H & R website, couldn't find it.

xzqzq: Like it ? Reload ? 00 Buck stack OK in the shot-cup ?.

xzqzq: Nice looking shotgun.

wes skiles: I have this same gun, except with an 18" barrel

GunsmithUSA: @hempseed57 It's good availability but it still is a bit more expensive. I can get just about any type of ammo, although I usually get it online cheaper anyway.

hempseed57: That looks like a sweet gun this was an informative video. What is the ammo availability like where you are. Up here in Canada the 10 gauge ammo is very rare and therefore very expensive.

camerl2009: fill the hole in the stock with lead shot for more weight and a better recoil pad and it will feel like a 2 3/4" 12ga skeet load

GunsmithUSA: @saj12100 Well it's not a .22 it still kicks some. I guess it depends of your frame. I'm ok with it and my small framed wife shot it as well, but she doesn't shoot it more than once. Maybe I'll put a video up showing recoil.

GunsmithUSA: @saj12100 Yes, and no. Yes it hurts to shoot multiple times, if you shoot light target load it would probably be ok. Shooting it once hunting it's not a problem, it's when you want to shoot a box of shells for fun that it hurts. And obviously slugs and buck shot are worst than game or target loads.
New England Firearms 10 Ga Shotgun Pardner Model Review (H&R) 5 out of 5

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From $191 to -$52 at Kmart
From $191 to -$52 at Kmart

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