HP LaserJet 2820 2840 Carousel Alignment Reindexing

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Bernard Herrera: I have one question only....will this fix the new toner undetection from detecting it....this is my problem it keeps sending message the the black toner is empty.thank you

Kim Wilson: Thanks, this is very helpful, but it's difficult to see what you are doing, is it possible someone could help you re-film it and point directly at the locations you're discussing? Thanks!

Rick Blayney: I have the 54.2 error, and it just says to turn off power and turn back on. Which I did, and it still has the error. It doesn't actually say it has a carousel problem. But I followed the video and everything looks in alignment. Put it back together again and it still has the same error. Any ideas?

Ron Toews: Thank you very much Chris. I was able to re-align my 2820 after watching your video. I was getting a code 54.2 after installing a "new" toner cartridge which made my printer make loud banging noises from inside. After that it would only print a little bit on the far right edge of the page. Now after re-aligning the carousel all of the pages print exactly as they should. You made my day! 

burkem73: I tried this today and it worked--not the first time, but after three re-installations of the cartridges, it worked very well--I did not have the side gears aligned properly. Once I saw the little alignment marks, I was able to set the carousel before initiating the reinstallation. This may well be an issue caused in part by using non_HP cartridges, but if so, this is the first time in 9 years of using nothing but non-HP cartridges that this problem has surfaced--and it surfaced because I removed a paper jam. I may have dislodged the carousel in doing that. But thanks again for this video--you saved me a trip to a repair shop!

juppetupp: Hi Chris, fantastic - worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

Lyle Allen: Very helpful ! I developed this problem after changing the ink cartridges. I was in shock after spending megabucks on cartridges and a new imaging drum. I still don't know what I did to mess up the alignment. Seems like it couldn't happen given that the left and right gears are connected by a small piece of steel--but live and learn. I do have one comment. This video was very helpful but I would like to clarify what I think is being accomplished. Essentially, you can use pliers, a screw driver or your fingers to bend the large (~3 inch) black gear on the right side INWARD (at the top) so that you can freely rotate it relative to the smaller white gear above it. Once free you can rotate it relative to the white gear to achieve left-right alignment. I USED MY FINGERS. I cannot imagine every being off more than one gear tooth. Those alignment marks on the 3" black gear are helpful but the real issue is the left-right alignment for the guides that hold the ink cartridge. Pulling out the soda straw (or removing your jeweler's screw driver) at or near a cartridge insertion point (in the carrier rotation) will allow you to have the most meaningful view of alignment--or lack thereof. An added bonus was that the cartridge carrier stayed put--allowing me to easily bend (and release) the ~3" gear on the right side. This might be easier than not having the apparatus fixed (due to the inserted straw). Use of those pliers may inadvertently have portrayed the impression of pulling on that black gear. I don't thing that is what is happening here. I'm so happy! Obsessively Yours, LMA in Durham NC USA

Conrad Smith: Many thanks! This was exactly what I needed and the video helped so much!

Toni Parra Santonja: Thank you very much!

leosedf: Thank's for this. I re aligned the carousel and repaired the sticky pad on the brake solenoid on my 2550L and now it works like a clock.

ldegryse: Many thanks. It worked perfectly. I got rid of the 54.2 error. In my case, it was the left side that needed to be realigned. once done : it worked. Thanks again.

MaacAbra: Big thx Cris! YOU're the boss! Finally after several trials of reindexing&printing&breakingagain and disassembling of half of the printer it came out that one of the third-party toner cartridges became so hard to rotate that it was hardly spinning in my fingers taken out from the printer. Since it's been replaced and caorusel realigned this great printer works like a charm again!

Amazing Info TV: Thank you... the straw tip was invaluable.

Kevin Sander: Fantastic - worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

MrAiniesta: I just wanted to say a big thank you. You are the man! It worked like a charm 

jmansfield04: Thanks Chris, you likely saved me several hours of headache and a new printer!

JackWallaby: OMG, worst camera work I've ever seen.

Temple Rodgers: nice one, but it wasn't my problem

John Storms: Thank you! took us a while to figure out what to do with the pliers...just had to gently flex the top of the big black gear out (out of plane) so that it diss-engaged the white gear. Don't need to use pliers at all - just fingers.

WheelsAZ: Thanks for posting this video - I had the instructions, but seeing it done made all the difference. My 2550L printer is alive again - THANKS!

scott0482: I realigned the right side 3 times, it was forward a few teeth. I used my fingers to do it just fine. But it keeps popping back out of alignment. Not sure what is going on.

MsAlvigo: Thanks a lot !!!. Same way aligned hp color LaserJet 2550L. Saved time and nerves :-)

dynolabinc: I was getting a 54.2 error code and after watching this, I found that one of the gears was out of alignment. I pried the black gear out a little with a screwdriver and moved it one tooth back into alignment and so far it seems to be OK now. Thanks for posting this short cut. Another step on the glorious path of least resistance:)

simeon shah Shankar: I have the same problem with my 2550l laserjet. It prints only half page. I tried to set the alignment by seeing your video. But, I couldn't find the exact how to set. Your video was great but couldn't understand how you rotate the alignment setting by nose plyer. will you please tell me for or upload one more video showing clearly. Thanks

xenos333: I got a 54.2 error on a 2840. I used your method and with the correct alignment, the machine worked fine! Thanks for that! My only observation is that you do not need a tool to re adjust the right black cylinder. Only pull it gently towards the machine's inside and it will come off the white gear. Readjust and push it inside until it clicks. You re ready!

Digão PeSSonha: Thank you Chris!! My 2820 was printing with the left side white and stained in the right side. After aligment it's perfect! You saved my printer. Me and the environment thank you!!! Best regards!


Eshmel48: Thanks for posting this video! It was a great help!

Dave Abercrombie: This fixed my problem. After replacing some cartridges, and then finding they stopped working later (replace magenta cartridge), it seems the misaligned teeth prevented them from working, even after replacing with new ones again. One suggestion, I couldn't get a regular straw to work, but found a coffee stirring straw does (it's the same size as a WD-40 straw).

Mary Smith: Chris, you are my new bestfriend!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you......!!!!!!

Alexsandra Tavares: could write the walkthrough to unlock here, because I could not align is always some toner without going into

Jonelle Swiger: THANK YOU!!!! Such a LIFESAVER!!!!

Ranjiv Jain: AS much as I appreciate you showing this- the HARDEST PART is getting the straw in the right place. I've been working on this for about 2 hours and NO luck. It would be great if you could focus on that a little more and rotate your video so I don't have to turn it sideways ;-)

youcantleavethisempty?: wow, this just saved me a lot of aggravation! One suggestion, add the the symptoms of an carousel out of alignment. Ours was printing half the page, vertically, fading to white.

wheelindex: great!

cdruss4: This just saved me $500.00 on a new printer! I didn't have to use the pliers either. When I pulled the black gear out a little it popped right into place. Thanks so much!!!! This was great.

David Dever: Chris, your the best. Thank you so much for this. My whole thing was off by one cog.

Jennifer Utsch: You rock!!!!! Worked!!!!!

Robert McCeney: This video is excellent! You are the best! Thank you so much for posting this! My printer is working great now!

Palanthas: Dunno if it helps, but you just have to rest the straw where he shows, the clutch is not very deep, it doesn't need much strength, i did it with a small screwdriver. No need to apply pressure, just fish around while moving gently the carousel to see if it's released. I also didn't use pliers. I pulled the right gear using my index finger to the left. Or to make things easier, rotate the printer so that you're facing the right gear and pull its top towards you, then rotate into place. :) THANKS!

amigo tx: My Borther Intellifax2820 has a "no cartridge" on the LED display. Any idea how to remove it.

Robert Martin: Thanks for the help, I realigned the carousel on my 2840 and it jumped out again as the machine calibrated. I checked the cogs on each toner cartridge and cleaned the excess toner out of the teeth using a tooth pick, when it came to the black cartridge it wouldn't turn, I replaced the cartridge with a new black one, problem solved. Also I used the inside of a BIC pen as I couldn't find a straw, (when it printed a white test page I realised I hadn't removed the straw.

Jim Rupich: Awesome help. I was looking at repair down time and a hefty bill. With your guidance I am back in business rather easily!!! Thanks

Carol Panosian: Awesome, my husband is impressed with me - that's a first! Thank you so much for posting!

Todd Hess: Excellent. Thanks. Resolved the problem I was having with little to no printing on the left hand side of the sheet.

slavonone: Thanks a lot. I do repairs once in a while and was always doing it the long way. This is great! Easy and painless...

stevio: Thanks for the video - it took some time to understand. In my case the white cog on the left looked misaligned. But after fixing it the printer sounded fine, but nothing printed. Then I adjusted the alignment again (on the left side) and the pages printed half (lengthways) only. Am I only meant to adjust the alignment on the right side like on your video?

Digão PeSSonha: Try to replace the tonner cartridges chips. I want to use only black so I replaced yellow chip without recharging it and now I can use the printer. You can buy it at sites like ali express: Compatible Toner Reset Cartridge Chip for HP Color LaserJet 2550L/2550Ln/2550n/2820/2840 with high quality

Mark Riley: This is great. Thank you so much for posting, just followed this video step by step to repair a friends printer.

HP LaserJet 2820 2840 Carousel Alignment Reindexing 4.3 out of 5

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