HP LaserJet 2820 2840 Carousel Alignment Reindexing

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Tony Stornetta: Thank you Internet! Thank you Google! Thank you Chris Galasso! You saved me so much time, money and frustration! I could just cry. I want to hug you all! :-)

Michael Ude: Thank you. My printer is fine with black, yet color seems to be missing one color. I've replaced all colors all still doing the same. When I print in color, one color sounds different as that color is bring added to the paper. Is that problem alignment or something else? How can I fix that problem?

Janet Mason: You guys have the best eyes. I can't see the alignment marks on the wheel or the white gear. I got everything out but can't figure the alignment. I'm assuming this will fix my blank page issue. I just changed all the cartridges and now it prints and copies blank pages. Will this video fix this or should I just give up. 😞

Tony Stornetta: I wanted to add: I used a Qtip with one end clipped off instead of a straw.

Jos Lambregts: You realy saved my day, Thanks a lot!!

Swat Katz: Difficult to see what he's talking about when adjusting the right gear side

Marius Piedallu van Wyk: The Blair Witch camerawork notwithstanding, your help is greatly appreciated!
Solved my problem of printing only on the right half of my page. I have a HP 2820.

Tomáš Maliňák: Thank you for quick problem solving ! Black toner cassette become stiff, so printer produced terrible noise. But after replacement of the toner, printer was able to print on right side paper only. Finally after watching this video I move right big black gear one tooth back. This fixed the problem.

herbert van winckel: Tx problem fixed! :)

Harm Schuring: Dear Chris, thank you very much for your video. My printer HP2840 printed only the right half of a page. Now my printer is working fine again after turning the right black gear-wheel one tooth.

Stephen Barr: A good video & I was able to fix our printer. Thank you very much !

Rene Starink: On top of the right carousel (you have to remove the top cover) is a small relay. This relay is what aligns the carousel's right big gear. The relay can be taken apart by removing the spring and lever on top of the relay. Underneath the lever is a little spunge for noise damping. This spunge over the years turns into chewing gum and makes the relay stick, hence the carousel stops at the wrong place. With some alcohol remove the sticky spunge residue on the lever and relay. I just stuck a new piece of double sided tape on the lever (where the old spungy was) and left the tape (siliconated strip on the other side) on....you don't want the relay to stick together (just on the one side..the lever or the relay body). This works as a damper. Install the relay back and follow the video to re align your carousel. If you dont repair the relay your carousel will just lose its alignment again. You can also stick a piece of selotape on the other sticky side of your double sided tape. Hope this is clear.

PK forbid: i SEE THE ALIGNMENT MARK ON THE BLACK GEAR. Im not sure what you mean by the alignment mark on white gear. I assumed 2 teeth in that made contact with the black gear, but Im guessing what am I missing? Thanks almost have it right side still faded Right side mostly is where imconfused

Guðmundur Einarsson: Thanks, worked perfectly

Webchez: I am sorry, but I had no idea of where the alignment marks or what teeth you were referring to..

Judith Arthur: Thanks.  I need to clear the memory on the fax.  It is full and I cannot find my book

Thank you in advance
Judy Arthur

Matthys Labuschagne: Thanks for your help!  Instead of pliers, I just used my fingers (less chance of damage to the gears.)  worked great.

Bernard Herrera: I have one question only....will this fix the new toner undetection from detecting it....this is my problem it keeps sending message the the black toner is empty.thank you

burkem73: I tried this today and it worked--not the first time, but after three re-installations of the cartridges, it worked very well--I did not have the side gears aligned properly. Once I saw the little alignment marks, I was able to set the carousel before initiating the reinstallation. This may well be an issue caused in part by using non_HP cartridges, but if so, this is the first time in 9 years of using nothing but non-HP cartridges that this problem has surfaced--and it surfaced because I removed a paper jam. I may have dislodged the carousel in doing that. But thanks again for this video--you saved me a trip to a repair shop!

Kim Wilson: Thanks, this is very helpful, but it's difficult to see what you are doing, is it possible someone could help you re-film it and point directly at the locations you're discussing?

HP LaserJet 2820 2840 Carousel Alignment Reindexing 5 out of 5

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