1971 Mercury 20 Hp Outboard Motor

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T S: I have the same 20 hp. Purchased new from T Eaton company Nov 25 1971. Never been in the water. Is this worth something as maybe a collectible?

Thomas Le Febre: Hey, so I am thinking about getting one of these but I'm wondering how much does this outboard weigh?

Greg Offenback: I just bought one of these for $50 at an auction. It looks to be a low hour motor. The only thing missing is the choke linkage. I will probably fabricate something. I am looking forward to putting it on my boat. The biggest motor I own up till now is 10hp. I will make a video when I get it running. Thanks for the video. Great sounding motor.

theeasybeats: That was my favorite outboard when I was a kid, that and the 1100 but I always had OMC's

John Timmins: What brand of boat is this and length please !

ZachManZ71: Must be a 2 stroke... 40HP

Bond james bond: As a youngster I had a 5hp johnson seahorse, my dad brought home a 71 merc 20 he came across while looking for other parts for his boat. I could barely pull the thing over at 12 yrs but holy crap didn't that thing rip on a 14ft alum. My friends and I could water ski, and knee board behind that beast. Miss being a kid with an old school tiller handle boat.
Good times.....

Jonathan Upshaw: I pretty much have the same motor. Just bought it and it runs great. Won't really shift into reverse, but if its shut off and I rotate the prop back and forth it'll shift into reverse. Any idea what it could be?

Fireman builds: 2 blade or 3 blade? What pitch is the prop?

Michael Wall: mine is not running full power can u please tell me what to look at to fix it it starts up good but won't open up and shakes really bad at idle

adam young: Best sounding outboards

Fireman builds: what is gas/oil ratio you are running?

E PA: We have one similar to this but we tried it out on the water yesterday but it wouldn't turn on it only clicked!! What would be wrong with it?

timothy hines: hey that high top speed fast but NOT to be dominated that 20 hp outboard mercury can win you have a winner

Joe O: I just got a motor just like that from my grandfathers basement. I was wondering if it was a 2 stroke and was size fuel tank do you recommend using?

Robert Bruce: And that is a 20? The wake looks from a 35!

lakes2003: Looks like you took good care of it.

Shemp: I have a 77 85 hp thunderbolt, it runs like a scalded dog- it is faster than my friends 115..they built em rough and ready in the 70's

Daan Vaan: That flies for a 40yr old 20hp!!

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
1971 Mercury 20 hp outboard motor 5 out of 5

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1971 Mercury 20 hp outboard motor
1971 Mercury 20 hp outboard motor
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