Resetting ECU On Nissan Titan

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sarmad abdali: i love man thanks a lot 

Frank Z:

Luke Muller: I used the analog clock on my computer to get the counts right, then it worked perfectly. A note, it would not work with a bad key. You would know the key is bad because the security light stays on with key on.

perryjr1234: Tried 3 times on my 08 never even started blinking 

Peter Vzu: I love it. it workd good for me

Sosa Yoola: does this work on chevy car's?

Juan Dixon: Damn...I love YouTube!!!

MrDoc73: Just tried this on my 05 worked like a charm......Thanks !!!

SILQ1616: It took some tries but I think its because my timing was off.... but it WORKS.... THANKS MAN!!!!!!!

fonz660R: dealer diagnosis 125.00. do it your self via you tube pricessless!!!

eliot joe: i dont know how worried i should be. when driving oil pressure seems normal, but after engine is warmed up and i come to a stop or idle, pressure drops to 1/4. engine idles fine, no fluctuation in the rpms when this happens. just the pin dropping.

Josh Searcy: Maritza, not sure if this will help or not but I had my VDC, Slip, and ABS lights on (2004 Titan) as well and it was a wheel speed sensor. Don't know if you have anyone to check cause it is hard to tell which wheel but, replaced my left rear after $20 diagnosis by mechanic friend and those lights went out. Hope this helps.

Wise Beatz: grt8 Vid, reading instructions had me confused! just install new cai intake car been driving a bit different members suggest I drive the car for a couple days til the ecu adjust to the new habit or rest ecu. I'm going yo reset the ecu once I get home! thanks a million

davidheng: Hey thank u so much it work on my truck save me money

Tim Pham: Great video, it didnt work on the firt couple try I tought I have other problem, and then 5 or 6 more time and it work on my 09 tittan. Thank you

Maritza Fernandez: The light did not blink faster, any suggestions?

SuperSkallday: Thanks man you freakin awesome I was freaking out cuz my light was on and you helped me get rid of It I appreciate it thanks again

Sarah Holliday Hebert: If I reset mine would it affect my hyper tech programmer i put in my armada?

Shecloud Walker: Sorry very happy hit wrong button... Well I am so happy I found you. You saved my job her school. Titan up and running... Happy native American gal. Xoxo to you Sir

jbascomb1: Does this work on impreza?

Paul Gonzalez: Hi i did everything as u did and nothing happend on my titan Would u have any advice on wat to do? Please help

rangerclass7s: so that works because your truck doesnt have throttle cables is electric pedal right?

leonidasbetancourt1: Inot can remove the light stop when is flasing i push 5 times gas pedal end light flasing waiting foro 105delmar seg. Not flasing feaster can you help me pleas my truk is 2005 nissan titan 4x4

MrGbo562: whats limp mode?i have an issue with mine it turns off on me and revs real low and the service engine light is on

bigshowrenfro: I was having some issues with my door locks locking for no reason so I took the battery off. I thought maybe it would reset the locks. When I connected it back it would turn over but not start. I did your reset and it stated the first time. Don't know if the locks are still an issue. I drive a 2004 Nissan Armada.

dieseldranker: i was driving home tonight and my engine light came on and all my engine would do it idle is this limp mode

Alejandro Alvarez: you can try, but theres coolant hoses that go to the oil cooler if any type of fluid leaks just top it off

RTKBA2A: Thanks for this video!

homermedrano82: Will it pass an emissions test

leonidasbetancourt1: thanks man this video help me much!

Joe Adam: I ended up in china, did i do anything wrong?? lmao

jeanlenor: 2002 altima was in a flood. do i need to reset the ecu? if so how?

James Wuertele: Worked on my 2011, 2007, and my old 2004 Titan! Just fyi

MegaDmayo: I HAVE A VERY BIG PROBLEM WITH MY 2007 NISSAN TITAN AND CANT FIND ANYTHING ABOUT IT......TO KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE/ If i hit the gas it jerks vilontley followed by high revving as if in neutral.....i cant pass someone without getting a whiplash....if you have the same problem pleezzz tell me or if you know of titans having this problem....i really would love to have my truck back.

madq8boy: Exactly right thnx

Shecloud Walker: OMG! Mr you just saved my ass. Daughter and two small boys showed up on door step, got her back in college. Husband has his truck ( fire fighter ) gone 24 on shift. My titan is our lifeline being shared till better times ( her job

guroc82: thats great!!!!! does that work to reset the tpms system if i replaced a wheel sensor?

Johnny E: I just got a 2007 nissan titan and I cant get the Manuel shift to turn on, is their any way you can help me or is their a video of how to do it? Thank you.

KuntryBoiVA: would work for other codes? i.e. airbag light/code

Paul Gonzalez: hi i have a 05 titan and my service engine light is on i havent got the chance to do wat u did on the video but ima try soon as possible if this dont work what do u suggest?

Maritza Fernandez: I tried this in my 2005 armada and codes didn't go away. I have the check engine light, Vdc light, slip light on

danielsalazarts: thanks man, it works for my almera n16 2003, i think it work for all nissan

ddmd80: Thanks worked great.

learnedwhatidontwant: Just did it on my 2004 4x4, 4wd light was on after buying a new battery.

ruli ramos: i have a sentra how do you do it? sentra 2000

MrMeyercj79: Freekin awesome. u saved me alot of time and money. Thanks buddy!

Marvin Serrano: hey does anybody know if this works on 2004 nissan maxima???? i need to reset ecu but i have no idea how to do it...

kashmuun: hi i need to install a new bcm in my 2008 nissan titan se crew cab, U think ill have to get my key reprogramed by the dealer or itl be ok

clightn027: I just tried this on my 2004 Nissan Quest and it works:) thanks.

Omar Sanchez: would this work on my 03 G35

Resetting ECU on Nissan Titan 4.5 out of 5

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Resetting ECU on Nissan Titan
Resetting ECU on Nissan Titan
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