2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 Ticking/engine Noise

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Extralarge Dave: valves adjusted

Jim Helm: i have tgeh exact same bike..... in fact... if you sold it about 2 years ago, I may have bought it one owner later. I got it with 1492 miles.... the guy i bought it from got it with 1200 on it. the valve tap is the same as mine was on the 03 i had. I've put straight pipes on it now, so i dont hear it as much.

Bruce Morris: Wouldn't worry about it, it's not a gold wing it's a rat at a tat wheat thresher, put a fat lady on the back go for a ride.

Kyle G: Sounds like your out of turn signal washer fluid

fivepin f: A little "ticking" is normal because of the breather check valve. But excessive ticking like this is going to be caused buy your valves being out of adjustment. Also your oil can cause issues to. Old worn out oil can cause unusual engine noises to. 

Brandon Peoples: I have an 03, 1100 classic. It has some ticking. i would like to know what has come of this issue. please let me know wether I should continue to worry about it or get the valve train tuned? Thanks in advance.

CM 2: I have the same year and bike. Has 6500 miles and valves just checked and adjusted. It sounds like the bike in the video. Slightly quieter after adjustment but still ticks. It is how these bikes are. 

tonopahbubba: Your valves need adjusting. That's all. I have two 1100 Silverados.

gst69man: my 1100 has 10k miles and doesnt make that noise. Ticking to me is usually a valve lash adjustment issue. Check the lash gap.

Nate G: by the way...you say the dealer adjusted them......doubt it..thats common..be carefull...when you take it somewhere your unsure of..mark some bolts they will have to remove with a marker...make sure its hard to see unless you really take time to get in there...

randman41: @chevypower427 The ticking sound is made from the AIS system. You may have a loose connection. I removed mine and the ticking is no longer heard

D. J. Tanner: Just out of curiosity, what kind of oil do you use in this bike and how often do you change it?

electropentatonic: Stars have this sound. YAMAHA V STAR C C AND D. Largest support for star riders on the net great group

monsterrmann2244: bad piston rod bearings?

Alan R: I have a 2005 Silverado XVS1100 that also has this ticking noise. Reading the comments below have put my mind at rest.

G.M. Y.: @hfa555 0,10 mm für den einlassventil und 0,15 mm für den auslassventil ist in ordnung.

Arto Del Funko: Whoever told you louder pipe is the solution, they meant that the loud pipe noise would cover the tappet noise. Maybe they knew the tappet noise was normal & said get a loud pipe and you won't here this normal tapping anymore, or maybe they were just being foolhardy.

David DeCramer: I sold my '07 1100 Custom, the bike sounded as if it could detonate when riding in higher temps. They're noisy motors anyways, and I bet the dealer "did not" check the valves. I adjusted mine 3 times before 6,000 miles, it never made a difference. If it runs good, ride it and check them like the manual says. Good luck!

SSGPops: Notice that it's not like a metallic ticking. Sounds like the ticking from an arching wire. Try checking the spark plug wires for any cracks. This fix might be cheaper than any of the others suggested. I'm looking at buying a V Star exactly like this model and I want to know what's normal and how other owners feel about them. Would you buy this same model again?

James Burton: I have had the same problem once or twice, kinda annoying when all your buddies are waiting for you, I have no idea why it does it, but I have heard other vstar owners with the same type of issue.....

PsiPhiTy: The valves like sound in this model engine is suppssed to sound that way, both Yamaha admin & factory have supported thisstatement along with several expert Yamaha repair shops.

David G: mines doing the same thing i will let you know i think its the chain tensioner

gst69man: bike calls for regular gas. Dont know how gas octane could make a difference in sound. I have used high test and low test with no different sound. Think its his valve lash.

Brian Halloran: I just bought a 2007 Yamaha V* Silverado with 9,000 miles on it and I don't have that noise. Although it may have had it but repaired. I don't know

KingDingaling818: Doubt they adjusted your valves. 95% sure thats what it is

hfa555: One more thing, use a 20w50 oil

Peter Winkel: Sounds ok.

dave collins: My 02 1100 sounds just the same. Don't think it's a problem. I think it is inherent to the motor.

franco8990: I have a suzuki bandit 1250, brand new, done 7.000 miles and makes same ticking sound at low revs and also when its on engine normal idle speed. to be honest my bike rides well I still think it has to do with the type of engine oil . I think full synthetic oil should keep the cam chain tensioner from making the ticking noise but then again it is a suzuki.. However many people say not to worry about the ticking noise however get the bike serviced according to the schedule intervals. take care

james west: The 1100 is a noisy motor only worry if you STOP hearing that ticking that means your valves need adjusting as they are to tight (07 silverado 16000 miles and all smiles) synth. oil and loud pipes will help but just enjoy!

Dirk Pruitt: My Roadstar 1600 sounds the same... Had the bike 3 years and still can't quite get used to the sound. It is normal for these motors.

Djmegaacid: change oil

MrLexbad: it's a lemon dude take it back...

hfa555: Stop worrying about it, my 1100 classic has over 60,000 on her, several valve adjustments and has always made that noise. The noise is much less with synthetic oil and when it's cold out. I use Mobil One. If the valve adkustment is too tight the noise goes away but you will burn out the exhaust valves. The Exhaust valves get cooled by touching the valve seat, so tight adjustment limits the time the valve is actually touching the valve seat. Really tight valve adjustment will let the valves leak.

Jason Capriotti: @liltexas01 38,000 miles. wow. when do you usually get the valves adjusted. and what is a hypercharger

maciekpolaczyk1: i have a 2005 v star custom and it sounds just like that i put straigth pipes on it and u cant hear it but it runs fine i got 15,000 miles on it and its always been making that noise

Kaufman Entertainment: the sticker on the frame of mine says 91 octane. i do fill it up with regular once a week, the other two or three fills its high test. runs a little smoother with the good stuf, and i get about 7mph wide open. unless yours is not an 1100, or there is something special about mine. ill double check the sticker tomorrow to make sure.

Axeman0999: I agree with gst69man. My 2003 1100 Custom was out from day 1. After adjusting Valve Lash Gap it was fine. By the way I asked the Dealer and was offered a bottle of ring free?. LOL....Clueless.............I've had no other issues except with changing oil. Will correct that soon with a Relocation kit, I wanted to add some other goodies first..lol

8repeels8: Agree with 3rdCavVet. If you have some mechanical aptitude go ahead, but I strongly advise you go to a v star 1100 forum, join and ask for a reputable bike shop near you. I wouldn't ride it sounding like that.

zachpaw: My 2009 yamaha vstar 950 sounds the exact same.

jackpontiac52: Solid Lifters ! I went to adjust my valves, and they were all in spec. 30,000 km later? STILL IN SPEC! These are good Engines!

OnTheEdgeInEauClaire: I have a 2008 VStar Classic and mine makes the same noise after I have ridden at highway speeds for an extended period. Don't hear it when riding around town or shorter highway trips. Not going to worry about it because if the motor fails it gives me incentive to look for a VMax.

inagod: My guess,a little to much piston to wall clearence,not to worry,it should last forever,,valve train noise,I just don't know

poisonsunshine: dont worry at 100 mph you wont even hear it anymore lol

Yau Chun Hei: the ticking sound could be due to a broken rocker arm.. do get it checked!

mapbike: If it's ticking like this that means the valves need to be adjusted........asap, this isn't normal and should not be run this way.

MrToolman911: That noise is totally normal on these bike. No worries they run forever.

funsouljah: I have a v-star 1100 and it sounds like that to, I asked the dealer shop to look at it and they said it is normal and that synthetic oil might make it less noticable but that it will not make it go away completly.

txflyguy40: I own the 750 and the vx1100. Both have clicking noise that comes from the pumps inside the gas tank above each petrooster valve. I have re set valves to spec's and the noise does not go away. Yes it is normal and loud.

oldwatchman: The V-Star engine is not perfectly quiet, it's an air cooled V-Twin. Mine makes a very slight valve noise even when it's adjusted and running perfectly. The only way to have no noise is to have no clearance i.e. hydraulic valve lifters.

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 ticking/engine noise 4.1 out of 5

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