2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 Ticking/engine Noise

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Chad Folmar: Just bought same kinda bike yesterday.Just a thought has anyone tried a more thick and heavy duty oil?

Marton Zsombor: I have the same noise. My bike is from 1999 1100ccm vstar with 65000km it runs great. I was thinking if I need to go to specialist 😀 but from where I live is better to repair the bike at home.
So I read on the net and I make the service at home

lionel howell: no matter what these are great bikes, and very easy to do maintenance on................

Ben Schemel: My 2007 V-Star 1300 sounds the same

kaneCVR: It's rocker arm noise. You need to get your valve clearances adjusted.

Daniel Siler: Hi Mick, valve noise is normal, there is no such thing as a perfectly quiet Vtwin! it will always be a light kit, if it becomes an obnoxious clatter you're damaging your engine! as I said before Yamaha Corporation recommend v-stars 1999 and later have the valves adjusted every 4000 miles, also might want to check your cam chain tensioner but if what you're hearing is just the light tick that's normal get some water pipes to cover it...

Charles Gill: Mine was the chain tensioner ..... cost me parts, factory paid the labor. Had less than 800 miles on it. Started just after the Dealer put on the Hypercharger. Not my fault, but had to come off the hip anyway :( Had registered my concerns early on & fell on deaf ears ... NEVER go back to that dealer again !!

MiscStuff: V Star does tick. If it doesn't you should be worried (could be way too small valve clearance). Anyway it's a good idea to check valve clearance every few tkm (see service manual). For a year 2004 XVS 1100 Classic intake clearance is 0.07 - 0.12 mm and exhaust 0.12 - 0.17 mm (check from manual). In my V Star (DragStar ei Europe) the front cylinder valve clearances were too small, especially the exhaust valve clearance was way off the specs that can cause the valve to burn. After adjustment to the specs the ticking/tapping sound did not change, I actually expected it to increase but it didn't.

D. S.: The valve tapping is because there is little noise insulation between you and the valve. Front end valve is the loudest as it has no material between you and the metal cap over valve. You would hear them all if it were not for your seat and or carburetor/tank. Thought of placing/gluing a sound reducing material over valve but that would look bad. Best solution is loud exhaust and ear plugs for music while riding.

carlos soto: had the same sound. took my bike apart today, had a valve to adjust on the front intake. and did an oil change with full synthetic...sound is gone. remember intake valve clearance is .004 with a .005 max, and exhaust is .006with a .007 max. use a good feeler gauge.

Colt Sullivan: cam chain tensioner

kantear: check the breather tube under the air box to see if it's connected... that's what it was on mine.

also, ais is a possible culprit too as someone else said.

Chris Goodin: ok newbie biker here but just bought a yamaha v star 650 custom. same sound, dealership told me to run higher octane fuel in it because previous owner probably ran lowest grade available due to price of gas. guy I got it off of said that his local shop said valves need adjusted. currently has 24xxx miles on it. but they've all told me it won't hurt nothing driving it.... I'm scared though.help please?

hasher411: Are you using non-oxy fuel? If not try it, and see if it makes a difference! It will get rid of that tick! I have a 2008, 1100 v-star and mine use to tick to until I started using  non-oxy fuel.

PauseDenied: Flux Capacitor Needs Calibration.

Tomasz Balcerzak: I have the same in my 1994 Virago XV750. Mechanics keep saying, that this have to be like this. After valve adjustment nothing better.

paul 466: read the manual, adjusting valves to the tighter end of the scale will give the best performance , but i would wait till after 5,000 miles before going that tight. after 5,000 miles the valves should be fully seated. valve clearance tightens as the valves wear into the seat after 5,000 miles there pretty much done seating or streching

NASH40: I just bought a VStar 650, now I feel better, I kept thinking something was wrong with it.
My first bike so I really wasn't sure.

LA Lindsay: I have a 2004 Vstar 1100 and I have pretty mcuh the same ticking sound as you have but mine comes and goes. When the bike is cold their is no ticking , just tickets when it gets warmed up...

Frank Castle: Also you can put an upgraded clutch in and that will make it a lot quieter.

2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 ticking/engine noise 5 out of 5

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2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 ticking/engine noise
2007 Yamaha V Star 1100 ticking/engine noise
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