Plastic AR15: ATI Omni Vs New Frontier

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jblcva: This tool is basically a GLOCK Lower on an M4 Upper..1/7rht Melonite coating
The best 479 i ever spent on a New Ar. The Omni HYbrid.. ATI Makes good guns.
Mine came from NY all mags fit perfectly in both of mine..I have 2 Colts as well..
So i am not just coming from left field..The S&W i can't comment on..

C172Pilotdude: Try E3 Arms in Lake Havasu City AZ. Much better than both models.

TingTongMahk: Very happy with my NFA lower, which came completely assembled and ready to attach.

CPHannigan: I'm glad I'm not the only one who holds that opinion.

Roger Suttles: You would have a super light 22 long rifle if you used one of these lowers and a Feather Light 22 upper kit!

johnt115: i have built 3 AR with the ATI lowers and 2 with the NFA the ATI went together with out any problems the NFA needed a lot of filing and it was a pain to get out the take down pin with the upper attached

ascarta: i dont know about the ATI but i can tell you the New Frontier one will take a little bit of filing to get the lower parts kit in. Most notably the selector switch and the mag release.

rahliE05: Wouldn't use them on anything more than a .22

BestTits: you have to figure out how to get unsquashed vids

C172Pilotdude: Did you see the new E3 Arms Omega15 lower yet?

bmil69: you mentioned it seems more "brittle", you think it could take a 5-6 foot drop?

37Sith: Love my New Frontier LW15 lower! Durable as hell, smooth lines, not cheap.... Not 1 issue in EVER......

Zachary Taylor: wouldn't mind building an ar 22 out of one of these would make it more light weight than a normal lower

watashiwahjolan: Ati with a palmetto armory lower build kit. yes you can pay less for parts kit and stock but after shipping it will cost more You complete a lower for likes thank $200 add a $399 upper and a $140 bcg one $30 charging handle about $650-800to build an AR depending on quality of parts Remember these are current prices

watashiwahjolan: Ok plum crazy are hard to find ATI come instock occasionally New Frontier always on some website Current market Prices: Plum crazy $60-90 ATI $45-70 New Frontier $ 59-80 Frankly by look ATI's have a nice look and feel and just feel strong. New Frontier feel like those thin legos you can bend and flex. Plum crazy is strong like ati but can look rough... Availability get nfa Quality get ati Or if you can find a plum crazy its tough So overall I would choose to wait for an ati instock over nfa

watashiwahjolan: Ati is not garbage new fronyier is cheap looking and rough looking

dogshmog: Both are garbage.

Bone Sword: I bought 3 Cav15's after Yeager talked about them in one of he's vid's.

jonr620: The AR guru here in Canada, who was the lead designer for the Canadian Military C_ series of ar platforms brought in as a dealer a neat little combo. High Standard (Texas) on an Omni Lower. Man did those things shoot! Running amazing groups with 62gr ball, all day long. Best part was that it was a complete North American (U.S) manufactured ar, for under 950. In Canada... That's a big deal. I'm still interested to see more come from the 3d printing crowd!

Dylan Jacobson: Im selling a new ATI for $300 Socal!!

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Plastic AR15: ATI Omni vs New Frontier 5 out of 5

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