Ignite Airsoft M4 Viper Assult Rilfe BLACK OPS Series AEG REVIEW

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Sam Stewart: JUST GOT IT TODAY´╗┐


BaseSlider71: Outer bore and inner bore barrel? You seriously do NOT know what you are talking about.

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: ARE YOU AN IDIOT its the Aeg version... as in it uses a battery that contains a gearbox that has a spring that creates preassure that escapse out the barrel to fire a BB

blackopsking: what mag can you hold with is and can you put a silncer

AngryItalian83: this gun has 420 fps, try looking around at rifles costing double than this, and only maxxing out at 360 even when they use c02

Hink Halll: ........What did I just read?

EvilWiznut115: The pistol is crap? lie bro..its awesome...I have the rifle and a friend of mine has the pistol and they both hurt worse than getting sat on by a fat bitch

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: It is 100% marui compatable sooooo yeah it takes M4 magazines IDK about Pmags tho

Alex Vazquez: No the actual gun is called the AKS-74u but it does have a "u" in it. If you take away the u then it's a completely different rifle. The AKS-74, "S" stands for folding, is a variant of the AK-74 with a side-folding metal shoulder stock, designed primarily for use with air assault infantry and developed alongside the basic AK-74.

thetencomandments: when you take out the mag it allows the bbs to escape the feed tube in the gun because of the small space between the clip and the gun. hope this helps

MegaMonkeyboy56: I'm getting it for my birthday

Breidon Chivers: cool thanks

Joey Scollins: Your a african american

xXThatDamnBronyXx: Your a racist

Khalil daoud: black ops series ? why play so much call of duty? I HATE PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT GUNS BECAUSE THEY PLAY CALL OF freakING DUTY!! god damn, AK-74 for example, no such thing as an AK-74u people! the ''u'' is for the shape of the stock!! THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE! hee hee just kidding, good review good gun.

gisho13: It is a very good gun, I agree. Highly recommended. If anyone needs any extra help, check out the video on it on my channel. Peace.

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: 1. no 2. light but loud 3. depends on magazine hi caps 300 mid caps 90 -120 standard cap 30 4. yes if you use a high cap 5. depends on the battery the one it comes with is good for 8 hours 6. 115 feet 7. not bad good hit tho 8. no about 5-6 lbs yes 9. yes and online any marui compatable m4 magazine 10. no it doesnt come with a sling

russiansniper98: the pistol is not crap i have it

Ed Worvie: I just bought 2 for my sons for Christmas. Weve used them twice and one already is broken. The slide that connects to the mechanism has come loose. I'm going to take it back. I'm disappointed as my sons are really enjoying them, bought I don't want to waste money. I bought a cheaper one previously but it broke, I was hoping the more expensive one would last longer.

jdude222: Thanks! Imma get one tomorrow.

Bradley Davis: Fail Entro -_-

jbludwick21: i had my first black ops pistol blow up on me i replaced it, and the first m4 i had stop working after one shot so i replaced that as wel then the second m4 i had stopped working in the middle of a battle so i returned it and bout a crossman ak74 instead

PLAYZA1000: your freaking stupid lmfao i have one right now stupid freak

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: I agree so far the viper is perfect... but i tried the pistol 4 times maybe if they made their guns consistantly operating at aperformance they could be big to the new airsoft community

Granny9473: Can you buy .2 gram BBs at walmart?

jake berger: this is a piece of crap crap range,freaked blowback,mag double feeds,plastic, and low fps for .20 bbs like 380fps just dont buy seriously i couldnt get a review sorry i was to pissed and took it back to walmart...but the m1911 is amazing! just get use to the recoil

blackhawk8927: can u upgrade it externaly? I have the gun and it's cool but I want to get an RIS system

Churrito2121: Would be able to make an updated video for better quality review? It'd help a lot Bro

Raz Fiasco: Lmfao...you're so freaking immature it's not even funny.

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: 380 is low fps hmmm 260 mile per hour is quite slow. Why dont you get some experience before you start preaching about airsoft I have been playing for 10 years!! I can say FPS doesn't mean crap look at Tokyo Marui guns 260 fps thats almost 180 mph and they are the best guns in the market not to mention the accuarcy is amazing

Diles46: I uploaded a video showing how to fix the reciever splitting issue. Hope it helps!

MrBowhunter502: Lol dude the blow back 1911 scorpion is freaking beast man wtf why would you say it crap id like to know , the only down side is the co2 last 3 mags only but it as close to the real thing you can get , it bad Ass and my buddys will tell you it fast , and freaking hurts , I recomend both guns but the 1911 is still my fav

1THEgetzE1: i agree with you on everything, but stock i think kwa has better gbb pistols, and top of the line aeg's have to be systema's

DREAMSOFDRAGONSFIRE1: Asshole I have both how are you gonna tell me? If the one you seen has a red dot and grip, it's not the same. stupid freak.

Granny9473: I bought the M4 viper assault rifle at Walmart it shoots good but the blowback action broke after about 2 weeks, and I also bought the Full Metal M1911 pistol at Walmart it fires Great! And sounds like a real gun, it's not complete crap for sure

historyskyz: trolling

cagedstowgee: thanks for the review bro!

PLAYZA1000: lmfao where i am its 30 $

zach quijada: I did have the pistol too but i brought it back and got this one instead

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: Online or you could go to a sports store like big 5 or outdoor world and find cheap aeg G36

cole mayes: where did you get a 9.6 volt battery for it i have the gun and cant find 9.6 batteries anywhere

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: try playing like a real player dumb freak okay.you see those high caps toss em they are crap MIdcaps go all the way. FPS does not equal range or accuarcy it depends on a range of things so look up crap before you post like you know something. Your name is now marked as ignorant so ACCOUNT BLOCKED.

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: It is a standard weaver rail that you would find on any assult rifle its the same rail an Acog and EOtech are designed for

Granny9473: Just bought it today at Walmart and it's a Monster airsoft gun!

historyskyz: god ur freaking stupid thumbs down

jahseedbeatz504: Took the mag, left the gun :0 ,..LOL..sorry Walmart ..^_^ not.

Ed Worvie: Prior to the gun breaking, they were fun...accurate and shot fast.

Warbirdguy1: Dude....FPS is not that big of a deal...I run a P90 with a weaker 250 FPS spring so I get a better rate of fire!

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Ignite airsoft M4 viper assult rilfe BLACK OPS series AEG REVIEW 4.3 out of 5

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Ignite airsoft M4 viper assult rilfe BLACK OPS series AEG REVIEW
Ignite airsoft M4 viper assult rilfe BLACK OPS series AEG REVIEW
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