Ignite Airsoft M4 Viper Assult Rilfe BLACK OPS Series AEG REVIEW

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Isaiah Peffer: How long does the battery take to charge? And how long can it last on a full charged battery?

Zach Moscatello: An air soft gun in his house

Zach Moscatello: Did he just shoot and


Sam Stewart: JUST GOT  IT

Maldito: Upon a closer inspection the tightbore is exactly 6.0243

blackopsking: what mag can you hold with is and can you put a silncer

Tim H.: What's the fps???

XePlatinum: How long does battery last

cole mayes: where did you get a 9.6 volt battery for it i have the gun and cant find 9.6 batteries anywhere

blanketcandy: my pistol broke day i bought it i didnt even dry fire it the part that pushes the bbs into the barrel broke as soon as i popped the co2

xXThatDamnBronyXx: Your a racist

russiansniper98: the pistol is not crap i have it

Gianni Robinson: He doesnt airsoft!

Joey Scollins: Your a african american

THEHAUNTEDKNIGHT Twombly: I agree so far the viper is perfect... but i tried the pistol 4 times maybe if they made their guns consistantly operating at aperformance they could be big to the new airsoft community

Ed Worvie: Prior to the gun breaking, they were fun...accurate and shot fast.

Ed Worvie: I just bought 2 for my sons for Christmas. Weve used them twice and one already is broken. The slide that connects to the mechanism has come loose. I'm going to take it back. I'm disappointed as my sons are really enjoying them, bought I don't want to waste money. I bought a cheaper one previously but it broke, I was hoping the more expensive one would last longer.

Conner Edwards: Dont get it i have it and the upper receiver snapped off off the barrel from 2 ft off the ground.

gisho13: It is a very good gun, I agree. Highly recommended. If anyone needs any extra help, check out the video on it on my channel. Peace.

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Ignite airsoft M4 viper assult rilfe BLACK OPS series AEG REVIEW 5 out of 5

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