Condor Golok Machete Review

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docwilkey: Great blade!

13:12am: i know this is not that important, but i need to scratch this itch... golok is golok, and machete is machete, its different, so its not golok machete (even if the seller (condor) said so ) im from indonesian, and there is no such thing as golok machete, even though their purpose are basically the same :D nice video btw, sorry im talking something O.O.T.

Přemysl Šedý: I havejust made a comparison of cutting tools including 2 Condor blades. One them is this one. I have to say, jis is probably the worst machete, I have ever met. it loks great, but in the forest, You need things to work, not only to look great. This tool is holy crap.

shadowalker1776: Been thinking about picking up one, thanks for the info.

DShiflet01: That's a nice looking blade. I like the golok style, but $215 for a real Indonesian golok is a bit more than I care to go for, this makes a nice substitute IMO.

MDPrepper: Indeed!! Pick one up, you'll love it!

KJV Prepper: which do you like best from the condor parang and the golok?

feelngood0420: Is it normal for this to come with the first 2-3 inches of the edge completely dull, I mean rounded dull, unable to slice butter?

MDPrepper: They're all convex grind

PrepperJr: Will you do a video on your favorite marine kabar fighting style knives? I want to get a some good one for less than 100 each, I love love love the SOG ones but no way in hell I'm paying 250+ dollars for a knife

MDPrepper: You'll love it!!

MDPrepper: Yeah it's a great "machete" though I think machete is too light a term for this thick/virtually indestructable blade!! Glad you like the vid!! MDP

Drew Davidson: Great tool, i would like a Kydex sheath for mine though.

Muayti: got 1 today :3

irish pikehunter: Condor are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. The sheaths are quality.

MDPrepper: Well let me say first that I'm very biased in favor of the Condor line of machetes. They're bigger, thicker, and heavier than most but I think they are certainly the most durable overall. Cold Steel is the best if you want to stay "low cost" but for heavy use and reasonable price I'd stick with the Condor Line (and I own plenty of Cold Steel Machetes but I always reach for my Condor for serious work)

MDPrepper: @sugerbear520 Thanks. . .it's an amazing machete!!

fastacker2: I finally got my golok. the price went up and they ran out of sheaths, so I made my own sheath with rivets and some PVC rain gutter. Found a youtube on how to soften the PVC in boiling water. Only took a short while to make the sheath and it came out great. Fits snug and no worries about leather retaining water and rusting the blade.

vinosd773: Its good but is it a zombie killer?

TheGame: @PrepperJr Always nice to see people who think 250 is a lot for a blade. I have a few over that. But I am serious, I enjoy people who like blades but don't get so into them to pay a lot.

MDPrepper: Thanks, I always seem to underestimate the ignorance of some people

ATOMIC VAPOR: Im looking at 2 machetes the condor panga and the cold steel jungle. do you know which is sharper? which will last longer? and which is just better made? thanks logan

MDPrepper: Personally I'd go with the Golok for general purpose. . .though I prefer the Kukri in my terrain

MDPrepper: I haven't picked up their parang yet. . .might have to do so!! I think the root of this thread is just an ignorant kid. . .or maybe a drunk ignorant kid! It has the sound of youthful arrogance to me!

MDPrepper: Well worth the price and almost indestructable

tarboy69: !!!!

lordhelmet77: Condor blades are fantastic!! I just got the engineer bolo, what an awesome tool I can't say enough about how bad assed it is, I liked it so much I'm already eyeballing some of their other machetes .... The golok may be my next one...

MDPrepper: No problem, always glad to assist a fellow prepper/survivalist. I don't like the gerber gator at all (great grip but terribly dull blade. . .I've got a vid on it) Haven't tried any of the newer Gerber's as I was unimpressed by the gator

Airborne Creeper: you know, a machete, to use for my household chores :D

exionem: How would you compare this to the kukri machete style blades ? Thanks!

Charlie Shuldham: is it a scandi grind

feelngood0420: Been working on it with stone, it's getting there just gonna take awhile. 98% of it can slice paper, it's just that first inch or so of the grind. Someone else said it was like that on purpose, a sort of extended safety, I don't know. Thanks for response.

MDPrepper: You'll love the Golok!

MDPrepper: You'll love it!!

MDPrepper: @LastOrder90 Thanks. . .it's amazing tool. . .and also very pretty. I may do a vid after I refinish it (not sure if I'm going to refinish the handle but I probably will) Thanks MDP

Forester226: Great review

MDPrepper: No blisters so far! I prefer the Kukri to the Golok but both are excellent machetes for the price

MDPrepper: @Helikaon9 Glad you liked the vid. The Golok is an amazing bushcraft tool and amazingly low priced if you don't get the leather sheath (still great with the sheath but less than $25 for just the blade). A tremendous value in my opinion and well finished/pretty also. Later, MDP

TheKodiak72: lol you kid..

MDPrepper: @PrepperJr I can probably pull something together for far less than $100. . .I'd say $50 to 60 for a nice knife is all you really have to spend

thenrylee: Beautiful piece of iron. I don't own one, but enjoying your video, I'm not sure if I wouldn't prefer the spine being straight as opposed to it's curve at the end. Probably not a big deal. I would have liked a demonstration on sharpness (paper), clearing, and as a heavy chopper. Great vid.

KJV Prepper: also have you tried the camp 14 or 18 by kershaw? curious about thickness and what not.

fuady haris saputra: golok is from indonesia. u freak

HB Hiker: Sold!!!

MDPrepper: Sorry to hear about the sheath. I've had problems with one of my Condor sheaths but it was with the metal attachments not the leather itself

MDPrepper: Kydex would be more practical. . .but I like the classic look of the leather

supertrooper195: do you own all the items you review?

MDPrepper: It's a great machete. Highly durable and well worth the price (go ahead and buy the sheath as well. . .it's worth it)

LCO213: I'm thinking about getting either the Condor Golok or the Parang, but I'm trying to decide. The Golok seems to have a more practical sheath. Does that big knob on the end of the handle on the Golok cause hot spots or blisters on your hands?

Wave Man: my Condor golok is shaving sharp, wouldn't have it any other way.

Condor Golok Machete Review 4.8 out of 5

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