Condor Golok Machete Review

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Jonas Hildebrandt: Would you mind if I shared your video on our website?
Thank you for your consideration,

T: Since you talk allot about price in this video, let me update you as of 5-2-2017. The price with the sheath(only can be bought together) is $60-$70. I've also read some recent reviews that are still favorable, but the quality May have slipped a little bit.

ADKMTNS: Never saw you try it out. Very pretty and unused. "Dresser Queen" review. Thumbs down all the way...

William Robarts: Got one few weeks back. I have pretty much same experience as you with mine.....its a beast for sure! Sharp blade, great edge, feels great in the hand and is really a tuff durable tool to have in the bush. I want to get one of their parang's next.

roobbbbbb: cool

James Hart: Unfortunately, Americans have been taught to believe that machete's have to be thin and flexible, but in reality, a machete used in a real jungle are often heavy and thick so they will last long and stay sharp. I just ordered one for myself, and will use it to clear lots of brush. For those who say its too heavy, just remember to let the blade do the work, use your arm for control. Stay Frosty.

presterjohn71: After owning one for a while I can honestly say although it is good at some things I regret buying it. For bushcraft and shelter building a Parang would have been a better choice ( for me at least).

docwilkey: Great blade!

13:12am: i know this is not that important, but i need to scratch this itch... golok is golok, and machete is machete, its different, so its not golok machete (even if the seller (condor) said so ) im from indonesian, and there is no such thing as golok machete, even though their purpose are basically the same :D nice video btw, sorry im talking something O.O.T.

Přemysl Šedý: I havejust made a comparison of cutting tools including 2 Condor blades. One them is this one. I have to say, jis is probably the worst machete, I have ever met. it loks great, but in the forest, You need things to work, not only to look great. This tool is holy crap.

threehundredsextilion Warrohmah FennecSuty: golok i from Indonesia Java

Tactical Gear Head: also have you tried the camp 14 or 18 by kershaw? curious about thickness and what not.

Tactical Gear Head: which do you like best from the condor parang and the golok?

jqcyclops: Im with you.I have the"gator JR" and am unimpressed (Its my beater now),but the new line seems to be thicker and the sheaths look super nice.They have a new bolo and kukri I believe. That being said,with your recommendation (Although the Kabar line looks good too,lol) Ill be putting a condor machete in my"amazon cart"real soon.Thanks again!!!

jqcyclops: Thanks for the quick reply,I appreciate it.I suppose I should just look but have you did any reviews for the new gerber gator/bolo/kukri yet?

jqcyclops: OK,I own several Cold Steel Machetes but am thinking on getting a more "premium"machete with a better sheath,nicer finish,etc.As far as machetes go,between condor/kabar/ontario,which one would you recommend? Im a hiker/camper/survivalist...

Airborne Creeper: you know, a machete, to use for my household chores :D

Forester226: Great review

Muayti: got 1 today :3

irish pikehunter: Condor are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. The sheaths are quality.

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Condor Golok Machete Review 5 out of 5

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