Corvo Blade Prop Kit

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Alexis Harvey: I want a all ready billt 1

Nicholas Connaughton: can it go on an arm mount

KHangsta10 Logang4life: Because I am a big dishonored fan

KHangsta10 Logang4life: But it's still awesome how you made it

KHangsta10 Logang4life: Why does it have to costs so much money all you want is money

KHangsta10 Logang4life: Can u buy the parts

Argwings: Hello, very cool video, but could you give drawings, please.

Enderman 8787: I had a blade like this before it cost 100 pounds but I sat on it by accident and broke it ;-(

jazzy do: can you make a video of how you painted it especially for the Wooden part??

〉〉Kuri[MU]〈〈: if I make this out of paper, would that consider copying your design? But considering the fact that I'm going to self design the blade and handle and all just use the same mech. So I'd have to mention and give credit for the mechanism right?

Dream Lord: where can i buy it???

bumberclut Burton606: What game is from

Hank High: Ill do anything to get that!!!


carmalfaceXD: Beast!

PrimitiveGamer 1000: I want this so bad but I can't because I don't have enough money, also if I go this Corvo blade replica,I would probably paint the handle black and the blade silver

Karl Benito: How does he twirl the thing

Nick Tayler: could I make this out of metal and wood ??????

Dick the Head: Give it to me!

Zucc: Sick

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Corvo Blade Prop Kit 5 out of 5

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Corvo Blade Prop Kit
Corvo Blade Prop Kit
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