Corvo Blade (Dishonored Inspired Prop Kit)

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Sithpleg: Great blade 

NASTY138: Holy crap! This is amazing. So glad to see it's as functional as it is. Great work on this. Absolutely impressive, and definitely shows some engineering know-how. Amazing work. Not sure if it's possible to use with a retractable blade object like this, but I don't see why not.. Have you ever messed around with aluminum tape to get blades to look like metal? It's a really great tool to use, it's super cheap, and you can pick it up at any hardware store. You can also add patina to it once it sets, since it actually is metal, and it rarely, if ever, shows seams if it's layered. You can get some really great looking stuff from it for such a cheap tool. There's a great video of Adam Savage using that technique to make a "hero sword" floating around on the Tested channel he does nowadays if you'd like to check it out. As always, keep up the great work!

Potato Knishes: freaking amazing.

gabriel bernal: Cool

Angel and Antonio: Where do you get this stuff?!

Kyle Rebozzi: No matter how many times I look at it, I'll probably never be able to perform that blade flip. Q - Q

THENUGE: WANT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mrclownman: is it metal or just plastic please answer because i might buy a metal one

Кирилл Берестнев: Blade length?

PyroChild114: freaking want!!!

Johnathan Madrigal: k

Shane S: Holy crap, $120? Can I get discounts because I'm going to buy everything you made kits for

Kathy Dalton: Watched 8 times wish I had $125 so I could get it 

Fenrir B.: This is p cool.

Endhunter: Oh, ok thanks anyway

ahmad rahhal: this one is smartass one

Andrew Cho: They should make a one out of real metal and wood

Nart Wumar: I still never understood how the second tier blade lock and unlock inside the first one, and specially in the assassin's creed hidden blades viseos. Please someone tell me

Leviathan: I want. Very nice

Deanna Ashley: Really COOL!!!!

splicerplasmidcake: This is godlike, dominating, unstoppable, and more.

joel van: Did you use 3D printer

진필립: if i buy that could you send it tha? cuz i`m living in asia and do i have to pay extra charge?

Арсений Архипов: Where do you get these items?

someboodey: you should make real ones :O

Bastian Holder: I do believe I have my next project. 

noobslayer919: Can this be sold pre made and painted?

Userarm Userarmov: We're can I buy the parts of your amazing creatures

Кирилл Берестнев: This is a metal or plastic?

Endhunter: If bought, would it come painted and with the vinyl? Plz respond

Videogamer JTW: piero would be proud

FunnyFrog15: is it durable like its able to be outside and maybe take falls if its droped

kokoskillen: How do i buy it? 

Yerp Derp: this is insanely cool.

meebe andrew: Holy crap, I though that weapon was pure fantasy and impossible to make. Clearly I am wrong.

Diore Antonio: i would litealy buy this from you or if you could make a x-tra

M21cat: Oh my god this is so cool.

SuperGamerMan610: You should make one out of metal

Comment Attacker: 120$ for some dusty parts! This is overpriced!

xxHYLATTYxx: Metallic version would be cool but dangerous

eclipseslayer98: Doesn't everyone.

onthemove201: i only have one question, if the rubber band locks the blade in place, then how does the lock keep the blade from going down when u release the trigger?

ammnra: Link is in the description.

Albus Aquila: If I don't have fishing line/string, can I use something else?

Sarged117: That is beyond awesome and also beyond my budget. 120 dollars is a lot! Maybe someday.

Jim Jose: coz he uses 3d printing to make them , which is kinda costly :D

Kaliospectre .: he made it.... he makes things

Andrew McRae: how did you get that i want that

killit95: They were members of the City Watch.

OmglolNarutorules: Very informative, very cool, very well done.

Corvo Blade (Dishonored Inspired Prop Kit) 5 out of 5

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Corvo Blade (Dishonored Inspired Prop Kit)
Corvo Blade (Dishonored Inspired Prop Kit)
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