WELL MB06 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Accuracy And Range Test

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AllePallen: what BBs should you use for this gun?

freaksforguitars: Fps with .32 BB?

Geert Wagenaars: youre a freak

이병우: 100feet ? is lie
speak gun sound and hit sound
is too fast

aeirodynamics: You should probably work on your shooting platform to get better groupings for any weapon (real or airsoft). I know it isn't a rifled barrel, but keeping the muscle memory the same each shot will help you gauge better corrections in MOA (minutes of angle) or Kentucky windage if you're on the fly. 

Jonathan Briné: I'm thinking about getting this rifle but I was so uncertain regarding the quality due to the low price, but your reviews really made it all clear to me. :) Thanks man!

Emil Svendsen: i have buy it get it on moday do you recomand this gun deathcoreairsoft

Abigail Stapleton: hey do u mine doing a well mbo7 reveiw i dont want it for a primary just wanting to use it as a back up

Archer Douglas: yah bro. The same gun is $100 bucks on Airsplat with a scope and bipod. you got ripped off.

ArTcPredator: go to airrattle they are i think like 70$ or 80$

argo117007: A sniper should be able to shoot accurately up to 200feet. Any aeg can hit a target at 100ft

Akatsubaki: I love to buy one but its ONLY $120!

primeEmu16: nice, you have a really good cluster. Im definitley gonna buy this now.

chaistan: this video tells nothing about the accuracy of this airsoft rifle. why didn't u support the gun on something when u shot it?

deathcoreairsoft: No. ECHO 1 makes nothing themselves. They took the MB06, slapped their name on the box, and made a few slight changes.

Aaron whitfield: I hate the way you are holding that gun! Show it some respect fool!

Steve Shideler: is the scope already sighted in

8000Brad: 2:20 lol

GorhamAirsoft: @sebthegerbil yes it is.

Jacketnipple: @aircrapfuker thanks man, 5 months later but its still cool XD

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WELL MB06 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Accuracy and Range Test 5 out of 5

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Well MB06 accuracy test
Well MB06 accuracy test
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Well MB-06 review/disassembly
Pigeon shooting with my WELL MB06
Pigeon shooting with my WELL MB06
Aps-2 VS Battery, range is about  20m
Aps-2 VS Battery, range is about 20m
Well mb06 I boxing tomorrow
Well mb06 I boxing tomorrow

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