Radeon 7790/R7 260x VS. GTX 650ti BOOST VS. 7850/7870/R9 270(x)

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BlackBerryHD Balboa: i don't know what card to buy.. the 7850 or 650 ti boost ;\ 

EDGEspace390: so my 650 ti boost is more powerful than a ps4?

IGotHacks AURA: Can the r7 260x play bf3 on hight with 60fps?

killa killa: For a gpu about £150-on a budget and want to get into pc gaming! I see that 660 is £120-150... And the r9 £135-£150..

CoDxFaNaTiC: Bonaire lol

MrQuendy: I'm Going to buy the 7870. i've goy an amd fx-6100 six core. Will it be smooth for battlefield 4? nice video

Immortal Gamerz: new Boner (BONAIRE) GPU

youspic: great review man! im looking at either one of these cards for my first build next week

northwesttech: I think the gtx650 ti boost becayse of sgadowplay and the sheild 

Ranjith Nanayakkara: I'm thinking of getting a r7 260X as an upgrade from my gtx 550ti could the r7 260x run bf4 and other new release titles on high settings at 1680X 1050

Straiker: i was wondering if i should get a 7850 or the r7260x, i don`t know. can i play on high settings with one of this cards?

Cobac: amd cards give away 2-3 games,a t that ptice point of a 660gtx :3

Ágoston Berkó: why are there no passive 7790 cards out there ? 85W is great.

ulyadel: Well that's weird because i heard it does 1080p on ultra in bf3 smoothly. What are specs of your computer apart from your graphics card?

ThaTechGamer: Yes.

ThaTechGamer: What's fake?

Twitche: An unnecessary use of 4 thousand dollars.

samramg: can you do a gtx 650 ti STOCK vs hd 7790?

MH5tube: Have you never heard how the word infinite is pronounced

PrinceOfwarHD: My bf3 lags when the game starts saving the game, loading new levels but I run the game at ultra, i have the same GTX650TI Boost :( help plz

ThaTechGamer: Like... another commentary? I didn't really talk about the 650ti stock as much because it is weaker than the 7790.

Bambi Spank: so what should i get 7790 for 125 dllrs 7850 1gb for 150 dllrs OC or gtx 650 ti boost 1gb for 160 dllrs?

wazzio21: should i go for 7770 or 7790

ThaTechGamer: Hmm... so that makes 4 x GTX Titans...

ThaTechGamer: It should be able to, the card itself is designed for 1080p gaming for everyone!

Sou MU: 7850 still holds the crown against 650 ti boost a/anandtech bench

ThaTechGamer: Oh nice, how's the performance? Any microstutter? I'm thinking about crossfiring my 7770 or buying a new GPU, can't really decide...

omaralkishawi: @ThaTechGamer Great video man, great organization of subjects and I loved the way you talked about everything. You gained a sub. I wanted to know if the HD 7790 is Battlefield 4 ready, or if it can play BF3 on ultra?

Riley Nelson: Anybody watching this video, just spend a bit more and get a GTX660 so you can get Metro: Last Light :D

crazyD0g2: For the money, i would definetly get the 7790.

DespicableDan: Sorry but your facts are wrong the 7790 is $20-$40 cheaper and you are guessing which is faster from the specs and although the 650 to boost has better performance it is minimal in most games and doesn't make up for the price increase

vinayak koshta: should i buy gtx 650 ti boost or 7790

Talon Du Couteau: I thought he said "bon-er"

ThaTechGamer: That's pretty good also, but the 7850 hit $100 sometime back.

babynavy771: ok, so now it comes down to this.. which GPU will have more support for video editing (and gaming)?

AmishTuna: The 7790 isnt the equivlant of the xbox one gpu.(When this vid was made it proably was rumored)But the PS4's gpu is better than the xbox one gpu and the ps4 gpu is close to an AMD radeon HD 6000 series.

John Xazos: it uses boner gpu??!?!??!?

ClubBangerTV: problem is i was stuck with 32bit Windows after trying to fight my best for 64bit it just wouldn't happen because all of my OS are 32bit Upgrades only. I have to eventually invest in a OEM copy of Windows I guess. Problem with 32bit is Microsoft made it max out at 4GB RAM. My computer has 16GB RAM, so that's 12 gigs not being used. I don't know how to get out of 32bit to 64 so i'm freaked. I have an i5-3570k Quad-Core with an MSI military-class Over-Clock Genie motherboard. I thought I was set =(

Tripnotik25: One thing you probably shouldn't have done was say how drivers could make BOOST a better card. I assume you said it cuz its more recent than a 7850. Drivers are programmed for a specific OS and Architecture, and drivers for the GK, which equips ALL the 600 series, not just TI BOOST, have been around for a long time. Its no real advantage for either. If anything, its the 7790 that might get increased performance thru drivers, being a new architecture. Theres even 7790 specific drivers atm.

FreebeezHD: someones excited haha

PCspecialist: evga gtx 650 ti boost is $110 =D

Reivaj Rezep: Can we crossfire GPUs with different GBs, like a Radeon 1GB 7850 with a 2GB 7850? What would be the ups and downs if any? Would they only use 1GB? Thanks.

branchysaturn28: They're both $250 (roughly converted from my currency)

Nite Kroller: where? do you have a link to it???

ThaTechGamer: Well if both are priced at the same price point and the nvidia version "650ti BOOST" gives better performance, then it is legit. But I see where you're coming from! AMD is usually more bang for the buck compared to Nvidia.

Nite Kroller: I found a gtx 650 ti boost 2gb on sale on newegg for 140 bucks

Danilo Tostes: HD 7850

ryan day: Ha ha xbox 720

ThaTechGamer: Well I'd say go for the 7790 then, but how much are the 7850 and 650ti BOOST?

ThaTechGamer: I was extremely nervous, it was my first actual commentary after all.

Radeon 7790/R7 260x VS. GTX 650ti BOOST VS. 7850/7870/R9 270(x) 4.5 out of 5

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Radeon 7790/R7 260x VS. GTX 650ti BOOST VS. 7850/7870/R9 270(x)
Radeon 7790/R7 260x VS. GTX 650ti BOOST VS. 7850/7870/R9 270(x)
RADEON 7770: METRO LAST LIGHT (Low. Medium. High+. Very High+ Settings)
RADEON 7770: METRO LAST LIGHT (Low. Medium. High+. Very High+ Settings)
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