Troy Bilt ,Briggs And Stratton 190cc Governor Adjustment (Coal Miner Outsmarts Dentist!!!!!)

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653cc bRAT: Why didn’t you just fix it for him instead? Hell, he may have even given you $125, and then you could’ve taken your $250 to get that $600 Husky!! Just playing, (I realize you probably needed the mower). I once talked a neighbor into selling their KZ1000 Police bike for $700, they were just going to give it to me for free. They wound up getting $600 or so for it.

TopFin: You dumbass that Troy Bilt goes for about 200 for push and 250 for self propelled. 400 for a Husqvarna, Toro Recycler Personal Pace, And a low end Honda.

Kube Dog: So, instead of replacing the spring, he starts bending a part of the mower. And he thinks he's smart.

Radiation Network: I bought the same exact 190cc 6.75 torque mower with front wheel drive at Lowes for $75 factory sealed new. Also, those springs stretch over time and are only $3 each. You replace the worn springs, not bend the metal to fix them. As for the Governor. You should check the manufacture specs as it sounds like you're at 3500-3600 RPM and the max RPM on those governors is usually 3100 RPM. You'll just wear the engine out much faster at that speed. If it's not cutting properly or stalling you should sharpen the blade, not over rev it.

Yoboy BK: Thanks Jimmy, this is exactly what I needed.

Yetti Elusive: I have similar situation...I paid $150 for a nice toro I found on craigslist, it would be $400+ if new. The mower was thought to be a little bit under powered. After watching this video, I did a slight adjustment, the metal tab was bent inward, so it ran fine but low rpm, and when you engage the blade it would almost die out. I just finished bending the tab back straight, an easy fix! Thanks for the video...God bless!

manuel francisco suarez calafell: Great mower.>>>   I've had this going on my third season with no issues. Light enough where I can carry it with the handle and has surprising power for a little machine. Worth every penny. No more gasoline cans stinking up the garage and this stores in a small space.

Warren Goodwin: I wanted to convey my appreciation for you posting that quick fix. I have the exact same Mower and was mowing my lawn today and everything was all good my boy took my mower over to his mother's house and it started stalling out like it did in the video. I tore apart and the governor that plate that you re straightened was in fact the problem that I had. Thank you

Old Timey Gospel Acoustic Lessons: In my city I couldn't get 80 bucks for it, wish I was there selling em

Rick L: Common Sense!

Lee Krenzke: The locking bar you referred to is the engine brake lever. Did you check the RPM'S?. Over-revving will blow that engine up in a very short time. Good luck.

Uni Sol: Excelent diagnostic!

MrSGL21: dude thank you. I bought a snapper for $40 that didn't run. I replaced the carb but it ran too slow. I bent the tab and that fixed it!

Garett Driskill: thats how you blow it up

Randolph Smith: Cool

HICK VISION: I just did this to the one I've got and it makes a big difference, i think it was originally like this mine was bent in the same way as this one and i never ram into anything, but thanks for this info it make mowing life easier.

Mike Limb: Thanks. That was so helpful. My mower has the reverse problem - over revving - but now I know what to do. Cheers from Australia.

yeyo lara: $120 in my town is too expensive even when people go to HDepot n sees the same machine for $300

reply.craigslist87204324932: Are you drunk? In the Saharan Desert?

Or am I...

t s: That's not what was wrong with it. That is supposed to be bent in like that (ironically to keep it from getting stuck on brush). The issue was likely that spring, that looks oxidized. It wasn't governing correctly, and then failing open too much, causing the mower to run way too rich. I have a similar issue with my 110cc. Spring and linkage is sticking, burns through gas 5 times quicker than it should, yet runs "slow" and rough.

What you did was add more tension to that spring by bending the tab. It's still fixed in that it keeps tension where it needs to be, but is only temporary since that spring is just going to fail again. I'd recommend just getting a new spring.

Troy Bilt ,Briggs and Stratton 190cc governor adjustment (Coal Miner outsmarts Dentist!!!!!) 5 out of 5

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