Bullet Basics (Ammo 101)

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CJ Ferrell: Can you tell me the difference between boat tail and flat??? Thanks!!!

Common Logic: TMJ is more accurate than FMJ. TMJ also cuts down the lead contamination in the air and in your gun.

Mary Adams: I am defiantly a newbie! What does "plinking" mean?

Cliff Yablonski: Good job, and you were accurate with no bullcrap, etc.
I hate it when I see people go on about how the .223 is soooo much more powerful than the .22 (like the difference in caliber is what it's all about) or the .380 is 38 cal, etc.

Wilford Brimley: You sound identical to cutlerylover. I actually think you are his side channel, so to speak.

Paul Barthel: With the world the way it is today. People killing cops, hatred, new laws taxing me when I drink sugary drinks, and a past president that promoted hatred, racism, fascism, and division have caused me to protect myself. Funny, the ones who want to cause the hatred and divide and take away your rights and give more "free" stuff to the "victims" are the ones causing more gun sales. Ironic.

Lifter015: For windshield, door sheet metal, a Hard cast lead or a fmj, or tmj? With enough "power" to penetrate Islamic terrorist enough to kill? 10mm or 357 5" gun. Thanks.

David McKee: Tekmat ftw! I have this one and the AR-15 one.

Michael Keiter: Do these fragment and create a bigger bigger cavity wound then a Fmj 223 also I though I though Fmj don't frag? http://www.luckygunner.com/5-56x45-55-gr-fmj-xp193-pmc-1000-rounds#reviews

Black Bear: Excellent, informative, easy to follow, very enjoyable video mate. Cheers. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Bruce Greenbaum: Nice video. Good presentation. Thank you.

Ranjit Deshmukh: are there any spitzer bullets in pistol calibres?

Fto 20: How do you know what bullet goes into which gun ? Example- I bought a glock 30, how do i know which bullet goes in it?

PDR Beats: Ammo from Walmart?

modurhead: too much yak yak

Ancient Keyboard Warrior: subscribed!

Sunset Paddy: What does the Lugar refer to?Β  on the box he showed?

Douglas McNeil: Can you load 9mm bullets in to a .357 magnum case? Also, can you load a .35 Winchester bullet in to a .357 magnum case? I'm just starting out with reloading and I've been told that all 3 bullet types are within a thousandth of an inch of each other. If this is true, wouldn't it make the .357 cartridge about the most versatile and forgiving to reload?

Daniel W: Total Metal Jackets (TMJ) compared to Full Metal Jackets (FMJ) bullets are rounds are used mostly for indoor shooting ranges as they discharge less lead particulate into the air. I suspect so that people don't breath so much in a confined space.

geo mundi: thanks for the video... for beginners like me; remember for certain targets (like metal spinners) to use appropriate ammo, usually soft tips.

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Bullet Basics (Ammo 101) 5 out of 5

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