Bullet Basics (Ammo 101)

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Bruce Greenbaum: Nice video. Good presentation. Thank you.

Ranjit Deshmukh: are there any spitzer bullets in pistol calibres?

Fto 20: How do you know what bullet goes into which gun ? Example- I bought a glock 30, how do i know which bullet goes in it?

KRofficial: Ammo from Walmart?

modurhead: too much yak yak

Ancient Keyboard Warrior: subscribed!

Sunset Paddy: What does the Lugar refer to?  on the box he showed?

Douglas McNeil: Can you load 9mm bullets in to a .357 magnum case? Also, can you load a .35 Winchester bullet in to a .357 magnum case? I'm just starting out with reloading and I've been told that all 3 bullet types are within a thousandth of an inch of each other. If this is true, wouldn't it make the .357 cartridge about the most versatile and forgiving to reload?

Daniel W: Total Metal Jackets (TMJ) compared to Full Metal Jackets (FMJ) bullets are rounds are used mostly for indoor shooting ranges as they discharge less lead particulate into the air. I suspect so that people don't breath so much in a confined space.

geo mundi: thanks for the video... for beginners like me; remember for certain targets (like metal spinners) to use appropriate ammo, usually soft tips.

tmax 5150: It never hurts to go over the basics regardless of how long you've been reloading. Good Job!

A Jay: Oh that's good learning the anacronyms, FMJ. Now I know what that means!

A Jay: Why is one called 45 ACB and the other 9mm? Totally different standards or something for what is a similar bullet only one is a little bigger.

A Jay: Don't know what 45 ACB means.

A Jay: I'm looking for a gun 101 that talks about the basics of firearms, like between handguns, shotguns, you know, just give the playing field as well as some details on the measurements involved for those areas and ammo or whatever. You know, what the basic jargon means and stuff. What the different ones are designed to do and what have you. Just a general rundown on the whole playing field. Also showing how guns are loaded and that sort of stuff too. How they work.

A Jay: Point 357 what? Inches, centremetres? And what is 9 mm measuring, the length of the bullet? I'm from Australia and grew up in a bubble :)

Jenna Bustillos: didn't even know there was a tmj very cool ty. lol also didn't know a .380 was a bit 9mm respectively..

jamaicanlovrboy: so whats a good clean firing brand ammo for a 9mm, i have a glock 19.

Jason NOT Bourne: Would you recommend Speer Lawman 115gr TMJ for shooting range?

Matt Cali: Thank you. I know nothing about handguns or bullets and I am educating myself before buying my first Handgun. I never felt I needed a gun before but I always believed in my American right to own one. The world has changed so much and now I don't even know if I trust the police to protect me. I would rather have one and never need it then need one and not have it.

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Bullet Basics (Ammo 101) 5 out of 5

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