How To Change The Camshaft Position Sensor On A Dodge Cummins 5.9 Liter P0341

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joeaksa: You mention the two codes in the video. I am having both the P1689 and the P0216 code at times. The 1689 code came on, and then message "CCW" came in the overhead display window, then several months later I got the 216 code. Am assuming that I have two separate problems? This is for a 2002 5.9 Cummins. Thx, Joe

Pam Sequeira: Do you pull the wires off of the sensor before or after you remove it from it's mounting?

crimsonwolf199: Ok not sure which code it is, but maybe you can tell me. Is it the sensor when the code reads "no cam speed detected" or do you suppose I have a different problem all together?

Michael Banks: I need help witha 1996 chevy duty truck 3500 350 I can not find the cam shaft sensor.

Clayton Durham: hahaha, obviously NOT a cummins guy. 2nd gens were made up until 2002, and you pointed about 6" away from your injection pump. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO REPLACE YOUR INJECTION PUMP, IT IS NOT WHERE HE POINTED. I commend your efforts though.....always learning. 

yikes2x: awesome! took my 1999 dodge to Goodyear, couldn't diagnose the problem. told me to take it to the dealer. dealer told me it was another problem. denied repair because they said the used part was $834.00. total with labor is $1200. took it to another mechanic i used before and he said it was the crank shaft sensor. he asked and guess the reading on the odometer saying "no buss" whew! saved me $1200. kinda sorta.

Isaac Scheer: How would you change it in a 12 valve? I have a 97. I can't find anything on how to replace the crank shaft position sensor on my truck.

Michael Johnson: I have a 5.9L cummins as well. but 2005.. I have looked everywhere for a video to replace my crankshaft sensor. Some websites state that the truck doesn't have one. But i know it does. I think i have found it by the fly wheel... LOL 

briansmobile1: Nope. Just swap it.

Michael son: by the starter ?

briansmobile1: I haven't. They will usually still run fine.

briansmobile1: You're welcome mike.

ryan applegate: What about an 02 Dodge 360?

mike dee: Thanks a bunch for this vid, it helped alot!!

hp11208: hey brian do u check the manual or have a online repair site u use to find the location of these part or u just check for them.

paddleoc1: Thanks for the videos, helped me out big time!

briansmobile1: @mazzmari Yes there is. ADPtraining here on youtube has some very dry, but informative videos on how to do that.

briansmobile1: That's unburned fuel. When an injector leaks when it should be closed this will happen. Also without enough compression the fuel will also be unburned.

xdimmux1: Hey there man. I have a little problem with my 5.9 liter cummins ram 2500. It just started blowing out a tiny bit of white smoke thru the exhaust. Its bearly visible. Do you know what might be wrong? I don't think it's normal. This is my first diesel truck and don't know anything about it

briansmobile1: The drier the better! And that's coming from a "seal EVERYTHING with permatex right stuff" kind of guy. The reason is the design DEPENDS on that thing biting the metal. RTV will act like a lubricant and it will squish out under pressure creating a leak. GREAT, GREAT Question!

xdimmux1: Thanks so much for the reply. Ur the man! So it sounds like I might have a bad injector. Could this be something major or will some Lucas do the trick?

CURRY 711: 99 Cummins 3500.

Sites Lauri: Great video, have a question. I have a 2006 Dodge ram 2500 mega Cab diesel. Had codes 0341 and 0340. Replaced both of those and its still pulling a code 0341. Any ideas?

briansmobile1: Melt snow.

briansmobile1: @cumminsdieselizer Thanks- you're welcome!

briansmobile1: @macman216 Fuel economy was bad, it ran poorly, and had hard starting.

joe b: thank for the help i will give it a try

briansmobile1: @ghostrere Diesels don't have carburetors. It's just an open tube. The restriction is fuel through an injector pump. Do you mean on a gas vehicle?

CURRY 711: Thanks so much I just ran my highpertech power programmer. Im at a truck stop in Maryland. Just ran dtcs . P1689 and p1693 times 2. Po500. And p0463. The problem is it hesitates then goes. Back and forth for about 15 minutes. I have some tools and 5 mm Allen wrenches. Think I can do it?

briansmobile1: @drDoctorWood Glad it worked out for ya.

briansmobile1: Timing could be off, there could be wiring damage, new sensor could have an excessive air gap, computer could be bad, etc.

Walter's Playground: Brian at 0:16, is that a propane tank? what were you doing with it? just curious...

arbor-us lowthers: did you take the starter out to do this. thanks for great tips

pickle19100: My bad, looked at video again, Brian did explain tool used but he did not share the cuss words to get that baby in and out.

briansmobile1: @pickle19100 I just stick my tongue out and grumble loudly.

77greengiant: Ok broke the ear off the sensor trying the screwdriver trick 2hrs into this job. This is insane. It won't turn either.

Ernesto Contreras: My truck ram 1500 wont go over 3500 rpm! Could this be the camshaft sensor?

Raymond Raby: i was wondering if You had any advise on replacing the rubber gasket on the side pushrod (tappet) cover on a 12 valve. some say install totally dry, some say use rtv.

cumminsdieselizer: brian.....great video!!! glad i had this to find that tricky sensor. they did not put that thing in a easy spot. i do have to let you know that the little allen bolt on my truck was A 3/16 ALLEN NOT A 5 MM ALLEN. mabey someone replaced mine or yours diffrent but i just wanted to let you know so others can be informed it could be eaither or. Once again great video, thanks alot Ben

arcticcat5001: What scan tool are you using?? Thanks

briansmobile1: @macman216 It's possible. Another one you get with this is P1693 which just means "hey dude- you got a code on one of the computers" If your camshaft position sensor fails your mileage goes down to like 9mpg avg. too.

Yocelin Jiménez: hola tengo una ram 2500 4x4 cummins 24v y el escaner me arroja los codigos P1693 y P0602 tienes alguna idea de que significan. slds

joe b: hi thank for the help can you tell me are the sensor the same front a rear dodge has the short one in both holes when i try to buy parts store has two CSS987 is the long one wont fit in front hole . CSS1060 is the short one will it work in the rear hole by the pumps both part num are bwd thanks

Micscience: Nice Video. Hey Mr. Mobile have you ever heard of a no start condition because of a camshaft sensor?

briansmobile1: @pickle19100 You're welcome. Any time man.

pickle19100: Brian, yeah, this has gone from an old Shadetree guy with a couple wrenches to a real mechanic with pressure guages and scanners...I got a little OBD scanner to grab codes but I know when I have quit treading water and am starting to a Bud with a real shop and he probably wants to buy some nicer presents for this Xmas. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

Ryan sutton: can this sensor throw a code (p0216) which is a timing code. what was your symptoms that told u that this was your problem besides the codes the computer said?

pickle19100: Wished would have seen this before changing my sensor would have helped but would have also liked to have seen you install/reinstall that hex head that holds sensor in. There is no room for hands and getting Hex Head in and out is the straight shot. Viewing sensor is easier from underneath. My 5.9 was not throwing codes, lift pump was not working properly, took it to Dodge Dealer who ran diagnostics and said replace cam and crank sensor.

briansmobile1: @cooltoys Shoot I'd have to drive that to narrow it down. I wonder if it's fuel related.

Martin Smith: The service manual recommends going under the car to get at it? Thoughts?

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How to Change the Camshaft Position Sensor on a Dodge Cummins 5.9 liter P0341
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