How To Change The Camshaft Position Sensor On A Dodge Cummins 5.9 Liter P0341

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David Yergeau: video sucks

Bigman2016: What code would the sensor give.

richard truesdell: my '05 dodge lost power on the road, gages flatlined and started right up. after six miles died again and started right up and about two miles along it died and wouldn't start for nothing. Got a tow home and tried it and it started up, could it be the crankshaft pos. sensor? I got a 0088 code and don't have a way to find out what it is, can you help?

ak11230: Thanks it was very helpful :))

Bob Brown: Thanks . Just replaced mine. .

Alex Galván: hey, Brian! can you help me please... where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2001 Chevy silverado 5.3l v8?? thanks you.

Alex Galván: hey, Brian! can you help me please... where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2001 Chevy silverado 5.3l v8?? thanks you.

Mark Thompson: Thanks Brian your video was a great help. It was still a bitch. It looks so easy. I pulled the wiring harness off the injection pump. And unbolted the harness from the block to get it out of the way. Turn the wheels hard right to get the steering arm out of the way from the bottom. You can see it great from the bottom with a flash light. Had my wife under the truck telling which way to put the sensor in (up down left right ). And directions to get the tool in the right place to!!!! You can take that two ways.. Thanks it was a help..

John Doe: what are the symptoms of a bad sensor?

Emiliano Lamas Bañuelos: Thanks, but. What year is your truck? Because i cant find the camshaft position sensor of my RAM 2500 2002 Cummins.

I seen Other video where the camshaft position sensor was between the transmission and the starter.

Michael Kamphaus: not to beat a dead horse here but I'm out of ideas Brian. got the bolt out no problems. was a real bi*tch to get it to turn down to 630 after some prying and wd40 got it done. but it literally will not pop out and I'm here to tell you I'm prying on it hard enough to rock my whole truck. I have broke off the piece the bolt goes through as well as the end of the clip reciver on the sensor it's self. it has came out a tad. but seems to be stuck on the o ring. this truck only has 136,000 on it and is bone stock. so what's a guy do when it completely refuses to come out. ain't a whole lot of room to get any tools in there. also I'm worried I'm going to snap the rest of it off and be stuck with half a cam sensor stuck in my block. not good. not good.

Chad McKinney: I'll put my experience on here since this is where I got the best input on how to fix my codes.

First, it is very tight so using a 1/4in drive ratchet and two 5in extension is a must. My 2002 Dodge Cummins had a 8mm hex head bolt instead of the 5mm allen head. It took some patience but you can get to the head of the bolt. the sensor connector sticks out far enough that using a 3/8 drive socket would be difficult to get on the bolt.

Second, Leave the plug connected to the sensor and turn it down to 6:30 like he suggested. Mine popped right out. Be carefull not to lose the bolt. If it drops it can get stuck between a wiring harness below and the truck. Unplug the sensor put knew one on and find the whole again. This take touch and you do it blind to put the camshaft sensor back into the right spot.

Third, After you reinsert the sensor, turn it back up as best you can to the 10 a clock position.

Forth, I used scotch tape to adhere the bolt to the socket and fed it back through the small open area. After a little moving the tab up and down I found the bolt hole and gently started the bolt then fully tightened it down.

Fifth, remove all your tools clean your engine bay of all towels and gear. Start it up and check for codes. My truck started right up and no check engine light (CEL) came on. She was happy again.

Overall, what I thought was a 15min job turned into a 2 hour job because I didn't find the right socket. I tried multiple size and used actually used the correct size but it was a poorly made socked so when I turned the ratchet the socket deformed and just spun off the hex bolt. After I found a good quality socket, craftsman circa 1994, I had no issue and the bolt come out easily.

Also when at the autoparts store, don't let them give you a crankshaft sensor that has the a right angle plug connection. Be sure to get the camshaft sensor that has the slot on the end of the round surface.

Brian thanks for taking the time to film this. It definetly helped when I looked for the crankshaft sensor after I unmounted the starter 10mm bolts. Glad that was easy to take off and put back on.

Happy wrenching.

Chey Dducloseille: what is the cause for changing this sensor? is it the needle bouncing on the tachometer gauge? engine on full throttle running weird; like it's got bad fuel? mine is...buts it not the fuel..

Jason Poole: Brian, I learned the hard way to replace my camshaft sensor. Your video made it seem a lot easier. Would you happen to have any advise or video on replacing the neutral safety switch, or reverse switch, on a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 turbo diesel?

yokelmike: Thanks for the tips – they helped a ton. I just replaced the Cam Position Sensor in my 2000 Dodge Ram Diesel. 4 tips helped, 1) knowing the tool size 5mm, 2) reaching the screw from above and behind the engine mount, 3) using a flat blade screwdriver to pry out the sensor (more like pop out), 4) knowing the sensor was pushed in not screwed in. When I saw threads on the replacement part I thought that’s going to be tough to not cross thread. I eyeballed the sensor, and then removed the connector from below, reaching up and doing it blindly; because I was so contorted I could see and do at the same time. Pushing back the locking tab was the tough part. Then I did undo the intake rubber hose for better access and I removed the mounting screw by working from above the engine. Then I got back underneath and popped out the sensor with the screwdriver. Installation was easier than removal. Toughest part was getting the mounting screw started. I did this from above working totally by feel since my face was against the block while one hand was on the ratchet and the other on the screw. I cleared the Code and NO MORE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Thanks!

joeaksa: You mention the two codes in the video. I am having both the P1689 and the P0216 code at times.

The 1689 code came on, and then message "CCW" came in the overhead display window, then several months later I got the 216 code. Am assuming that I have two separate problems? This is for a 2002 5.9 Cummins. Thx, Joe

crimsonwolf199: Ok not sure which code it is, but maybe you can tell me. Is it the sensor when the code reads "no cam speed detected" or do you suppose I have a different problem all together?

Michael Banks: I need help witha 1996 chevy duty truck 3500 350 I can not find the cam shaft sensor.

Isaac Scheer: How would you change it in a 12 valve? I have a 97. I can't find anything on how to replace the crank shaft position sensor on my truck.

yikes2x: awesome! took my 1999 dodge to Goodyear, couldn't diagnose the problem. told me to take it to the dealer. dealer told me it was another problem. denied repair because they said the used part was $834.00. total with labor is $1200. took it to another mechanic i used before and he said it was the crank shaft sensor. he asked  and guess the reading on the odometer saying "no buss" whew! saved me $1200. kinda sorta.

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How to Change the Camshaft Position Sensor on a Dodge Cummins 5.9 liter P0341
How to Change the Camshaft Position Sensor on a Dodge Cummins 5.9 liter P0341
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