Lathe Milling Attachment

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Steve T: Thanks, I can now wrap my head around how one works.

ian macpherson: Hello Ya got to go with what Ya got. We all try for the best we can do. Carry on up the kiber.

John McKenna: The music detracts from listening for chatter.

John McKenna: All the comments you made are valid, it seems like the milling attachment is a waste of time and money. If you want to mill, you need a milling machine.

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos: do you have an updated video of your final hold down? great vid

trackie1957: Some good, basic information on milling principals even for someone who has been using Bridgeports for decades!


Xinolcysp: Nice video, I'm surprised I've never seen one of those in any of the shops where I've worked...then again when you have a real mill what's the point? ;) Would be really handy to have one at home where I only have a lathe...I'll be looking for one now!

Jon Miller: I appreciate the discussion about the limitations with milling on the lathe. I had been thinking about trying to get my lathe set up for milling as I don't have room or money for a mill, but you've convinced me to only do so if I can get the fixture for nothing and I don't expect a good surface finish. Low or no cost and low expectations, then great. Thanks!

Gilberto Diaz Castro: The uneven surface shown after the climb cut can be eliminated by doing two things, 1 go back to the 4-flute cutter which gives you more cuts per revolution and 2 feed much, much, slower. The higher cut rate and slower speed will help in either conventional or climb milling.

abukamoon: Thanks for the video. I am not a machinist. A friend gave me an old South Bend 9" late in pieces. I put it together and noticed a few extra parts, including a Palmgren 250. I could see that it was for milling, but couldn't figure out how to mount it.

Please keep these great videos coming.

Music Stuff: Hey, Nice video, and enjoying your other postings also! Did you ever do the modification to the Palmgren 250 to make it more rigid, and a better fit with your SB lathe? Just waiting on a response on one for sale out in my area, and will probably do the same to make it more rigid for my SB 10K. Keep those videos coming - great job!!

Uwe Hüsemann: What a great Tool - i wish i had one .

Rahul rusted: I want to say that was around 600 rpm which is the fastest my lathe can go.

kleini3: omg clean up the chip nuts when using oil

MrJoeGarner: Good point to make about the plunge cut, I had not noticed it before. Thanks!

Nicap2: Not such a good idea to have all those milling cutters crashing together in the cardboard box!

Dick Horner: I enjoyed the first 19 minutes of your video, but I didn't finish because of the crappy muzak when you started to mill the aluminum!  I could have learned from the sounds of the milling operation, and not been subjected to the NOISE of the muzak!  Not subscribing, sorry.

WaTch tHis: cool

Alan Fok: With a 4 flute cutter you can go at a faster feed rate. However, the reaction force on the machine spindle will be larger in the lateral direction. Maybe a bigger spindle motor is needed too. 

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Lathe Milling Attachment 5 out of 5

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Easy Lathe Milling Attachment
Easy Lathe Milling Attachment
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Milling on the Lathe
Milling on the Lathe
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Using the milling attachment on the 9x20
Using the milling attachment on the 9x20

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