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meocats: You need a bigger lathe my friend, with automatic feeds at the minimum. 9x18 or 10x20 lathe. It's less than 500 lbs, you will be able to move it, even put it in your house if you want to.

ROCKNTV1: h, ok, i do not know this vender, hope you got the 100mm spindle.

ROCKNTV1: stefan, i will give you every thing i know, plzz tell, i think you you should have purchased your lathe from the uk?

ROCKNTV1: hello, I think 80mm is near 3" but the new bigdog 7x14 lathe machine come with 100mm spindle so 4" chuck fit with no adapter plate. Hope you sub for more help ;)

ROCKNTV1: yep, never installed that guard on my lathe

mikefromspace: 3:57 LOL

ROCKNTV1: wow you got you bigdog metalworks lathe fast, I waited months for my 7x14.

ROCKNTV1: I must admit, Its a kit, sorry to say you must work before you can play, ALOT of work is in my lathe, I hope you have fun with yours, I will be glad to help with how to questions you may have concerning fixing your lathe. If you have never operated a manual lathe, i suggest you cut air and see how your machine runs, Then a 2"x12 wooden dowel, make it 1" If you can do that with out hurting yourself, or the lathe, you can begin the project of remaking parts for the lathe the factory cheezd out on.

rrangana11: My lathe just arrived. The finish is very good and no dings or chips I am happy. I hope it performs well. Did you rebuild your lathe or we can use it as it is?

rrangana11: Thank you... Just ordered one from Big Dog.

ROCKNTV1: imho, the 7X14 BIG DOG MINI LATHE has a bit better finish then some of the other brand mini lathes. One of the best parts on the lathe is the us made dc motor control. The newest version of the 7X14 BIG DOG MINI LATHE has the 100mm spindle flange and 4" chuck as standard, thats a bonus not on my lathe.

rrangana11: HI, I am considering to buy this 7 x 14 lathe from Big Dog. After 2 years do you still recommend this to someone? How do you rate this lathe comparing other 7 x 14 available lathes in the price range? Thank you.

o1oo: @ROCKNTV1 Thank you! that has been very helpful!

ROCKNTV1: @ibuiltmineo1oo two speed head stock vary drv. Lead screw is operated by change gears which are plastic, i have several videos on this mater, use site in description for better navigation of my mini lathe videos. THNX

o1oo: AH Ok! Thanks for the reply. Then its still variable speed for the head stock. you dont need other gears to change speed?

ROCKNTV1: @ibuiltmineo1oo the steel gears are in the lathe headstock. the plastic gear set is the threading change gears.

o1oo: Did I see a bag full of plastic gears? I though this came with metal gears?

ROCKNTV1: @exkenna yeah man, I tossed up a threading setup i have on the lathe now and am trying to sus out an issue with the power feed past center torwards the tail stock, new vids coming plz sub, thnx

exkenna: What do you think of the lathe after running it a while? Can you shoot us a short video of it in action? I'm close to pulling the trigger on one of these. Thanks for the review!

ROCKNTV1: these are MY videos about this 7x14 mini lathe

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7X14 BIG DOG MINI LATHE continued 5 out of 5

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7X14 BIG DOG MINI LATHE continued
7X14 BIG DOG MINI LATHE continued
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