SKS Dissasembly, Tapco T-6 Stock

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The Project Productions: Just bought one, glad you made this. Thank you.

Quadrenaro: 'holes, nuts, and release' Have you guys ever noticed how homoerotic it sounds when we work on our guns? :P
It can be downright Freudian at times.

S.A. Rendon: cool thanks. do you hav to remove the bolt carrier, bolt, and recoil spring before you pop the trigger pack lose???

Thaluckysun1: had to use a damn u clamp. it was a bitch.. I think the tapco stock was stopping it a little

rdk-nig rdk: neverdull awsome sh*t

Nick Blake: how did you get u get ur chrome peices so shiny have they always been like that r did u polish them some how and so it is possible to change my stock mag to a tapco one with out taking my pistol grip off i put it together befor i got my tapco mag in the mail

FN-2187: anyone have troubles getting the gas tube back in after installing stock?

Ethan Middleton: k... its not just me then... i was just trying to remove my stock and in alot of other videos, they just pop the pin like nothing... i was trying with all my might and it wasnt budging..

2121gcard: @DonteHarrell1 is the magazine it? bc if the magazines in and unloaded and u crank the bolt back it should sit back i believe dont quote me though.

rob deima: does anyone know how i might go about removing my bayonet from my sks? it makes the weapon so front heavy and doesn't allow me to add a much needed bi-pod.

megadeth22885: can you use AR-15 stocks and grips with this or any sort of interchangable furniture?

GUNS4MIKE1234: @GhostofRazors cheaper then dirt has them for 6 bucks + s&h

Evan Spencer: i cant seem to get this to work with an origianl (attatched) sks magazine

Razor Ghost: China. I got a replacement rear latch from CTD but I guess its from the wrong country because it doesn't seem to belong. WTF did the last guy do?

Razor Ghost: Hey I got a problem with my SKS. I bought mine second had and did not notice at the time, that the rear latch is gone. Can I replace it or some thing?

Timothy Miller: where did you get the the butt pad?

Jesus Saves: When converting to Tapco I would recomend leaving the wood handguard on and just paint it. Switching them over is a MF. Or Tapco sells the gas tube with the cover already installed for around 50 bucks.

the1chris2002: Hey i just bought a chinese sks and i want to buy a stock like that, where do i buy it and what all do i need to buy?

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SKS Dissasembly, Tapco T-6 stock 5 out of 5

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Canada Mod 2 pinned together

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