How To Replace The Right Front Axle Seal, 2000 Chevy Suburban 4X4.

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BraaapAllDay: 5:20 snap-ring

I fish in Kansas: 0:06 1 year? Damn you let that thing go for a while. Could there be some type of stop leak you could add to the differential see if it quits leaking.

Shane K: Do you know if the steering box needs to have oil or grease checked? I'm going to change my pitman arm, seems like the steering box should take oil like the differential but I can't find any info, thanks.

Kevin: Long time viewer and recent owner of a 2008 Tahoe. Your video was a big help. I got lucky: that troublesome snap ring remained on the axle without a fight. GM probably tweaked the design for the '07-13 generation.

My factory gasket was still serviceable for resealing the axle tube.

My luck ran out when I found glittery flakes in the oil (190 000 km). A bearing kit / rebuild may be in my future.

No need to remove CV joint. Lower the entire diff below the CV joint.

Viewers are wise to have a transfer pump on hand. Last thing you want is to be stuck at 99% complete! You can improvise with a funnel, hose, and more patience than I have.

bjammin: i think i might have forgotten to replace the first washer you took out, as i found something similar in my garage yesterday... been about 3 months

tankdog03: how come nobody has a video removing the needle bearing on either side? and part # for the bearing

collin logo: I have about an eighth of an inch of play left and right in my axle shaft. Any ideas what it could be or how crucial it is to fix?

Brandon Warfel: Thanks for the video it helped a lot. A couple things I learned is that the skf 12587 seal is better than the national you mentioned. Skf is rated down to -40f where the national is only-20 and also anaerobic flange sealant is proper not rtv. Also torque specs I believe is 34ft lbs for the housing bolts.

Kendall Brown: Thanks Doc, figured by the medial lateral aspect talk you would start stitching it up after awhile ha ha,

Nate Johnson: Is this the same technique as a 2008 suburban? I hope so, this doesnt look too bad

Mr.G: Very detailed good video , I've been looking for a close up on the shifting mechanism or locking of axel and you took care of that, thank you

AL M: smear that eared washer with grease to keep it in place when installing the right assembly back on the diff, don't let the axle push in or the eared washer falls out of place. The axle has to turn freely after installing, if not then the washer is out of place. Good video, maybe some of the terms were too technical. but hey you got the job done! Thanks.

Sean. G: I'm jst tryna c how do you change the seal

Sean. G: I can't really understand how it's done, to much extra stuff going on

Capn Kirk: Great Video. Helped A lot. Btw are you Liam Neeson? Just kidding, but you do look like him.

Cap'n Jack: Anatomy professor or doc by chance? Sound like you could do a good anatomy video along with these

ArmaAceChannel: I put UV dye in my Sierra 5.3 engine oil and went under the hood tonight and noticed my driver side axle is glowing. not from the dye i dont think but maybe the color of the fluid glew natural under the light. its weird because my engine has been loosing oil and have to ad quart every month. starting to think all that oil splashed on my oil pan and bell housing is all just from the axle. Can older cars loose oil thru regular combustion?

Jim Gold: Motor wiring that locks axle in place.  You think that would be a HUGE focal point when doing a DIY video for people.  Where is this wiring and motor located?

sj p: Do you have to drain the gear oil in order to replace seals?

kenman1717: Very informative.  Did you have much trouble dropping that axle tube down once you unbolted it? Sometimes they are a pain, and you pretty much have to unbolt the whole front diff so you can change its angle to get the tube off, and some times you even have to take out that right cv axle. I think it has a lot to do with year and whether its a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton, I can't remember exactly. Another question, that washer you pulled out that had the ears on it that just sat in the slots of the tube, was there another washer with it. The older ones usually have 2 washers, one with ears and one regular, and they make up a certain thickness but if you ever need to replace them there is a new update one with ears that is thicker, that replaces both. I have ran into that before took everything apart to do the seal and one ear was missing and ground up in that sliding sprocket and gear.

How to replace the right front axle seal, 2000 Chevy Suburban 4X4. 5 out of 5

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