Fix Mp4 / Mov Problems In Sony Vegas Movie Studio

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HOTAIR83: Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe "D:\Program Files\ffdshow\",configure ___And turn off in H.264/AVC the libavcodec and instal x264vfw

Wes Patterson: Hi Bill. Do you still have a copy of that qt7plug.dll file that Sony no longer provides? Thanks. Wes

PhenomzQC: Thanks, you just helped me. Watched a couple video and they all sucked but yours! ;)

Ben Kolasin: My Audio works but my video doesn't.. its an Mp4. please help?

Draken's Den: The link no longer works. Any other ideas?

monica66 Kun: Have a try to get the latest QT codec. If you still encounter problem, the simple way I suggest is to encode MP4/MOV into MPEG-2 for Vegas.

Li Wu: i also used a tool called brorsoft video converter to help me solve it . anyone wanna to try can google search brorsoft, or convert obs mp4 to sony movie studio will get the best guide.

Aquire: im having the opposite problem .mp4 but its only importing audio no video

Manuel Avalos C: the dll file is not longer available 

guerillabill: First, make sure your computer has enough RAM memory to run Sony Vegas and open large video files. At least 3 meg, but more is better. Then if the file still doesn't play, convert it using the free Handbrake program like I show in my YouTube video, 'How to fix videos that won't play in Sony Movie Studio'

TheDE Survivors: My problem is that it opens and as soon as it's in my project media or on my tl. Sony vegas stops responding. This is so frustrating can you help!?

Ephinecko Films: Ahh, alright, i'll give it a shot, thank you very much.

guerillabill: I don't know if Sony offers a video codec package separately. But there's a pretty good chance that if you download the free trial for Movie Studio 12 and install it, it will install the codecs needed.

Ephinecko Films: Interesting... thanks for the information. Are there plug-ins I can purchase, like a codec update pack, instead of purchasing a newer version of studio or pro? Does vegas or another website provide this? Thanks again.

guerillabill: Movie Studio 11,12 does include a mov/mp4 render codec from Sony.

Ephinecko Films: I noticed studio dosn't provide a .mp4 rendering codec, but pro does. I have studio 9 and I have to convert every video to another codec, as you know it can take up alot of time. For me a 30 min. video to convert to another codec such as .wmv would take just over an hour. So 30min to capture, about an hour to convert, then editing, and rendering, about another hour... not to mention uploading to youtube. about another 45min to hour. So one video can take 3+ hours to make :/ It's an

guerillabill: Tim, The newly updated quicktime is the problem. New versions of Quicktime are not always compatible with mp4 / mov videos created by non apple products. A sure sign of this is when you hear audio but see no video when the video plays on the timeline. You can either uninstall the new quicktime and reinstall an older version, or convert the video files to a different format (avi or wmv)

Tim Scollard: That is not true for me. My audio appears on SV 4.0 but not video. And my Quicktime is newly updated.

guerillabill: If you see audio, but no video it means the version of quicktime on your computer is not compatible with the mp4/mov file you are trying to edit. Movie Studio relies on quicktime to decode mp4/mov files. To resolve problem, you can either convert the video file using the free converter mentioned in my YouTube video 'Solve Mp4 mov video problems using this free Cineform converter'. Or you can uninstall quicktime, and try to find a version that is compatible with your video

MaGalolk: For Vegas8 : C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 8.0\FileIO Plug-Ins\qt7plug

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Fix mp4 / mov problems in Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Fix mp4 / mov problems in Sony Vegas Movie Studio
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