#188: Mini Review / Demo: GP-5/SSB Shortwave, AM/FM And SSB Portable Receiver

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Mark Plott: w2aew - good review, will the County Comm GP5 receive Military HF Utility frequencies, they are the same as SW frequencies.

Randy Friesenhahn: Question does this radio show S meter or signal strength in the SSB/CW mode??

Hollis Greene: Could you explain how you have your alagator clip antenna hooked up in your shop there eplease.

James Slick: I've head someone actually complain about the variable rate manual tuning on another YT vid (where it "detects" how fast you are moving the wheel.) LOL, That feature is one on the things I like on this radio! More controls need to be this "hip" to my intent! Cool feature!

Jack Zimmermann: I got to laugh. You're other videos got me interested in RF. So I started to plan to build a receiver using the SiLabs Si4734 IC. Found that the CountyComm GP-5/SSB uses that chip, so I followed a link for a review on that unit, and started to listen, thinking "I recognize that voice". I've done a full circle haha! Now I just have to figure out how to do the SSB with that chipset.

Jeff Ferrell. K9HCA: Great video. I just got mine and love it, but how do you switch the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

MARKLINMAN1: Just got one, LOVE IT!

OM0ET: Could you please say, if the signal meter will show up when you switch to SSB mode? I know that will shows BFO indicator and L or U on the display. But what happens if you push the display button please? Options in my case are only TIME and TEMP, then blank for a few seconds and back on BFO indicator. Is the same? TNX and 73 Paul.

Mike70005: Does this radio pick up NOAA or other Weather broadcasts?

Mario Cannistrà: Hello and thank you for your review.
I've seen some videos where the ETM scan stops at 26100 KHz ( for example here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR2a885N8KE )
The radio is described with full coverage up to 29999 KHz.
Could you please confirm if one can actually tune up to 29999 KHz ?
Is the stop at 26100 KHz a limit of the auto scan ?

Shortwave Listener: Nice review! Thanks!

Robert Mitchell: Nice review, very helpful too. You convinced me that I need one. 73, Bob WB8UJB

Charles Skelly: Nice Job with this Demonstration. Very helpful.

John Doe: Got mine for Christmas this morning and was happy to find your video here to help get me started. This is my first radio like this so it's all new to me. Thank you for the great primer!

outbackeddie: Great review. I have been looking for a good travel radio with decent AM and 2 meter reception. This looks like it will fill the bill. The easy tuning mode is a huge selling point. Thanks again for the review.

flamengishta: Is there a good resource that shows common use freqs in USB and LSB? I'm bummed that the ETM doesn't work in the SSB modes, but then I guess its because they're not tunable or something? Or spread out? Not understanding SSB very well after several beginner videos. But its an awesome radio!

Nisan Greenwich: Does it receive ssb throughout the shortwave band or is it only the ham bands? Would I be able to listen to the transatlantic flights for example...

Mariusz MZ: Hello.
What is the difference;
a). TECSUN PL-365
b). County Comm GP-5 / SSB
that better.
Is there another ręczniak of SSB.?

Texas Jerry: Wanted one after seeing your video, but mistakenly ordered the Pl360, big mistake. Ordered correct radio tonight. Thanks for the great video and keep up the excellent works.

Mike Lee: I wander how it compares to a Degen DE-1103 ? A very nice radio all in all, and I love the tuning mode fast and slow, that's a great idea.

#188: Mini review / demo: GP-5/SSB Shortwave, AM/FM and SSB portable receiver 5 out of 5

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#188: Mini review / demo: GP-5/SSB Shortwave. AM/FM and SSB portable receiver
#188: Mini review / demo: GP-5/SSB Shortwave. AM/FM and SSB portable receiver
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