Smith & Wesson (S&W) SD40 VE Review

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Gene Wiley: I understand tipping for waitresses. This is a gun review ok. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking to get one of these. Iowa

Paul: LOL!! 45-$50 at least? for bring food to the table!
Get some skills and an education then maybe she would deserve that much in another line of Skilled work.

Do a review not your life story. I stopped at 2:09 seconds.

willie martin jr: Talking to much

Orlando Ware: Tip depends on service! Not mandatory!

Rolando Sangalang: "VE" stands for "Version Enhanced"

Max Graham: I feel you on the tips. In Connecticut we have the same 15-20% standard and I always appreciate the efforts of wait staff

Max Graham: @

zcourtney90: i have this gun.. one question i have to ask is if the heavy long trigger pull is its safety then why does the glock or any other guns without a manual safety not have a long heavy trigger pull?

jonathan garcia: no disrespect, but if I wanted a fukin lesson on tippin servers I would of typed that into the search bar and not smith and wesson

Zeek Bikelife: I gt my gun bout two weeks ago. Da same day I gt it. Da pin broke. Da gun is accurate nd smooth as crap tho.

guitar guru yep: your right, servers work there ass off!

Bob Solla: wholly crap!you have to ask your local sheriff for permission for your right`s to get a gun,then get a permit and a license!the only permit we need in Florida is for a concealed weapon.otherwise,you can buy from wherever or whomever you want! Florida has far less crime and far more guns than new jersey.i`m truly sorry for new jersey!i left new York many years ago,and they can keep that communist state.although beautiful!i recently bought a sd40ve and added a apex tactical spring kit.i love mine

The Game Master: Ok review little too personal tho

adrian martinez: the ve stands for vintage edition

LuckySprink696: I'm in NJ and my local range does not let cameras.

LuckySprink696: I don't think it would hurt.

LuckySprink696: Its a good starter gun. Good luck!

Liberty is Rising: Next time shoot the gun at the end!

Smith & Wesson (S&W) SD40 VE Review 5 out of 5

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