Ionic Foot Bath Detox Hoax (part 4)

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Fee Diamond: +eppa2277.

Fee Diamond: +eppa2277 I was wondering the same thing. Why is stuff coming from that silver thingy too. That was the first sign to research this thing and not to get all excited and go head over hills thinking I found someone healthy to add in my life. #busted

Felix: why does your carrot keep getting more pale? I wanna see you do a potato.. That's higher in starch! You'll get more bubbles.. Have you tried a stick of butter?

Morisejko Morissey: do not clean your physical body with this machine, just take a pills with side effects! ha ha ha

Sandi Buchanan: lectrochi is my favorite brand

DrFaisal Punjabi: its very simple . if you can prove nothing has happened then the electrolysis footbath is really a hoax.just have the water analyzed then you'll see the footbath works... you are mistaken to say its a fake, but you are right they need'nt take the money out of your pocket.

therealnightwriter: I've analyzed the equipment that my therapist uses, nothing but water, salt and a open small metal grid hooked to the transformer. NO QUESTION that the right equipment does pull crap out of the body.

Gregory Black: The wood rod you have in there is being released in the water.It could be releasing Chemical.I have tested my machine with regular tap water and nothing happened. Can you explain that.If you can please get back to you know toxins are released thru your feet ,hands research it A little more.How much did you pay for your machine?I paid $180.00 for mine Thanks Greg Black.Get back to me

Lystra Lewis: Hey would this be the same result if nothing was was in the tub, i looked at the 1st 3 videos & was just wondering

Lystra Lewis: check out his earlier videos he did, watched it my self

eppa2277: Thank you for saving me $20! Very well done videos! I think if I would have had it done I would have wondered why the junk was coming from the contraption and not my feet. My Grandmother is wanting to have this done and is close to 80 years old. I think I won't be telling her about this being a hoax...maybe I will just let her "hope" unless of course she continually blows money on it :)

Brett Houston Tube: @fetymann Wow, that's scary. They must have been "Made in China" from lead and Melamine...

fetymann: @BrettHoustonTube yes there are vitamins/supplements that don't fully dissolve in your system. I saw somewhere showing an xray of someone's ascending colon had a bunch of partially dissolved pills stuck in it. Besides that, I do know that vitamin pills DO affect you in one or more ways, I saw that because I developed a weird heart thump that would happen several times a day since I was taking a multivitamin I got from Costco. I stopped taking them and my heart thumping problem went away.

Brett Houston Tube: Yeah, but no one needs false hope...

Brett Houston Tube: @fetymann Actually most vitamins are, they are not assimilated properly by our system, most pass right through you; which is why your piss is bright yellow.

Matt Story: @BeanMeister22 Did you know Snake oil contains omega 3 oils?

Ryan Leach: man that looks like one sick carrot good video

fetymann: yet because of that they talk down about anything that they can't/won't approve.

fetymann: word

fetymann: FDA hasn't approved vitamins... does that mean they're a scam?

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ionic foot bath detox hoax (part 4) 5 out of 5

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Could Detox Foot Baths Actually Remove Toxins From Your Body?
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Ionic foot detox electrode scam. How it works.
ionic foot bath detox hoax (part 4)
ionic foot bath detox hoax (part 4)
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