DEMO : Peavey VYPYR VIP Series 1, 2, 3 : NAMM 2013 W Dakota Plays Guitar & Fred Poole !!!

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mdub2000: thanks for posting this i'm really thinking off purchasing one....hopefully used!

Saul Frenkel: can somone please explain to me what the difference between the vypyr vip 1, 2, and 3 is??

Andreew guitar: what kind of peavey is that?

Wolfgirl9724: What pedal are they talking about?

Sacredgeometry: I must say that bass was sick though!

Sacredgeometry: Look at all those crap bands on the TV screen behind them. At least put some real metal bands up there, jeez. Black Veil Brides? Ugh

Chuck Rice: My VIP 2 is the best modeling amp I have ever heard! I never liked modeling amps until now....

Becky A.: Anyone else have that sweet horse mane extruding from the back of their skull? I hope this amp is good because I just bought one for my new guitar hobby. Growing the cerebellum one day at a time.

sam bounader: Hi, anyone else have the VIP3? The amp cannot be played past 4 on the volume setting. It chokes and sounds muffled and horrible. If you notice in any of the demo videos they mike up the amps and tell you how great these sound on low volume in your bedroom. 100 watts is not a practise amp and I used mine for a gig, could not hear it over our drummer who is not extremely loud. and if you go over 4 it distorts to the point where you can't play it. This is on Peavey's built in heavy settings.

Paul B: can someone please give me a good heavy metal setting? 

Albi Collier: how do I program this to work with the Behringer fcb1010 if you can tell me Ill buy one right now.

trb198330: When did Matthew McConaughey grow a ponytail and start working for Peavey? Alright alright alright... lmao... sweet amp though...

MegaTregg: I know exactlly what you're saying. I don't need that crap but...the real value comes when you are doing a musical composition where you can use one of those toys to create a unique sounding riff. And not use it excessively. You can hear how Clapton does that sort of thing a lot especially on his Pilgrim album. He and his studio crew must have used pedals and whatever else to get those different touches to the guitar. This amp has many different effects in one box. Yeah freak that toy crap

MegaTregg: So you said after plugging in you select the instrument you plugged in-an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar or an electric guitar. On the VIP 3 is that done by the furthest knob to the left ( I think that's the presets) and then pushing it in to activate the selection? I don't think you said exactly how to do it on the VIP 3. I have the VIP3 but have only had a couple hours to play withit so I'm just learning all the features. Trial and error really sucks IMO. It wastes so much time.

N VDM: should i get an vip 1 or a vypyr 30 w ? I'm going to only play regular electric.

U2wild: Killer BASS playing, I mean KILLER bass amp. Does he think he is FLEA ?? or Geddy Lee

U2wild: SYNTH sounds like a $20 CASIO- I think I'll eat a cheese sandwich while I play

U2wild: SLICER effect ?? sounds like the line 6 " NICKELBACK" effect - LMFAO

DakotaPlaysGuitar: yup have sleeves, like a T shirt haha

John Dufour: I have the 2013 VIP 30 and use it mainly for practicing with my actually sounds great! I also like the loop feature as my daughter can create a tune on here guitar and I can loop it and add my bass to it. Way to go Peavey!

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DEMO : Peavey VYPYR VIP Series 1, 2, 3 : NAMM 2013 w Dakota Plays Guitar & Fred Poole !!! 5 out of 5

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