Colt's Model N 1908 .25 Acp Pistol Vest Pocket Hammerless Field Strip

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iglowat: Nice video. Thank you for the time and effort.

Vending Junkie: Great video. You should allow a download of the manual you have

Mikey Whisenhunt: nevermind, we're good. had to pull the trigger....

Mikey Whisenhunt: ok, so I starting the field strip of my pistol and got the barrel to turn into the grooves, but the slide didn't come off. my barrel is sliding loose within the slide and sticking out an inch from the end of the gun but the slide won't come off. And now the barrel won't set back in the grooves. help??

Clint Acklin: Thank you for the video

TheDishD: great demo vid and a beautiful baby gun MrC45acp, keep up the quality work, and i hope your having a happy Holiday! best wishes and take care.
Colt's Model N 1908 .25 acp pistol Vest Pocket Hammerless Field Strip 5 out of 5

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