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TheGumpyKid: mine is not lighting at all anymore. The ignition is broken please help

LadyDragonBallbuster: yes. thats what i use. you mite have to trim it down a little bit.

Lt Colonel Nikolai Petrovich Radchenko: Subbed

Caleb Crowe: Will a typical brass filter from a smoke shop fit snugly into it? Might be an easy fix if you prefer finely ground herb, like I do.

tliving19: Great review !

Charles Skeen: good review. thank you for posting this

Orel Change: hello

IveHearted1: Part 6 I was able to repeat the process 5 or 6 times, and presumably it went out between hits, so it wasn't going to waste. I guess it's better than a pipe in that respect.

IveHearted1: Part 5 Well the ball screens came today, but sadly they didn't work. I bought 17mm screens but they were way too big, so I ended up cutting one in half, and it was still too big. I held the flame on for a total of about 30 seconds, but I could not get anything but hot air out of it. It got so hot I couldn't hold onto it. I removed the screen, and tried it just as it came, and it did produce smoke, but I think it just burned the lower part of the load. I tasted like smoke too.

IveHearted1: Obviously buying an expensive vaporizer will do the best job. They are regulated at a certain temp, but I don't know that number offhand. You'll notice a difference in the taste between vapor and smoke, AS long as your collection vessel is really warm, but not glowing, you should get at least some vapor. Experiment by getting it hotter and hotter each time, until it finally burns. Do it in front of a mirror so you can see the difference in what you exhale.

LadyDragonBallbuster: Thank you every whos watched my video. Honestly I didn't tjink this many ppl would have and I hope the video and comments (not just mine) are helpful.

LadyDragonBallbuster: I agree with ivehearted1. A friend of mine suggested the adding sreens and we did. It works better. Ill check back and see what you say bout the ball n if its good ill have to try it. And you dont want to hit it while its lit, if you do you will get the butane. It mite take you a few tries to get the timing down. It did me lol.

IveHearted1: Part 4 I will post back once I receive my parts, and let you know how it all works out. In the meantime. DON'T BURN YOUR LOAD. Figure out how to get it to vaporize. Also, I have seen people igniting their load in the glass vaporizors that you heat with a lighter, too. You can ignite it right through the glass. If that happens, you are applying too much heat. You don't want your load to burn, although you could probably smoke the residue that is left over, for less waste of load material.

IveHearted1: Part 3 You could then repeat the process several times, without any urgency, since the load would not be going to waste between tokes. That brings me to the last modification I intend to do. The charcoal filter at the top should be replaced with a screen or a smaller ball filter, say 10-12mm. There are claims it clogs easily, plus I think that charcoal would pull some of the desired chemicals out of the vapor. I'm doing this for medicinal reasons, and I want everything I'm supposed to get.

IveHearted1: Part 2 I'm pretty sure you don't want to be inhaling, while the lighter is lit. That would ignite the load no matter what you do. I think holding the unit with the flame pointing up, allowing the flame to just touch the first screen for several seconds would allow the load to get hot enough to vaporize, without actually combusting. Those screens should stay hot for several seconds, while you inhale the vapor. After killing the flame of course.

IveHearted1: Part 1 I think people are misusing this item. Everyone I have seen is definitely igniting the load. It's a vaporizer not a pipe. I got mine yesterday, and I'm not even going to bother trying it, til I modify it some. I ordered some 17 mm BALL TYPE filter screens from ebay for around 50 cents each. This should put an additional 17-21 mm of distance between the first screen and the stuff you are vaporizing. They should elongate quite a bit when you put them in the tube.

Jay Ditro: do you ever get a big taste of butane if it don't light up????

Frederick Davis: just go this on ebay, cant wait to try it. thanks for the review

Oriana M: Is a good pipe?

Oriana M: Is a good vipe?

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click n smoke all in one vape 5 out of 5

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