How To Clean A CE4 A.k.a. Vision Ego Clearomizer A.k.a. Stardust / CE5

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Navor Mora: make sure tank is emty when you blow into it, tnx

Navor Mora: great job thanks, very much it works guy ignore all the haters it works, yep taste amazing better then last time its fresh so worth listening to this i own a starter moose vape and this trick works every time make sure its dry, burn up a lil bit nd bam good as new, take off the battory, nd blow into the stick, nd then burn a few times like 10 times nd 2 times a long burn and it should work put alittle bit of juice be carefull ceal it shut nd start vapin Cheers OOoHEEEY

Zias' Cup: Does it blow up?

ian kolic: i didnt clean mine since i bought it. 4 months ago. also thanks for the vid. thx

Fabiano Oliveira: hey grooveEjuice it whatz up i really loved your vídeo. could you tell me what is the best ecig in the Market pls?also the best ejuice???thank you soooo much man really great vídeo...

Ankur Patel: Thanks mann...
This helped me... n now its working alllll goood.... :D

Emre Ugur: My esig broket after this

isaiah camacho: This never will work again

Sir Antidote: Nice video Groove.
How about replacing dirty cotton which soaks all e juice ?

Tracy Fiqah: Does it crash when putting the water inside ?i'm stilll curious about it

sorry,i do not speak english

wahab butt: thankz..
it helped me and now its working like wow smoke nd smoke :)

Devin Saxton: why you just didn't pull the tank off?

balaurada: You're not suppose to over fill it, 1.6ml is max.

Hiro Nakamura: How long does these cape tend to last? Sorry just new to vaping

Orson Barzola: How can I clean my clearomizer if its one that lights up in the center?

Spicey Squirts: There is a way to disassemble the atomizer in which you can unwrap the coil and wick. Mine is a ce4 atomizer witch looks just like this. I'll recommend doing that instead of actually dumping water in it. There's videos on that. Btw Im not dogging this video I'm just saying.

Joseph Ramos: Thanks pickle you ruined my freaken hookah pen

thomas hulse: OK ,Yes wood pic good idea , also you can boil the tank section if really nasty and dry over night somwere warm( top of cable box) . Nipple and seal can be pushed in accuaratly with a piece of tube (straw .pipe tube)  Press silicone seal down to cover one half to one quarter of wick hole(this guarentees good flow and allows you to adjust volume of smoke.I do not reccommend wire in nozzel to remove. try grabbing rubber with bent clip to avoid damaging heater. Your method is fine if very careful not to go in too far. thanks.

Amy Buccilla: Thanks for making this video!  This is the only vid I could find that was made for one of the pens I have for cleaning this type of vapor pen.  The others I found said these were basically disposable.  I was disappointed until I found this video!  Cleaned my vapor pen and everything works great!

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How to clean a CE4 a.k.a. Vision Ego Clearomizer a.k.a. Stardust / CE5 5 out of 5

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