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MisterTanooki: I'm currently with Machinima but would much rather be with socialblade, if I request to unlink but it has not been 'approved' yet will Socialblade still accept me?

LaunchpadUniverse: Would it be a copyright violation if I give credit to the artists? Because I perform music on my channel, and I was just wondering if that would be a violation.

Fluffy FUF: I applied and got no response does that mean i didn't get accepted?'

GameSanty334 - ¡Minecraft y Variedad!: It´s possible to be Partner with Loquendo? There are many partners that use it, but in some parts it says that it´s very probable for it to have copyright, and I dont like to get involved in judiciary stuff, thanks.

BrinkEliteSoldier: Hey, just a short question: Is it possible to apply for a partners program if your youtube channel is in a different langauge than english? Of course the person knows english, but prefers to put their films in another language.

commanderaram: Can I apply while I live in Iraq?? And if I upload a video how can I tell people to watch it without spamming? Thanks.

Steve Eisenberg: Wanted to know if I’m just starting out and looking to make a pilot of a tech news magazine show, what are the changes of getting accepted or do I need to have an established channel on Youtube first? Does Social Blade offer advice on content strategy ?

Eclipse Yt: Do you get paid if you partner?

D3ViLzDaViD: check out my channel i'm a proffesional gamer

GiantWizz: I live in Kosovo , there's no paypal " how can i get money " ??

CoolGamer 6: Can I be and I have one question if I 1000 views from USA how much is that money?I would like to see reply :)

WeSpeakFootball: hi , what about Football videos , like my channel, is it accepted ? of course with no copyright violation .

hamboy7765: I just applied :D I hope I get in No copyright but I am currently with Freedom! Mcn I will leave if I get in

Mario Bicaku: It Doesn't show me is it possible?

bloodhawk: Urgo, 2 days ago you were in KyleXWhyy's twitch. I got to talk with you! :D I was Purplenurplegaming

projectrja2: i applied for the partner ship and gave it access to my google account but as soon as i clicked that it sent me to a blank screen is this it?? or is something wrong??????

Rock the Stage NYC: I keep trying to apply for partnership but it says I am not signed into the right YT account. I signed out of all and only signed into this account and still got the same error. Please help.

Gioacchino Gargiulo: What if I want to leave the network once I joined it?

THEHUNTER61: he does not sound excited

ZUZAINFINITY: Man, I'm so tempted to partner with SocialBlade. Do you guys accept any type of channel? I do fitness videos.

banghowdy09-on topic game Commentary and GF&F Shorts: i run solo and i never spend money online. Which means anyone can watch my videos *Advertless and for free*. Hope you understand what i am trying to point out. :)

ChaoukiGaming !: Bonjour, J'ai envie de quitter mon network pour venir avec vous mais il ne veulent pas que doive faire ??

David HD: I like this network. What i need to have to get Social Blade partnership? How much subs, views and other? Please answer.

Best in the World 10: Please help.. when I try and grant access to my youtube account it uses my google+ account instead of my youtube account. And I don't get how to change the default account from my google+ account to my youtube. It says use youtube as thebestintheworld10 or my google+ account which has nothing on it and I can't get access on social blade because it thinks I want to use my google+ account. 

Soulperion RotMG: What is the requirements to join???

projectrja2: If you are under 18 (im 16) can you still make money??

dougan90: hi I want to get back into youtube I received some abuse and was click bombed then my google adsense account was banned. I am fine all other aspects I can be partner verified and have want to work towards the target you getting a partnership. My question is can I get a partnership through social blade? Hope you reply to this message. 

michealharty: My only problem is that i already have these features.... except im not partnered at all. So im questioning the point of even bothering to apply for a partnership.

milev: are you paying whit paypal because in my countre threse no paypal 

Zigotoification: What's the contract length?

Gopo Contrast: Can I apply for partnership before I post any video?

CrayzSwing: I would like to ask a question. If i have video's with copyright music, but im not asking you to monetize them - can i still apply? I mean, i have some copyright music from Disney, but i will not ask you to monetize it. The copyright is fair use. Replay if you can. 

Pretender Bros: u sent me a message i accepted and did everything but it dosent show the forums to answer

SuperSonic2015: Do I need to be 18 years old to apply?

Sonicchaosblst: Can I please get out of my contract?

Outkast rebals: +Social Blade I went onto the SocialBlade website and when i applied it said that i need at least five subscribers. But I have over sixty, I don't understand . Can you please reply telling whats wrong ? Thanks for your time

Mesa Sean: Does Socialblade get clearance to use gameplay for most companies? I know some are more strict then others. Thanks in advance!

Roliplly: I do not think I meet the requirements but, this might be a dumb question but where do I apply?

Lifia Niala: Hi SocialBlade, I had featured urgo6667, please check it out ;)

DylanInHD: How do you leave this crap?

ClusmyMartian: Do you have deadlines when I post my own video every month? 

thor hardy: i cant partner with you :/

D-Dropshots23: Im 1 more subscriber away from applying i have 4 i need 5! 

TTGaming9: I just started a new gaming channel and I'm hoping to get a partnership soon. Social Blade looks like a good partnership so I hope I can partner with you soon. I'm currently doing a Thief walkthrough, hope people reading this check it out.

GenericOnlineGaming: Do you have copyright for gaming??

ghost shot: i did do a contract and you have not replied for 4 days now 

jamie123480: +Social Blade applied for a partner ship with maker studios, I got accepted and kept posting videos like normal weekly. On the maker site it said i have earned $1.46 in 2 months but on the social blade site it says i can make £13-£112 also it says I'm not in a partnership with anyone, So i signed of for one with you but it still says not owned, Have maker dropped me and can I still apply for another partnership? Thanks In advance, Jamie123480

Arnoldas Petrauskas: Dear Social Blade may you please answer me this how old do you have to be to become a partner im 16 but i also have my own credit card and paypal account or should i still need my parents to sign all the paperwork?

ToxicAlien Abductions: NOOOOO, I need more views :'(

Marco Anthony Pedraza: Do I need google adsense account just to sign in to social blade or it dosent matter? 

Social Blade Partner Program 4.7 out of 5

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Social Blade Partner Program
Social Blade Partner Program
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