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LaunchpadUniverse: Would it be a copyright violation if I give credit to the artists? Because I perform music on my channel, and I was just wondering if that would be a violation.

Daily Lily: Why do youtubers get payed, i'm not hating i'm just wondering, some people would make videos and accept the fact that what they do is for free, so why would youtube pay them anyway ? i heard that it's a win-win stuff for youtube but i don't get it.

MisterTanooki (old): I'm currently with Machinima but would much rather be with socialblade, if I request to unlink but it has not been 'approved' yet will Socialblade still accept me?

GiantWizz: I applied two times and makergen denied me becuse of copyrights , now I got no copyrights but I don't know how to reapply can u tell me how to reapply ?

GamingGalaxy: Hello I just apply'ed a partnership with socialblade but when they accept me how will I get money?

Ivan Stehlik: Monetization from YouTube is not available in my country, can I still make money out of Social Blade if I would get partnered?

SAMBA CARNIVAL & DANCE @blackpirates7: From Japan, good

Fluffy FUF: I applied and got no response does that mean i didn't get accepted?'

crazymansrb gaming: Is there a socialblade partnership for Twitch?

GameSanty334: It´s possible to be Partner with Loquendo? There are many partners that use it, but in some parts it says that it´s very probable for it to have copyright, and I dont like to get involved in judiciary stuff, thanks.

RoofLife: So how many views/subs do i need to get have to apply?

YouTubeforDummies: Can you be a partner with Social Blade as well as producing videos for FameBit at the same time or is that a conflict of interest?

commanderaram: Can I apply while I live in Iraq?? And if I upload a video how can I tell people to watch it without spamming? Thanks.

BrinkEliteSoldier: Hey, just a short question: Is it possible to apply for a partners program if your youtube channel is in a different langauge than english? Of course the person knows english, but prefers to put their films in another language.

Steve Eisenberg: Wanted to know if I’m just starting out and looking to make a pilot of a tech news magazine show, what are the changes of getting accepted or do I need to have an established channel on Youtube first? Does Social Blade offer advice on content strategy ?

D3ViLzDaViD: check out my channel i'm a proffesional gamer

Eclipse Yt: Do you get paid if you partner?

CoolGamer 6: Can I be and I have one question if I 1000 views from USA how much is that money?I would like to see reply :)

GiantWizz: I live in Kosovo , there's no paypal " how can i get money " ??

hamboy7765: I just applied :D I hope I get in No copyright but I am currently with Freedom! Mcn I will leave if I get in

WeSpeakFootball: hi , what about Football videos , like my channel, is it accepted ? of course with no copyright violation .

Mario Bicaku: It Doesn't show me is it possible?

projectrja2: i applied for the partner ship and gave it access to my google account but as soon as i clicked that it sent me to a blank screen is this it?? or is something wrong??????

bloodhawk: Urgo, 2 days ago you were in KyleXWhyy's twitch. I got to talk with you! :D I was Purplenurplegaming

Rock the Stage NYC: I keep trying to apply for partnership but it says I am not signed into the right YT account. I signed out of all and only signed into this account and still got the same error. Please help.

Gioacchino Gargiulo: What if I want to leave the network once I joined it?

SuperSonic2015: Do I need to be 18 years old to apply?

THEHUNTER61: he does not sound excited

ZUZAINFINITY: Man, I'm so tempted to partner with SocialBlade. Do you guys accept any type of channel? I do fitness videos.

banghowdy09-on topic game Commentary and GF&F Shorts: i run solo and i never spend money online. Which means anyone can watch my videos *Advertless and for free*. Hope you understand what i am trying to point out. :)

ChaoukiGaming ! Chaine Delete :'(: Bonjour, J'ai envie de quitter mon network pour venir avec vous mais il ne veulent pas que doive faire ??

David HD: I like this network. What i need to have to get Social Blade partnership? How much subs, views and other? Please answer.

Best in the World 10: Please help.. when I try and grant access to my youtube account it uses my google+ account instead of my youtube account. And I don't get how to change the default account from my google+ account to my youtube. It says use youtube as thebestintheworld10 or my google+ account which has nothing on it and I can't get access on social blade because it thinks I want to use my google+ account. 

Soulperion RotMG: What is the requirements to join???

projectrja2: If you are under 18 (im 16) can you still make money??

dougan90: hi I want to get back into youtube I received some abuse and was click bombed then my google adsense account was banned. I am fine all other aspects I can be partner verified and have want to work towards the target you getting a partnership. My question is can I get a partnership through social blade? Hope you reply to this message. 

michealharty: My only problem is that i already have these features.... except im not partnered at all. So im questioning the point of even bothering to apply for a partnership.

milev: are you paying whit paypal because in my countre threse no paypal 

Zigotoification: What's the contract length?

Gopo Contrast: Can I apply for partnership before I post any video?

ZehCrayPeck: I would like to ask a question. If i have video's with copyright music, but im not asking you to monetize them - can i still apply? I mean, i have some copyright music from Disney, but i will not ask you to monetize it. The copyright is fair use. Replay if you can. 

itz boyar: u sent me a message i accepted and did everything but it dosent show the forums to answer

Sonicchaosblst: Can I please get out of my contract?

eR Vibe: +Social Blade I went onto the SocialBlade website and when i applied it said that i need at least five subscribers. But I have over sixty, I don't understand . Can you please reply telling whats wrong ? Thanks for your time

Mesa Sean: Does Socialblade get clearance to use gameplay for most companies? I know some are more strict then others. Thanks in advance!

Roliplly: I do not think I meet the requirements but, this might be a dumb question but where do I apply?

Lifia Niala: Hi SocialBlade, I had featured urgo6667, please check it out ;)

Dylan | Destiny & GTA V: How do you leave this crap?

ClusmyMartian: Do you have deadlines when I post my own video every month? 

thor hardy: i cant partner with you :/

Social Blade Partner Program 4.7 out of 5

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Social Blade Partner Program
Social Blade Partner Program
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