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Rock the Stage NYC: I keep trying to apply for partnership but it says I am not signed into the right YT account. I signed out of all and only signed into this account and still got the same error. Please help.

iSplazo: Please accept me for partnership!!

Rayaotiix: I would like to ask a question. If i have video's with copyright music, but im not asking you to monetize them - can i still apply? I mean, i have some copyright music from Disney, but i will not ask you to monetize it. The copyright is fair use. Replay if you can. 

Zigotoification: What's the contract length?

Itzfacebook: u sent me a message i accepted and did everything but it dosent show the forums to answer

NANCYFLORESSANTOS: Another youtube user under social blade using my is that? Why use my uploads claiming as his???????

Sonicchaosblst: Can I please get out of my contract?

CoohMe: +Social Blade I went onto the SocialBlade and applied two days ago and immediately got an email back from RPM saying that "In order to complete your partnership application, you must continue by clicking following link to join the RPM Network." So I clicked it and made an account, and on the homepage it says "*Username* is ready to apply". Clicking it brings up a contract, but am I supposed to accept it? I mean surely if I accept the Maker Max contract and click ok I'd be suddenly applying directly rather than through SocialBlade? What do I do from here?

waffles4ev3r: So do all your videos have to have commentary or can you have a animation without it?

David HD: I like this network. What i need to have to get Social Blade partnership? How much subs, views and other? Please answer.

BallisticHD: How old do u have to be

ghost shot: i did do a contract and you have not replied for 4 days now 

SkyFox Studios: What are the requirements is there a certain # views per day/month to join to what

SuperSonic2015: Do I need to be 18 years old to apply?

Llama: How do you leave this crap?

UNHOST: im 13 and i wonder if there i can have a partnership i dont want any money all i want is some help with my channel?

michealharty: My only problem is that i already have these features.... except im not partnered at all. So im questioning the point of even bothering to apply for a partnership.

Lifia Niala: Hi SocialBlade, I had featured urgo6667, please check it out ;)

Marco Pedraza: Do you have deadlines when I post my own video every month? 

Mesa Sean: Does Socialblade get clearance to use gameplay for most companies? I know some are more strict then others. Thanks in advance!

THEHUNTER61: he does not sound excited

Jason Urgo: Everything you wanted to know about the +SocialBlade Partner Program but were afraid to ask :)

UTxDARKAIM: i cnt get it to work

jamie123480: +Social Blade applied for a partner ship with maker studios, I got accepted and kept posting videos like normal weekly. On the maker site it said i have earned $1.46 in 2 months but on the social blade site it says i can make £13-£112 also it says I'm not in a partnership with anyone, So i signed of for one with you but it still says not owned, Have maker dropped me and can I still apply for another partnership? Thanks In advance, Jamie123480

Crono402: congratulations to the video friendship is a journey through a desert road that changes to his liking due to external factors that we cannot control, just follow it continuously to keep it alive. Nice video I'm glad and happy

GenericOnlineGaming: Do you have copyright for gaming??

TehG4merFreaks: where do I send my rpm agreement?

MrBeaverCraft: haw many views do you need for it?

Make Money Trading Stocks: hi social blade. i have seen the video but honestly i have no idea how it works. a question will my videos still show in youtube? if yes why should i need you them for? i mean i dont understand how things work. why you ask me for my google account for the application? does it mean that social blade will share my earnings form youtube? so the question is very simple. why should i share my money with social blade? for what?

Marco Anthony Pedraza: Do I need google adsense account just to sign in to social blade or it dosent matter? 

FluffyUnicorns16: Can I join from my iPod 

XTRM HAMMAN: hey is it true the requirement has changed to 1000 views a month?

Jessykettaxx: But if I make videos of popular music, as I do not have the copyright? 

Abdulnaser Alomari: So it's all about views not subscribers please answer

Jose De Oliveira: On my youtube I haven't partnered with a network...but I "verified" my channel for custom thumbnails and I have questions is when I go in channel setting it says that I'm and I quote partner verified. So does this mean that I'm partnered with YouTube and does that mean i can't join socialbalde? 

Kayden Rice: Can the payments be sent to a Paypal account? :) 

i dnahacks: If i my application gets denied, Can i send in another one in when/if i think my channel is eligible? for example: if i sent one in when i didn't have enough views on all my videos total, and then got denied, could i send one in again later?

Best in the World 10: Please help.. when I try and grant access to my youtube account it uses my google+ account instead of my youtube account. And I don't get how to change the default account from my google+ account to my youtube. It says use youtube as thebestintheworld10 or my google+ account which has nothing on it and I can't get access on social blade because it thinks I want to use my google+ account. 

2007BIODIESELPKING: how many subscribers I need for partnership?

Ruatent: So I need commentary on all of my videos?

KnightRaven: #SpaceBoost

TTGaming9: I just started a new gaming channel and I'm hoping to get a partnership soon. Social Blade looks like a good partnership so I hope I can partner with you soon. I'm currently doing a Thief walkthrough, hope people reading this check it out.

Soulperion RotMG: What is the requirements to join???

SoloBL: Thanks for the information. Hopefully one day my channel can reach these requirements so I can join feel free to peek ;)

Rileys Gang: Hi, Social Blade. I tried to apply with my account but it says it's not my channel. I think I'm not the only one having this problem, so am I doing something wrong?

Toxicalien Doesmimecraft: NOOOOO, I need more views :'(

David Camberos: Is it free? How old do you have to be to become a partner?

Fro Tato: If our video had content id claim and we took ot down can we join

iHazCarrot: Hi Social Blade, I've been trying to partner my channel but when i link it with socialblade it says it is not my channel but i am on it, is there something in doing wrong?

WorldMusicMCMXCII_90's: Hi! I want to be a partner on Socialblade with my channel. But I have a problem: on the Socialblade webpage I clicked on the „Apply for partnership” button, but after I couldn’t identify my Youtube channel only my Google+ profile. Unfortunately, I can’t split my Google + profil and my Youtube channel becaus I’ve made it recently. What can I do?

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
Social Blade Partner Program 4.7 out of 5

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Social Blade Partner Program
Social Blade Partner Program
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