Clipper Blade Sharpening Hollow Grinding

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Stephen Lavender: It should be a perfectly flat cone shaped disk, which when it rotates produces the same effect as using the side of a cylinder.
So you have a high point at the front on the blade tips and at the back on the heel of the blade with a shallow hollow in between.
This greatly reduces friction, as only the front and back of the blades meet.
If the hollow is dish shaped then your disk is wearing out, it should be a parallel sided hollow as if made by the side of a rotating cylinder.

David K: @nicestman77 let's say that hollow grinding the comb(bottom:they are flat or or ignorably hollowed) of a blade set is OK but not the best. And big problem is that covexed plate get damaged faster when it cut flat comb(bottom) part. you know that new plate or resurfacing is expensive. i just think so in theory but no experience.

Colin Butt: I hollow grind both,but saying that, I get my plates from Poland,machined in the University for Mechanical Engineers,we have our own formula for the plates I use,Treyco plates are ok/good,you will get great success with Treyco plates,but they don't do a lot of blades,the plates I use are 6mm wider, and the quality of the plates I use have a certificate with them,they are made from big ships propeller shafts,cut into biscuits. Get back if you need anything else.

David K: as far as i know, todays, most small blades are hollowground top and almost flat bottom(comb) on a blade set. however, the video shows sharpening the top and bottom at the same time on the same plate. in my understanding, they must be sharpened seperately. how do you think, niceman? i am starting the business.

Colin Butt: Please, if you feel you are sharpening the way blade should be sharpened, that is the main thing, you stick to the way you know best.

Colin Butt: What country are you in? I couldn't find it on eBay.

Colin Butt: Buy the machine you won't go wrong,we will play when you get it. In the mean time contact ask questions.

Colin Butt: Hi there, just about to go out from home, you are welcome to contact me skype patrickbutt or colinbut bigpond net au

Colin Butt: The clipper blades are made from carbon steel which will rust with any water on them,once they rust the very edge you are trying to achieve will have pits on the edge caused by the rust. with this wheel it is convexed,not flat,much like a dinner plate upside down,and the blade has to sit ontop of the ridge so you can get the hollow grind,it has to sit prefectly on the ridge,not a bit forward or a bit back. I use 180 grit,but other sharpeners use 200>400 grit.

davetileguy: Whats the ultimate way to sharpen? could you use watercooled diamond wheels? or how about a milling machine? I'm assuming shears need to be ultra flat as upposed to"sharp". so would a finer grit with a coolant be better? anything to help would be great!

Colin Butt: This plate is NOT flat,it is con vexed,much like a dinner plate upside down. That is what gives the hollow grind,you shouldn't assume anything till you find out the facts.

Colin Butt: Ashley, please do a video of your machine, and put it on YouTube. Or, at lease let me know who machines your plates for you,it is very hard to find someone who knows how to machine them.

Colin Butt: Hi there, can can you show me what a hollow grind plate looks like.

Colin Butt: Hi James, Treyco should supply spacers with every machine,but not to worry,they are not necessary/needed,if you like I can measure them,but it would not help you in the long run,and would be very hard metal the right sizes. The spacers are only good if you are going to machine a lets say machine a Oster blade,but when you was going to machine another brand you could get caught out, because all blade brands are different thicknesses on the bottom plate.I teach sharpeners all over the world.

Colin Butt: @antheamirhosseini Hi there, if you go to Google and type in Treyco you find the plate you are looking for.

Colin Butt: Hi there, if you go to Google and type in Treyco you find the plate you are looking for.

Colin Butt: @antheamirhosseini Hi there, if you go to Google and type in Treyco you find the plate you are looking for.

Colin Butt: Hi there the machine you are looking at has a convex plate,which machines a hollow grind on the blades.

thor20014: how was that hollow grinding? I've been sharpening tools most of my life and I opperate a similar machine and there is no hollow grinding

Colin Butt: @aqeelmir NO

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Clipper Blade Sharpening Hollow Grinding
Clipper Blade Sharpening Hollow Grinding
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Clipper Blade Sharpening Disc - Geometric Shape - Part 1
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How to sharpen clipper blades
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